Where he's right ...

US President, Donald Trump declared to lead US wars in the Middle East, was the “worst decision ever made in the history of our country”. Instead of broad approval, he received sharp headwinds from a worldwide war faction. He was perfectly right this time.

On October 9, 2019, the U.S. president responded with a significant Twitter message to the allegations against his decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria. In this message, was read to :

In the days following this Twitter news, a few English-speaking media, such as the" Washington Post", have quoted this statement by the president, but usually associated with sharp criticism of the president. In German-speaking media, it was probably the internet site of RT-Deutsch alone, which reported and commented on October 11.

This is not surprising, because the statements of Donald Trump are a Sensation and actually they would have to initiate a radical change in world politics.

Not the content of the statements is sensational. The analysis of the US wars in the Middle East has long been known among those who have been critical of it. Sensational is the fact that these statements come from the acting US President.

This has not been the case since 2003 by any US president, nor by any US despot government in Europe.

The former German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder had acknowledged a few years ago that the war of aggression against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was contrary to international law during his chancellery and with German participation in 1999. This is something that has been ignored by NATO leaders to this day — although Schröder’s statement is correct and consequences for those responsible should follow. So Far, There Is No Indication! Although Pandora’s box has been open since 1999.

It remains to be seen whether the current statements of the US president will have consequences. However, anyone who has long been caught up in the madness of the US and NATO wars over the past few years and who has repeatedly drawn attention to this injustice and the related victims and destructions can now rely on it.

The statements of Donald Trump were to be hung on large posters in every city and village of every NATO state. And in every city and every village of every country in the Middle East, in all the countries of this world.

How do we shape our future? Continue as in previous years, continue towards the abyss and war? Or recognizing that every decision of each country for the path to war for each country would be the “worst decision ever made in the history of our country”?

The US president has been strongly criticised for his decision to withdraw American troops from northern Syria. This decision was responsible for the invasion of Turkish troops and the Suffering of the Kurds there. It is the first time that the United States has been able to secure the independence of the Kurds, and the Kurds have been let down by the United States after they fought against the IS on the side of the US troops.

Not recalled that the US-troops, like the troops of other NATO countries, including Turkey, have no right to stay on Syrian territory. The Syrian government did not ask them to help in a military dispute or for anything else. On the contrary, for a long time these foreign troops have supported terrorist groups in the country, fought the Syrian government with violence and illegally occupied parts of the country. The US and the other NATO states had decided to do so in a way that was self-glorifying and contrary to international law.

It is not yet clear whether the five-day ceasefire negotiated will provide prospects for a lasting ceasefire. If international law still has a meaning, then the following must apply above all: for the Kurds in Syria to be able to demand and realise their legitimate rights, the Syrian state must first be restored with its state monopoly on the use of force within the entire territory.

Perhaps the Advance of the Syrian army in the North of the country, a contribution to this. Perhaps, in the near future, negotiations can be opened between the Syrian government and legitimate representatives of the Kurds to clarify what rights and perhaps special rights the Kurds in the country should have in the future. Perhaps the Russian government’s intensive negotiating policy is aimed at ending war and violence in Syria. The tortured Land and the people living there or wanting to live again is to be wished for above all.