Activision advances enemy image building

Propaganda is a means of giving the people a decent head wash. For this it is not enough to repeat nonsense in the Newsreel and the Mirror Daily. America has an advantage over the German fascists. The American hawks use Hollywood and the game publishers will bend involuntarily, every ideology, from the top of pre-sliding.

The Cold War helped the hero Rambo fight against communism and the Soviet Union. So the hero in Afghanistan defeated the Red Army single-handedly, he is not aware of God of Mercy, in Vietnam the whole Vietnamese Army is defeated by the hero and the American war criminals freed from prison. The Film made the actor a Star and others wondered how deep is the hole in the education that such a nonsense could be successful.

The day of the the USA, in Chile, a friendly and pleasant dictator to Power helped, and thus murder, torture and repression supported, was introduced years later by German bombers with the help of Saudi money as a new time zone. The architects in New York have been pleased to earn $ with a new building of the WTC in the references are while the entertainment industry after dissolution enemy image communism finally has enemy image again and with such weak-minded ideas as 24 Hours and Navy CIS the new enemy image Islam / Arab could serve. Of course, with games, Activision helps to hammer the enemy image into the brains of the adolescents.

The Propaganda industry from newspapers, Blogs and TV not only helps the government to shine, no the shooting games with enemy image Checklist for our children are honored as the best since the invention of bread. The new Call Of Duty makes an exception here, the Propaganda of American enemy images seems to be exaggerated in stone. The fifth power, so the media of course continue to pay homage to the enemy images of the ruling while criticism is now coming from the players personally.

The game is simply explained. There is the USA, which are the good, on the other hand, we have Russia, which are the evil. The US is struggling with White Helmets on its side in Syria to free the people there while the Russian Of course supports the government.

Russian TV has already reported at the beginning of June about the game, which uses Russian stereotypes to transport an Anti-Russian attitude. After violent protests Russian player even an Episode was completely removed from the game. There is a CIA Agent to infiltrate a Russian terrorist cell, and as a Test of his Loyalty he had to do some ugly things. Among other things, civilians were indiscriminately shot at a Russian airfield by terrorists. In particular, a article is currently circulating in Germany, which names the problems with the name. The Tester, who tested the new Call Of Duty, is a native Russian and after he has praised the technical aspects of the game, he writes the following:

I must confess that as a native Russian, I feel attacked by a game for the first time. ( … ) In particular, I am talking about the demonic depiction of Russia, which, in my view, has almost reached the character of a political dirt campaign, which has little in common with reality. ( … ) The Story makes use of almost all the clumsy clichés and prejudices against Russians, which one can only imagine. So I have not experienced this yet in any other video game-not even in the original 3 Modern Warfare-parts, where Russia also appeared as an opponent. ( … ) The Russians are all portrayed as murdering, looting, scaring and almost brainless beasts, who cruelly mistreat the civilian population in a fictional country in the Middle East - for fun and wherever it is possible: Russians give to the terrorists, in principle, poison gas Women are raped Children are being shot the country partly futile bombed the Russian General is trying to eradicate the people through birth control some citizens are simply hanged in public others are made like slaves turn others are just shot for fun

That sounds like reading a report in the mirror, the time, or the picture. It is indeed very reminiscent of the media coverage of Western Mainstream media. Who knows maybe Call of Duty has quoted the Tagesschau.

But the Tester is obviously not alone with his opinion. The game is so clumsy that even in the actually non-political Gamer scene there is resistance. On the US side Metacritic, where viewers rate movies, video games and so on, more than twice as many ratings of the game are negative as positive. The total score is the shameful value of 3.1. And also the comments are very negative and talk about Propaganda of the worst kind.

The German article about the game goes even further:

Everything that has to do with Russia, is consistently portrayed as negative, evil, and barbaric. In principle, Russia is exaggerated almost to a greater enemy, than the real adversary “The Wolf” and his terrorist organization that has in its sights. Wherever possible, the Russians are beaten in. In the process, the Russia-Bashing looks partly so much, that it even really bad 90-year Action movies or old James Bond strips look pale. ( … ) Even my wife had to laugh at me asking me “which hanging US Falcon wrote the script for it” when she watched me play for a while. ( … ) The biggest Problem: the game has a wide range and is played by many young people. And this impression could be stuck with many, which would be really a pity.

In this way, the Publisher has satisfied the requirements of the American hawks. He hammers the enemy image in the minds of the youth. Should we congratulate you here? I’d rather have the idea to send the Publisher to the Siberian penal camp.

Of course we want to see what the Spiegel writes as a substitute for the Mainstream shit:

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare " is an Egoshooter with a history in the present time. ( … ) this time it is about the present and its many conflicts: USA against Russia, against terrorists, against militias. The United States in the Syria conflict as a righteous party. It shows scenes of terror in big cities, shows how people are hanged by terrorist organizations, tortured women and expelled children. A concession to the real goal of the developers: “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” is a technically well-made game. It’s waiting with a brute graphics, highlighting it with a whopping, driving Soundtrack. It is perfectly controllable and offers a wide range of weapons, including The Associated deafening sound effects. Especially with headphones on the ears, the game creates quite a menacing and oppressive atmosphere.

In conclusion, the lubricating fin of the mirror actually comes to the conclusion:

The game may consider itself an anti-war game.

It shows where the Völkische Stürmer has arrived. The Gamer of politics more understand and express criticism, which leads from the mirror in a purchase recommendation and is not even called, leaves at the end a little hope.