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Turkey has invaded northern Syria under international law, with the consent of the United States. They’ve turned away from the field with their" willing " Britain and France. Why Germany is not mentioned here is a mystery to me. Around the Turkish “Operation peace source” stinks, after consultation among all parties to the conflict, the Kurds included. Chancellor Merkel is said to have declared her approval of Erdoğan’s plans in the spring. But you, your foreign minister dummy Maas as well as the EU as a whole are doing now terribly outraged and making thick cheeks. And the news? Suffers from Allergy to analytical Thinking, thorough Research and clean Reports. And is objectively overwhelmed with your information mandate.

Our top-class people from Hamburg don’t even ask the closest questions: What will be the deployment of the Bundeswehr in Syria now? What follows from the collapse of German foreign policy with regard to Syria? No, no comprehensive Information is to be expected from this editorial with the beautiful title “ARD-aktuell”. For days she did not even draw attention to the obvious: presidents Erdoğan, Trump, Putin and Assad are giving the helpless German and European Swabbles a damp dust.

ARD top journalists are trying to make a virtue out of their lack of knowledge of war motives and objectives; as an overture to their coverage, they are already giving the Kurds in northern Syria as the most recent victim of geopolitics, as betrayed by the US; their “autonomy” project Rojava is at the end. draft: false

The “editors” do not even seem to use their own archives for research. Why also, they get the money in spite of the service company simply so transferred. It would have been possible to read in the archive that the US in northern Syria only want to intervene limited. In the opinion media one could have read the “autonomy"is only independent administration inside, incidentally, has no meaning.

This autonomy has offered Assad to the Kurds more than once, but the Kurds preferred to live according to their own history, the oil springs of Syria have managed themselves and joined everyone and everyone who only took the word independence in the mouth. But as stupid as Ukraine is also the Kurd. History has shown that Kurdish history is as tragic as it is unsuccessful, a search for statehood inspired by deception and betrayal of the clan leaders, as well as a deep dislocation of the tribes. This is never going to happen, why would the states of Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq leave areas so that a tribe can call itself state? Logic is already difficult. We understand why these are so high in NATO, USA, because ideology meets and court itself through life.

Obama’s “red line”” forget? It was first declared because of never proven Syrian Sarin nerve gas attacks on the rebels. When Assad destroyed his chemical arsenal under international control, the cause of war was changed like dirty socks. Now, the IS created specifically by the West serves as a bulwark against Assad as a pretext to invade Syria. Finally, this evil IS could come to Europe or the USA. What is funny is that there are enough Europeans and Americans in this Western bulwark against Assad.

In fact, the US was just about not leaving the field to the Russians alone. The US Regime did not have a clear strategy against the IS. Only allies for his adventurous policy found themselves quickly, an alliance of aggressive " willing":

Great Britain, France, Italy, Poland, Denmark, Canada, Turkey, later at times also the Netherlands and Belgium. Germany? The federal government played the politically incompetent, unscrupulous “Adabei”. On 1 December 2015, it discussed a deployment of the German armed forces in Syria and, without a necessary UN mandate, passed it by the Bundestag majority on 4 December:

In this context, military measures are also being carried out in the Syrian territory, as the Syrian government is unable and/or unwilling to prevent the IS’s attacks originating from its territory.

You must assess in particular: Syria, “unable and/or unwilling”! This evil was no longer toppen.

A country that had already been devastated by international mercenaries, jihadists and Al-Qaeda killers and bombed to the edge of the abyss-on behalf of and with the help of the US, as well as their Turkish, Arab and European Hiwis! - now on top of that, it is not willing to stop the terror of the head of the IS, that is the summit of German disgust.

The editorial prostitutes of that time as a criticism of lots of messenger of war, deployment of Federal air force and Navy. What has the Journaille already done with the basic law or international law?

Dealing with the conflicts in the greater region of Syria, Iraq and Turkey, with which hypocrisy, misanthropy, and brutality of the West and its allied countries to destroy millions of people in death and misery, plunge, pointless livelihoods and cultural heritage destroy. Worse still, they carry the ideal “humanity”, “peace” and “freedom” in front of them as a monstrance. They can rely on their state media, they don’t ask questions and they don’t look at anyone under Rock. If it stinks from dorten even to penetrant, spray your speech perfume: “Invasion”,” military operation”,” Offensive " and so on. Just not a clear word from the Newsreel: war!

