The false emancipation

A long time ago we revered each other, swam in harmony with the seas, but threw an anchor. From then on, lived under a dome, shielded from the Rest of the world, petrified, grew firm because it holds ourselves captive. Forgotten unity, dying coral reef, because stagnation is the enemy of all life. (Morgaine, Association)

We forgot who we really are. And we forgot what actually makes us. “We” means all of us. Women like men. We have forgotten what Luminous Power and enormous potential lives in each of us and is only waiting to be discovered and lived by us at last.

But the truth is, we live only tiny fragments of our true core.

Over the past millennia, we have moved away from ourselves and from our primordial state of being. By bringing Yin and Yang get out of Balance, we brought the world around us out of Balance. Everything is interconnected, influenced and conditioned each other. Everything is resonant with each other and reflects each other. “As in the interior, so in the outside” is not just a spiritual postcard slogan. It is a quantum physics proven principle.

The two principles

There are two main principles in US and on Earth: the female and the male. The female as the male principle, exist in every human being regardless of gender. The female and the male Belong Together and cannot exist without the other, at least not in their original state. Both in their balance make us humans complete.

Valuing this female principle as the male principle of reviving this female voice in US and in all others and expressing it in this world is an Evolution of humanity.

The female principle is the principle of Being. For those who cannot imagine anything more precisely, here is a little help: feeling, feeling and listening to one’s own Intuition and heart, being able to let go, receive, cooperate, form communities, integrate, respect rhythms, have an access to his feelings, can let happen, deeply trust in life et cetera, that everything is to be attributed to the female principle. Here are some comparisons to illustrate the :

Standing Still, Comrades!

But what does all this have to do with the Bundeswehr and its current web series “the recruits”? In this series, the Bundeswehr presents itself “cooler” than ever:

With “Banger Beats”, modern Corporate Design, fast video editing and typical" YouTuber-Vlogger " Videostyle is transported to the viewer a particularly casual, cool and funny Vibe, which is supposed to make you really feel like. Want a career at the Bundeswehr.

The advertising series is not new, since November 2016 “recruits” already exist in the network. But what is new is that this Time the focus is clearly on female recruits. Pure women’s power! In the spirit of the new-seminist wave, which, fortunately, is becoming ever stronger, topics such as Menstruation, sexuality, but also sexual violence, femininity, shame, women’s rights and equal rights are increasingly being flushed into public discourse. It is clear that the Bundeswehr is trying to swim with one another and target young women: “you women want equal rights? Well, then, come to us! Here you can show that you have exactly the Same plan as the men!”

Germany’s Next Topmodel-only worse!

When watching the individual episodes on YouTube I immediately notice, that the women (even the men) are constantly made down by the superiors. They are constantly given the feeling of doing something wrong, bad and stupid, and actually never being good enough anyway. Actually, they’re screamed all the time. I am so disgusted that I can hardly see through all the consequences.

It also reminds me very much of the feelings I had when reading a girls ' or women’s magazine: not good enough, not beautiful enough — not right-in short: to be deficient. In part, during the show I had to think about “Germany’s Next Topmodel”, because here too the same patterns can be found: constantly practicing the “correct running”, the permanent devaluation of the participants whose own needs are considered unimportant.

All these things trigger great uncertainties in a human being. But that’s exactly what it takes to be able to reshape someone. The young women, who are at the beginning of their training at the Bundeswehr, all seem to me somewhat insecure, naive and intrusive about their appearance and their kind. Obedience and subservience are paramount to you. Woman must work.

Discipline and mind are important, feelings and cordiality do not belong here. No place for the female principle. Less than anywhere else in our society. This makes the whole thing even more perfidious.

If women are exclusively surrounded by the male principle in a patriarchal System, it is absolutely toxic to them and can make them really sick in the long run. Many, however, simply Blunt from time to time and become small, programmed snips of their actual self.

That makes me incredibly sad. But that does not mean that women would not be able to fight — quite the opposite! I believe that women are very likely to have a fighting side in them, but connected with their female powers and their original, cyclical inner being, which they are comparable to a lioness who wants to protect their young and is capable of anything.

The female power

A woman associated with her inner power source rests in her female intelligence and is not a puppet of her environment. She’s her own mistress. She’s a creator. She knows what she wants and what she doesn’t want, she doesn’t care what others think of her, she doesn’t need anyone to please. She lives her cycles and knows about the power of Menstruation, from which she draws her greatest energy, because the blood constantly renews her.

She lives and loves her different emotions to the rhythm of its inherent nature, the Wild business as well as the Gentle, the Girls as the Mothers, the Assailant as well as the Healing and Holy. Sometimes hot, sometimes cold, sometimes affectionate, sometimes angry, sometimes angelic, sometimes lustful and spoiled … the way she just feels. She doesn’t change and doesn’t adapt to anyone. She’s real. It is strong and wild, uncontrollable and goes on in its natural, powerful self-evident nature. She lives all her parts and facets depending on your mood, depending on your feeling. She follows her heart and Intuition.

She doesn’t need love, she’S love. She lives her visions and passions, sometimes gentle and warm and soft and nourishing, sometimes radical and relentless, sometimes naughty and Coquette, sometimes joyful and fun, sometimes distanced and repellent. A woman who allows all of her facets and gives herself completely to herself without worrying about who loves her or does not love her, who likes her or does not like her, is pure power and Pure Life Energy.

That often frightens many people. Above all, it frightens the patriarchy. For this power cannot be controlled or possessed and certainly not controlled. The range of female proportions has been reduced over the millennia to fragments.

However, many men still do not know that they have thereby cut themselves to a few fragments of their manhood.

To be a soldier in the army and to live the female principle are for me two completely exclusive plans, two incompatible principles. For me, therefore, the Bundeswehr is not an opportunity for equality, but a continuation of the destruction of female energy.

As I said, there is a strong imbalance on Earth between the male and the female principle. The female force is not given the same status as the male. This means that people live the male principle very unilaterally, reject and suppress the female principle within themselves-with devastating consequences for our own health, our dealings with others and the use of the resources of the Earth. This also prevents healthy and organic economic growth. We have largely ignored the female principle and created a male-dominant society.

Again, if one or the other should be somewhat confused: female and male refers not to women and men typical, but to the two energy qualities Yin and Yang, which we carry at best both within us. It is about exploring and living these two qualities that work in every human being in their original life-shaping power. It is not a supremacy of the female, but a healing balance of both forces. The only way we can come to a holistic understanding of man, nature and the cosmos, and thus to a clear " YES " to life.

Equality and female emancipation cannot, however, consist of simply turning off, denying, displacing, forgetting and denigrating the female principle as if it were bad or “untimely”. When we do this, we destroy not only our Mother Earth, but also us humans.

Women have learned that they must always fight and be the better men. Only then will there be recognition. But mostly it is a fight against itself.

With the female power fighting has nothing to do. When women believe in themselves and stop taking male paths, they find their way back to themselves. The woman’s wonderful to be be, and deeply powerful in its own way. It is on the same level as the Man. An internal change, which always follows a change in the Outside, is the Perceive and the self-permission to live their own, full of female and male principle.

It is now time and the task of women and men to restore this balance on Earth. All people unite all facets in themselves, and they are allowed to live them. The rediscovery of female power in women and men reconciles the Sexes. Without it, peace in the world is not possible.

Our true home is the present moment. If we really live in the present moment , disappear our worries and hardships, and we discover life with all its miracles. (Thích Nhất Hạnh)