Women to the Front!

In the West nothing New to this insight comes, if you look at the home of the stories of the four young Recruits of the new webseries of the armed forces “The Recruits”. The title of the eponymous Anti-war novel by Erich-Maria Remarque in 1928, although referring to the western Front of the Germans in World War I, can be applied to the Western sphere today, to the Society of the West and especially to German society.

Of course, the Homestory Videos are purely technically quite different in nature than the propaganda strips from the Third Reich. Full-HD, Shake-Cam, Jump-Cuts, emojis tricked into the picture, good sound quality et cetera. But if you look at the Videos in a larger historical context, you quickly realize that the spirit inherent in them is the same. It is the spirit of “mobilization”. The spirit that is to trim the population to war.

It is terrifying that Germany’s society has hardly changed in this respect. The acts and the complicity of German passivity in the Third Reich were externalized in Memorial Days and purely material monuments, the de-Nazification remained a treatment primarily limited to legal debt issues. An inner-soul processing of this horror was hardly done, and now the post-war generation has to collect bottles to replenish their pension. Today, a large part of the mostly younger Germans who consider themselves enlightened calls loudly “we are more” and “Nazis out”, but remains silent about the capitalist structures, which produce fascism naturally and thus also to the military killing machine, which with bloody Wits tries to quench the insatiable Hunger of this system with arms violence.

And so the Germans are again in the same place as they were then. Not able to identify the Thunder in the near distance as what he is: the drums for a new war. The Homestory Videos are really for hair raufen. They provide a very deep insight into our traumatised society.

Young women who, in their insecurity about what they want to make out of their lives, choose the way to the covenant. Material prosperity, while intra-emotional neglect, which occurs when you Receive the Videos subliminally-a-days. Enny’s father then leaves a spell from the pile, which makes really stunned: “if you cry, then cry in the pillow!“The warm-heartedness jumps directly towards you. Man is a product of his environment, so many sociologists would note.

In almost all home stories is grilled. We recall Tolstoy’s words: “as long as there are abattoirs, there will always be battlefields.”

And on precisely these battlefields, the German families are fooling around. Leah’s mother says: “My first thought was: I don’t want to see my child dead in a crisis region. ( … ) (I am) aware that it can end up in a crisis area.”

There are two questions here. Why doesn’t the mother intervene when she cares about her daughter? For example, out of pride, because it does something great when it defends Germany in a” crisis region " à la Hindu Kush or exports democracy there? This is followed by the second question: is international law completely forgotten? The Non-Interference Principle? The ban on interfering in the internal conflicts of a state? The principle of the sovereignty of States? The illegal nature of these operations is simply hidden.

This is seamlessly linked to the cascade of systematic militarization actions in Germany. More and more people are observing thick, heavy military helicopters in the sky, uniformed soldiers are allowed from next year at the expense of us civilians train and increase the optical military presence “in the middle of society”.

The disillusionment that we Germans did not teach from the first two World Wars is also set on the crown by an Orwell’s turn of history. After the re-interpretation of history by the European Parliament, the non-aggression pact between Hitler-Germany and the Soviet Union would have provided the initial ignition for the outbreak of World War II. Here we get the narrative framework that can be used for a war against Russia, without bad Conscience, set-up, because we — the Germans — are now the Good, while over at Ivan slumbers supposedly the evil spirit of totalitarianism.

So bad. The Homestorys then end cynically with the words of the recruits before their departure: “if you want to see what is coming from me, then next time you turn on and subscribe to this channel.”

With the teddy bear to the Bundeswehr

No, this paragraph heading is not an Exaggeration. Two of the young recruits take their cuddly animal with them to the barracks. It’s so bizarre! It’s perverted! It is from such an abomination that it is hard to put into words. Although the recruits are, in purely legal terms, all of them of legal age, whereby the Bundeswehr is now no special obstacle any more, but in their behavior actually still children. You can do that too! Actually. Not so, however behind the gate of the barracks, in Roth near Nuremberg. There, no consideration is given to the sensitivities of these young girls.

Teddy accompanies his owners from the pleasantly warm children’s room to a place of cold and hardship. The young girls will be harassed on their arrival directly on the most evil, even if it is not shown in this way or with” funny " Jump Cuts to be turned into fun. “You’re a woman, aren’t you?““I suppose you can read?““That means YES!“Teddy is now in a room where the sheets are not allowed to fold. In the lockers, everything has to be in the right place. The shirts must be folded to A4 size. Not a Millimeter too much! In the arms of the Bundeswehr, the Dooiitschland flag must point out. In short, the room must not look like someone is actually there … life!

Another recruit is close to tears when, after a barbed wire control, the result of which was not to the satisfaction of the harassing, choleric checkers, she got an appropriate intake. She must be able to cope with this, she says in the camera with me, while she is visibly stuck a lump in her neck.

Anyone who has read Arno Gruen, Franz Ruppert or Hans-Joachim Maaz quickly recognizes the patterns here. Identification with the Aggressor. Not the structure is to blame, but man himself. One must find out what the Aggressor wants from one to avoid further punishment.