In the war against Syria, Germany, EU, USA, Gulf states and many other countries have for years trampled international law into land. No longer detectable is the number of their war crimes committed solely with the intention of overthrowing Syria’s government. Today, the Merkel government is hypocritical about wanting to fight" causes of flight", but is mercilessly helping the civilian population to make it more difficult to survive in Syria. Therefore, many Syrian refugees do not dare to return to their homeland. In Syria, the EU sanctions policy, which Germany is largely responsible for, affects the supply of food, medicine and energy. It is contrary to international law, because these sanctions by the European war party violate international humanitarian law.

Despite these crimes, broad circles of the German population are convinced that Germany is good and blameless towards our foreign “fellow human beings” and only “Assad and Putin” terrorized their victims brutally, murderously and inhuman. The Daily Show has a considerable share of this world view. How the most serious war crimes and the disregard of moral norms can be made invisible to the population, alone four million dead Muslims in the last 15 years go to the account of the value world, without us being aware of this, has Rainer Mausfeld in his lecture Why silence the Lambs?“shown.

Not only, but especially in the Syria coverage ARD-currently proves with the spread of disinformation and opinion manipulation as a reliable companion and interest representatives of the Berlin government and the ruling transatlantic elites. The example of the news design of Turkey and its war against Syria shows how partisan and uncritical the news is superficially “informed”. Turkey is still a NATO member, and no major club is swung against an alliance partner. Also not in our mass media. With its border with the crisis sheet in the Middle East and the dominant position on the Bosphorus and Black Sea, this” Partner " Turkey is simply irreplaceable for NATO, especially since it is also the second largest army of the alliance after the US.

Turkey “provides an important contribution to NATO operations. NATO would undoubtedly be weaker without Turkey, " said Osama Bin Laden of the West, Jens Stoltenberg, leaving the cat out of the bag: Turkey’s border with the strategically important Black Sea region and “is therefore important for relations with Russia for the alliance”.

In other words, it is for this reason that the Turks should be confidently examined for the breach of international law and a few heinous war crimes, currently the shooting of Kurdish prisoners and civilians, the planned use of Islamist murderous militias, the artillery strike of urban areas, the expulsion of the civilian population … Thus, the supreme NATO-functionary of the ideals of the “Western community of values” collapses and tries to spend his dirty head as a white vest: “even though Turkey has serious security concerns, we expect Turkey to proceed with restraint,” he said during his recent visit to Ankara. He could also have said, " If you’ve already slaughtered the sow, but it’s pretty slow and with feeling, so that it doesn’t bleed like that.”

Stoltenberg, the NATO puppet, white agreed with our window talking and theatre thunder limited the German political class. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke in a telephone conversation with the Turkish president for an “immediate end to the military operation in northern Syria”, reported the Newsreel and was obviously not able and/or willing to ask for the answer that the Turks had given as a result.

It was only “Muttis” who was supposed to convey the German public’s concern for peace: despite legitimate Turkish security interests, the Offensive could lead to the expulsion of large parts of the local population, to the destabilization of the Region and to the revival of the Western bulwark against Assad “Islamic State”. These hypocritical sayings were spread throughout the Mainstream as “news”.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan should have been very impressed. In a subsequent address in Ankara, he asked Berlin face-to-face as much as he was aggressive:

Are you on our side or on the side of the terrorist organization?

And then there was peace in the Berlin cardboard box. Not for long, though. On 17 October, Merkel’s statement of the government in front of the Bundestag gave a partial presentation of the news. The chancellor once again demanded a withdrawal from Turkey and warned, incomprehensible hypocrisy!

So, our character actor of the “Western value community”: the Case of the peaceful, of the population wanted Secessions, as in the case of the Crimea, are outraged over an alleged violation of international law, accusing Russia of annexation and send tank battalions and air force squadrons on the Eastern front. They close their eyes and give a few sighs of their own in the war against Syria against international law and in the face of the atrocities of their allies. You do not think of an immediate and consistent arms embargo against Turkey, not to mention economic sanctions against Ankara. They prefer to terrorize the Syrian population with sanctions.

The insincere style, the renunciation of independent research and objective description of interests, the submission to the transatlantic Propaganda Act have a Tradition at ARD.

