The U.S. support in Syria terrorists

Maria Sacharova found very clear words for the behavior of the USA in Syria. Support for terrorists.


The Constitutional Committee was launched in Geneva on October 30. It was preceded by a meeting of the three Astana guarantor countries at the level of foreign ministers of Russia, Iran and Turkey. We consider the creation and launch of the Constitutional Committee, with decisive support from the Astana format, an absolute achievement, primarily of the Syrian people. Yet we are aware that the convocation of the committee is unlikely to result in a sweeping resolution to existing problems. However, it will make it possible for the Syrian sides – the government and the opposition as well as civic society representatives – to sit down at the negotiating table for the first time in the years of the crisis to determine the future of their country, which is particularly important amid remaining tensions in Syria.

Regarding the situation “on the ground,” the most complicated developments are on the territories outside Syrian government control on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, in the Idlib de-escalation zone and in the US-occupied area around Al Tanf.

The situation in the northeast of Syria was taken under control thanks to the signing of the Russia-Turkey Memorandum in Sochi on October 22. Under the agreements, Russian military police, together with the Turks, began patrolling the 10-kilometer security zone along the Syrian-Turkish border. Syrian government troops were deployed in some designated sections of the border. Also, the Syrian Democratic Forces and Kurdish self-defence groups with heavy weapons were withdrawn to 30 kilometres from the border.

Meanwhile, Washington’s illegal and unlawful actions give rise to many questions. We offer regular updates on the situation. Now I would like to say that the current international community cannot help but ask questions when a civilised nation, that incessantly claims its allegiance to democratic values and international law in international relations, starts pumping oil from the deposits in the northeast of Syria (this is, after all, a sovereign state), while using the pretext of fighting ISIS to cover up its criminal activities. Let me remind you that ISIS, according to the allies, was totally crushed back in March. The US’ position doesn’t hold water. In violation of their own sanctions, the Americans are smuggling oil from Syria valued at over $30 million a month, and are set to stay there for the foreseeable future.

Militants in the Idlib de-escalation zone continue shelling government troops. In October, there were around 600 such attacks. The region has long become a hotbed of international terrorism. Russia remains committed to the September 17, 2018 Sochi Memorandum, however, this cannot be used as a pretext to protect terrorists who have been recognised as such by the UN Security Council. In this context we have a sharply negative view of the attempts made by some Western nations to whitewash the Hayat Tahrir Al Sham alliance in Idlib, which is on the terrorist lists of the UNSC and most countries, and present it as armed opposition, either moderate or extreme. Such approaches are unacceptable since they run contrary to the common goals and principles of international counter-terror cooperation.

The overall situation in Syria is normalising despite the difficulties “on the ground.” The country is gradually returning to a peaceful life, no matter how much the opposite is wanted by some. We realise that that there are still followers of the idea that things in Syria should be different from what is going on now. On October 26-29, Damascus hosted Syria Petro international energy exhibition attended by oil and gas companies from Russia, Belarus, Kuwait, China, Egypt and the UAE. A number of bilateral documents, respective agreements and contracts were signed following the event.

I would like to stress again in this connection the importance of comprehensive humanitarian assistance for Syria without discrimination, politicisation and pre-conditions. We consider the restoration of social infrastructure to be a priority which has special significance in the context of maintaining the process of a voluntary, safe and dignified return of the Syrians to their permanent places of residence. Over 450,000 refugees and over 1.3 million internally displaced persons have already returned to their places of residence since July 2018.

White Helmets

We are disappointed by the US decision to disburse another tranche in the amount of $4.5 million to cover the White Helmets’ needs, as well as Washington’s call to other countries to join this effort to support Syrian pseudo-humanitarian workers.

Russia has on many occasions presented evidence not only through bilateral channels, but also publicly, of the stable ties between the White Helmets and terrorist groups, as well as crimes committed by these pseudo-humanitarian workers and their participation in staged chemical attacks. This information has been confirmed by investigations conducted by Russian and foreign independent experts of good standing. Foreign experts and journalists were the first to note the White Helmets’ criminal activities. It is true that there were not so many of them, and their voice drowned in the mainstream rhetoric, which claimed that the White Helmets were helping save the region and, in particular, Syria. One way or another, the first materials and serious research into this subject came from Western journalists. They directly told us several years ago that, unfortunately, their information is blocked in the Western media space. Information about the White Helmets’ criminal activities has been confirmed by many sources. However, Washington and, clearly, at its suggestion, many other Western capitals, still prefer to defiantly ignore the facts and pretend to not see that the White Helmets have completely discredited themselves.

The White Helmets’ current activities are concentrated in Idlib province and are carried out in cooperation with Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and other terrorist groups. According to the reports that the Syrian government regularly makes available to the UN, the White Helmets in conjunction with the terrorists are preparing more chemical provocations in Syria in order to undermine the peace process in that country.

The US government thinks it can spend US taxpayer money on these pseudo-rescuers, once again unequivocally demonstrating the lack of a constructive approach and real interest in resolving the Syria crisis and helping the country return to peaceful life. It would make more sense to use this money for direct humanitarian aid and rebuild hospitals and schools and purchase medical equipment rather than sponsor an organisation that engages in unseemly and illegal activities.

This decision has a particularly cynical tone to it given the fact that it was published on the same day that Russia and Turkey were agreeing in Sochi on measures designed to end the bloodshed in northeastern Syria and to carry on the efforts to achieve a political resolution to the conflict.

We believe that the financing of the White Helmets who are affiliated with terrorist groups is another manifestation of Washington’s double standards in counter-terrorism activities. We are pointing out the untenable nature of these irresponsible steps that border on aiding terrorism.