The Deformed

The fact that a Bundeswehr YouTube series is mainly aimed at the very young target group is nothing new. But the Perversion of it and the shamelessness in its implementation are culminating in the current series “the recruits”. The 5-to 15-minute Videos create an unpleasant sense of cognitive dissonance from the first to the last Minute. Because this is about children and nothing else. The protagonists of the series may be of age on paper, but it is neither the target group mentioned with the series, nor do the recruits themselves act as if they were.

Here, the lack of orientation is exploited by a Generation that has successfully passed the German school system over ten to twelve years, the right to do something, only those who have mastered it perfectly from the beginning, thus having a guarantee that it will definitely not fail. In addition, future Occupational Safety in today’s Germany is scarce. It is said that this need can only be met by those who commit themselves to the Bundeswehr for 13 years.

The main characters of “the recruits”: Lea, Leah, Enny and Melanie are sometimes still acting like children themselves and not as if they had understood at some point what they were going to accept. One of the recruits says she had chosen an officer career at the Air Force because she had something of family and attachment. Another one states that their lack of orientation has led them to the Bundeswehr. This is followed by a cut, and she adds that the Bundeswehr also offers “a wide range of opportunities and career opportunities”. You can almost hear the instructions.

The impression does not let go that the recruits are shown here. A male soldier in the basic training said in an Interview, he later wanted to the Secret Service, but can not disclose this and then added:“This is indeed trustful.“It is to be assumed that many of the almost 500,000 spectators of the Bundeswehr channel do not consume them because of their personal sympathy for the Bundeswehr or even because they themselves intend to go to the Bundeswehr, but rather with the aim of personal amusement. Free according to the principle formulated by the band Kraftklub:

Yes, of course, only ironically and only as an aside, but in comparison with the victims there is your own life already horny. A dog won’t bite when he barks, and everything’s fine as long as they’RE a bit dumber on RTL than you.

RTL is now called YouTube. The focus is not on the Bundeswehr itself, but rather on the personal destinies and characteristics of the protagonists. A young woman drinks tons to reach on the scales the minimum weight necessary for staying at the Bundeswehr. As if she were at Germany’s next Topmodel, just the other way around. Another is collapsing when Angela Merkel is sworn in. The problems are always just big enough so that the 13-to 17-year-old viewer can identify with the protagonists, but still so small that there is no reason to doubt the new employer or to think about alternatives.

In fact, the identification potential for young girls is immense. Again and again, there are almost over-definite parallels to authoritarian education models or to the school system, which is also authoritarian.

The look of the room, which the girls call Stube, is clearly reminiscent of a holiday camp or a hostel. “They’re in bed at 11: 00.“It seems almost as though the recruits did not want to leave the structure-mediating concept of authoritarian prevention, in which they grew up and with which they have probably already identified. Why else does a sovereign independent adult volunteer in situations in which she is shouted because she has not folded her blouse exactly to size A4, and what she can only answer with “yes”?

Logically, there is only one explanation for this: the Person is neither sovereign nor independent and not grown up in certain parts of himself. Nevertheless, the young women adapt to a male image of the soldier, which conveys the exact opposite, namely: to win strength, hardness and the unconditional desire. You can see how they March stiff, yell, are yelled and surrender to the military Drill — and then there are again the cuddly animal on the bed and the giggling Teen Communication.

The behavior of some recruits reminded of the concept of female narcissism by Bärbel Wardetzki. The diploma psychologist and bestseller author describes female narcissism in her book. The Hunger for recognition that women with a narcissistic personality structure, unlike men, are often not convinced of their grandiosity, but are arrested in their own inferiority, Depression and helplessness. To displace these, they choose exactly the opposite way that one would actually associate with narcissism. They make themselves small and sacrificed, establish an Ideal-themselves with which they can identify themselves, and try to meet this with extreme performance and unrealistic demands for perfection.

In one of the Homestorys, a recruit tells her that she has been playing the piano for years, but she cannot perform partout in front of the audience because she is far too ambitious. Another six times a week runs several hours of sports to be well prepared for the basic Fitness Test at the Bundeswehr. At the Bundeswehr itself, the young women find themselves in a structure that has dominated and shaped men since its establishment, and must adapt there within a very short time.

Wardetzki writes about the exaggerated power motive of female narcissists:

“External stabilizers such as recognition promotion and so on then serve to maintain the constructed image. Being slim is just as important as taking on male traits and attitudes. This is connected with the idea of everything-feasible, everything-controllable, a more rational than emotional attitude. The fatal thing is not their existence, but their supremacy. The male attitude becomes the Ideal to which women adapt. But very often the appearance is deceiving and it hides behind this outwardly so self-confident behavior an emotionally very affectionate woman”.

None of these statements is to be understood as a devaluation of women. This would not be appropriate, since narcissistic proportions, which we all have to some extent, are mostly due to the experiences of our early childhood. One non-seeing, one not-enough-being is experience that favours the emergence of a narcissistic structure. Wardetzki describes the fatal consequences of a child having to correspond to a concrete picture of the parents and always lag behind due to his human inadequacy. A recruiter reports that her parents are happy that she is with the Bundeswehr, because they would have expected her anyway, that she would find a training place with an employer, where she can then stay forever.

The only real profit driver is the Bundeswehr. She abuses the insecurity of the protagonists and deliberately introduces them to achieve the greatest possible audience. At the same time, the Bundeswehr’s business is and remains at the end of the day war, even and above all abroad; in the interior, the “defense army” protects traditional, patriarchal structures.

An army that demands hardening, presumption and Deemotionalization stands in the way of genuine equality between women and men, and the Emancipation concept perverts it. The Bundeswehr has always been the engine of oppression, for which the sweat of young people is petrol. The Bundeswehr means war, both physical and psychological. There are always alternatives to this.

Peace is the natural state of the unruly human sex. (Johann Gottfried von Herder)