From the beginning of the Syrian war in 2011, this editorial office has made countless violations of international law of the Western community of values trivial or concealed. News of embezzlement and false news, especially with regard to Turkey’s extremely shady role, were commonplace.

It must be remembered that the Newsreel mentioned that Turkey was a" part of the US-led coalition against the Islamic State". This was a gross deception, because Turkey bombed cheerfully in this alliance.

It should not be forgotten that the Turkish Nation has given the IS and its jihadist satellite organizations refuge, travel documents, medical care and logistical support. Turkey was the main recipient of oil exported by the Islamic State, and Turkey maintained free trade zones with IS in Jarablus and Ras Al Ayn, which supplied the Islamic State and kept it above water. This was Erdogan’s policy, and it was carried out by MIT (Turkish Secret Service) and the Turkish Armed Forces.

Also in the Kurdish question ARD rowing up today with Erdoğan in the same boat: all because as rants of “difficulties with Kurdish extremists, or the outlawed PKK in the Southeast of Turkey”. ARD regularly refrains from pointing out that the PKK is no longer included in the list of terrorist groups among the UN, thus maintaining the defamatory image of PKK terrorism vis-à-vis the audience, maintained by the protection of the Constitution.

During the Turkish attack on Africa — “Operation Ölzweig” — early 2018, ARD-aktuell set the crown on the love affairs front of the “Partner” in Ankara; unison with the Merkel government, the depiction of this breach of international law took place in the diction of Turkish government spokesmen:

Cheers for the friendly Turkish army (…“There were Kurdish forces that had driven hundreds of thousands of Arab residents to the refugee camps, says another man who is cheering on the side of the road

Tageschau and Co. made their voice heard and talked about Erdoğan’s breach of international law. The attacked, the Kurds, did not speak at that time. Who else does that Wonder?

The term “breach of international law” did not play a role in the entire reporting on the raid on Africa, although even the scientific service of the Bundestag assessed:

Turkey has not taken up a convincing proof that the general threat situation at the Syrian-Turkish border has become a concrete self-defense situation.

The report was ignored by both the federal government and ARD. Hypocritical as usual, the chancellor described the Turkish Aggression in Africa as “unacceptable”, but continued to authorise arms exports. At the same time, news of the day showed that 200,000 Kurds were expelled from Afrin with the help of the murderous jihadist aid troops of Erdoğan. The editorial staff’s flag fluttered in the NATO Wind.

Now, a year later, since US President Trump dropped the Kurds as allies in the fight against the IS and suspended them from subjugation and expulsion by the Turkish aggressors, the crocodile tears suddenly flow in the Newsreel. The US president says “betrayal of an ally”. And when the ARD editorial office actually reports that Syria’s President Assad had offered the Kurds protection and cooperation, it suddenly comes out without the reproach title “ruler”. ARD commentators ventured out of covering the transatlantic defence wall and languages in plain text. Exceptionally.

However, this was not a fundamental change of course. The editorial team only followed the need to realize that a continued Turkish-friendly and anti-Kurdish reporting from Syria would no longer have been available to the public. Instead, it now takes the opposite position and offers a different kind of reality distortion: The Kurds are glorified as defenders of democracy, equality for women, hard-working and successful people in the world, “whose economy is flourishing compared to the rest of Syria”. In no way does this Journaille point out that Syria’s oil springs are bubbling mainly in the north-east of the country, that the Kurds broke down the Region and that the resources in association with the US were unlawfully appropriated, and that one of the decisive causes of the completely desolate economic situation in Syria is to be seen in this war.

How could the Kurds ever rely on the US as a protective force? A question that the Tagesschau also did not ask in relation to German interests. A question that arises every “Partner” of this Western community of values, even the Saudis. The follow-up question for a qualified German Foreign Minister should be:

What does German people actually think of us in NATO, in this syndicate of international law offenders and war criminals?

And the Newsreel would have to ask this Minister from the ARD-Hauptstadtstudio to do so, without giving up all the usual slime shit.

