Step by step instead of progress

“Do what really matters”. That’s how the Bundeswehr advertises. But what really matters? No other Generation is on the search for meaning as ours and the one who will grow up after US. More and more young people are asking “what is filling me?“instead of” what fills me the fridge?”. Especially in the present time, a great deal of emphasis is placed on respectful employee management and promotion.

A consultant — or a Coach-sprouts out of the ground after the other, and they all want to develop and promote the employees individually with a variety of training and programs; people who respond to the needs and skills of each individual, thus making our everyday work a little more attentive. Valued employees are more reliable and happy at work they do day by day. For this reason, many companies spend a large part of their existing budget in the individual promotion of their employees.

Today’s Startups are also inventing completely new business models-5-hour days and much more-that change our working life sustainably and create a different image of our working world. This image combines sustainability, mindfulness and respect, hopefully will be firmly established in our society at some point and — even more importantly — lived and practiced in all conceivable industries in the future.

The respectful approach as well as respectful communication plays a major role here:

Topic “mindfulness in companies”. There is a real rethinking. One takes up the needs of the employees and tries to serve them. A great deal of time and money is invested here, as today’s working culture has changed over that of previous generations.

This is definitely only the case in certain industries, but this process is taking place, and I believe that this is the first step in the right direction. In short, the working culture is about to make a real 180-degree rotation. The Bundeswehr, on the other hand, has stopped. What is not surprising, because the core business of an army is anything but careful and respectful. And now the marketing drum, which has been stirring for several years, is no longer enough, yes, it had to come up with a new campaign, which now explicitly addresses women and wants to convey to them that the career choice “soldier” is a meaningful activity.

Women in the military-unthinkable until 2001

Although women were able to perform their duties on a voluntary basis in the military music service or in the medical service before the turn of the millennium, a commitment to the fighting force was not possible. Only a decision of the European Court of justice in 2000 fully opened the military service for the female sex. Since 2001, all military careers in the armed forces have been open to women. In the meantime, almost 22,300 female soldiers are on duty at the Bundeswehr. The trend is rising.

So the trend is rising … How does this fit with the development of our working culture and the search for meaning described in the first part? It is by all means trying to bring our youth back to the Front. This may be somewhat provocative, but unfortunately it is true. Here Comes the question again into play:

“What really makes sense?“A youth who feels it makes sense to join the Bundeswehr? This basic training is not a fun youth event, even if it is partly presented in this way.

Totally modern and cool, the first days and weeks of the young girls in the barracks are directed to the audience in “the recruits”, the sense of togetherness is quickly put into focus. But, directly asked: What are the young people prepared for? On going to the Front. This is the aim of such a basic training: the defense of Germany — only in the necessary emergency, of course.

We. Serve. in Germany.

Is that what really matters? It is not enough, however, that the aim of such a training is to be deployed at the Front, no, in the new campaign “the recruits” is to witness up close, what the tone of manners prevails, what the wearing of the Uniform means and what ideologies and manners here in the heads of precisely these young people, these young women, are emphasized. You will be enticed with a “great” sense of community, the fun sports activities, the opportunity to take advantage of the services of the Deutsche Bahn free of charge and thus, that you get all educational opportunities as on a dazzling silver tablet delivered free of charge-unfortunately successful.

How can such a war — stricken campaign be launched and, above all, allowed in a society — which, in my opinion, is already in the process of rethinking in some parts, which allows one to deal respectfully and attentively with each other, and which is slowly returning to the focus, above all, of the needs of each individual?

How can a society want young people — here specifically women-to consider the “war game” and the “preparing for war” as a really meaningful and possible Alternative for their own and individual career?

At the time when the need-oriented support of young people, the careful and respectful interaction with each other and The Sinner-fulfilling and sustainable work is becoming more and more important, a campaign is launched that tramples down this small progress in a step-by-step.