But oh, this is the misery: the ARD-aktuell does not do their Job, but merely runs complacency journalism. A particularly impressive pattern of Manipulation is the “explanatory piece” about the alleged interests of the parties involved in the Kurdish-Turkish conflict. It lacks the German Part, although our government is without a doubt up to the heck of a heck and it plays a major role in the European reluctance to build Turkey as a bulwark against Syrian refugees. It puts the Erdoğan on the claw for the necessary pigeons because six EuroMillions. draft: false

Merkel, Maas and their EU buddies want to keep the European countries as refugees free as far as possible. The forced resettlement of Syrian needy people to desert-like areas and shielded “security zones” far away from Europe take them into account. It is undeniably another serious violation of international humanitarian law. To negotiate the obvious solution to the problem, namely, the brutal sanctions, on the reconstruction of Syria with the leaders in Damascus, and the billions to spend, because it allowed for the voluntary return of Syrian refugees, these political and rivets in a large arc. Where power issues are decided, human reason often remains on the way.

The Turkish plans for” deportation camps " beyond the southern border of his state, as mentioned above, are not new. These were announced months ago, that the state housing company Toki will build in the now competitive security strip “two-storey houses with garden” for the returning Syrians. Merkel had approved these plans, they learned already at the beginning of the year.

German-Turkish Kumpanei: so close, so understanding and “friendly” that our foreign propaganda candidate Maas at the visit to Ankara with his Turkish counterpart to the confidential you passed and the previous disagreements as “misunderstandings”.

Also for this Detail was no place in the offers of the day show. She preferred to adopt the euphemistic formula “safety zone” uncritically than to speak of a planned annexation and deportation zone. Although it is clear that Turkey has no real need or even a right to a security zone on Syrian territory, it is not a country that has a security zone. The Syrian-Turkish border is already one of the most heavily fortified and guarded borders in the world. A high and many meters deep barbed wire spiral on heavily mined terrain and with guard post at short distance to each other, this barrier position is visible on the entire limit length.

This is the backdrop in which the Tagesschau is already trying to disguise the planned deportation of refugees and to take the German public for the deportation zone. Everything is half as bad, even the people who live there say … A fundamentally critical Position against Turkish expansionism to Syria is not risked.

Topsy-Turvy World. With the active participation of the national news agency, the US President Trump finally and for once decides to do the right thing and ends a US military interference contrary to international law. He leaves the bomb flights and orders his troops to withdraw from a country in which they had lost nothing and which he does not seem to know much anyway; he is also promptly summoned again as a geostrategic error, as a “betrayal of allies”, as a gift to the bulwark against Assad IS, as a surrender of a geopolitically important Bastion of the United States and as a waiver policy in favour of Putin. draft: false

So it sounds from the news. Not verbally, but in the sense. The ARD-aktuell editorial staff did not draw attention to the fact that at least one Option for the end of the Syrian war, which has been raging for almost nine years, was triggered by the US withdrawal. In any case, it does not rely on the wealth of knowledge and experience of independent experts. The journalist Karin Leukefeld, journalist Michael Lüders or Prof. Günter Meyer, for example, will not appear as an interview partner in the news, in spite of their enormous expertise.

Tagesschau people also do not put themselves into the reality of the lives of the inhabitants of northern Syria and do not feel that they themselves welcome a brittle, temporary ceasefire and the partial withdrawal of Kurdish militias as a gift of heaven. As soon as Trump had made his latest “Deal” with a fire break, the intellectual lighting of the daily themes, Caren Miosga, allowed himself to be worthless:

To Syria and to a ceasefire that does not deserve the name. That was clear last night. The night and the day was shot …

The editorial team maintains the course of the US war industry and its political follow-up, ahead of the German government. The fact that Berlin’s foreign policy does not make the smallest substantial contribution to resolving the conflict in Syria remains unresolved.

Not the daily show, but a Hessian publicist and his supporters held on to what was actually played behind the Berlin Scenes: our largest negotiated foreign Minister of all time, the unrelenting self-promoter, Heiko Maas, a distance from any peace policy with the Kurdish leaders in “Rojava”, as long as the controlled, yet the Syrian Oil, the Syrian government deprived him of economically helped bleed.

The ARD-aktuell was commissioned to exercise the public’s interest in information and to enforce it especially vis-à-vis the federal government. Ergo would have to entrust the “ARD-Hauptstadtstudio” to the editorial staff, to push this Maas times thoroughly, to light it clean in a journalistic manner and to shrink to its normal measure. But rather the well-known camel goes through the said Needle Eye. Until then, it’s just: “Here is the First German television with the tagesschau is”. All information without guarantee.

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