Media balls against rebels

The global climate strike of 20 September was merely the Lightning followed by the Thunder in the form of worldwide blockades of cities such as Berlin, Amsterdam, London, Madrid and New York. I myself had four days in Berlin close to the Set, when well-known landmarks were blocked in a spectacular night-and-fog action. So I’m not reporting from the desk, but from the heart of the Rebellion.

In the run-up I was admittedly suspicious, where the expected Media balls remain, which otherwise abruptly and with full force on every movement, which is also only partially subversive and contrary to elitist interests.

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you and then you win.

The German media remained silent until XR Berlin blocked and therefore could no longer be ignored. When looking at this medial attack, the statements of three critics, in particular, are to be examined, which have been placed very strongly in the media focus: Christian Lindner, Boris Palmer (Die Grünen) and Jutta Ditfurth.

Before we turn to these three or what they gave of themselves, we will not fail to talk about how the media reported in the week from the seventh to the eleventh of October, more precisely what they reported about.

All eyes on Halle

What will be remembered by the unpunished newspaper reader on Sunday, 13 October when he revues the past week? The Blockade in Berlin? Or not much more the double murder in Halle? Of Course, The Latter.

Not to be misunderstood: every dead person is a tragedy. Without A Doubt! It is remarkable, however, how different deaths are weighted in the media. In the same week, an estimated 30 people will have died in road traffic. Of course, it was a wanton killing in Halle. But is the murder of two people with a firearm really something extraordinary? According to statistics of the BKA, last year about 3,800 times was threatened with a firearm, about 4,500 times shot with a firearm, and about 2,500 people were murdered. Assuming that a considerable proportion was murdered by a firearm, this is nothing extraordinary in all its horror. The case of Halle was particularly affected by the fact that the act took place on a Jewish holiday.

After official Narration, it was an individual offender. How credible this is against the background of the fact that right — wing networks — which have infiltrated police and Bundeswehr recently-are preparing for “Day X” and hoarding firearms, caustic lime and corpses, can answer themselves.

We do not want to repeat the whole NSU thing and the links between constitutional protection and right-wing networks, but we should learn from these cases and also from the Anis Amri case and ask legitimate questions. For a rogue might call it “practical”, that the Berlin Blockade was overshadowed by the events in Halle medially. Once again, a debate on right-wing violence has been launched, which, of course, needs to be addressed and condemned in the strongest possible terms. But political leaders have experience with such debates. Such a debate is easier to handle than an ongoing debate about the political total failure in climate protection. For here, politicians and parties can condemn others — but in view of the climate protests they must justify themselves.

So who’s the use of Halle’s attack?

What effects does Halle’s attack have? Well, quite simply! From Monday to Wednesday, the media reported about the XR Blockade of Berlin, but since Wednesday-that is, before the many actions really started-all report only about Halle, and Extinction Rebellion is completely pushed out of the media focus. As I said: practical.

But even before Halle there was already the first media headwind, which we now want to look at more closely.

Concerns first, Rebellion second

When it comes to civil disobedience rather than market radical disobedience, Christian Lindner is no longer holding up with freedom. He said the following to the German press agency dpa:

Beyond the extreme demands for climate protection, activists of the group openly question Democracy. ( … ) If our basic order is called into question, it must be irrelevant whether the overthrow should take place from the right, left or because of the climate. Climate protection is not an excuse for violence, which takes its starting point in blockades ( … ) climate activists and Greens should distance themselves from the anti-democratic and partly totalitarian statements from this group.

No, dear Christian, the activists do not doubt democracy, but live it! This undead something, this electoral-representative apparent democracy, which is sold to us as the model type of democratic structures, reduces the affected citizens in their participation to painting a paper with two crosses every four years to elect a party and a candidate who are not legally bound by their own promises. This is democracy? It is therefore advisable to look at how democracy is organised at XR:

In order to prevent an inability to act, XR is divided into local groups, these in turn into so-called “Action Groups” or reference groups of six to eight persons, which in turn are composed of so-called “Buddy couples”. Both the local groups and the action/reference groups appoint one of their members as a delegate - “Deli” For Short - who is in turn posted in “Plenars” for delegates (“Deli Plenum” for short). There, after exchanging different arguments, a sophisticated hand-sign System is quickly and effectively coordinated. So democracy goes!

Lindner is truly audacious when he denounces the question of the basic order. Does Lindner not belong to the party for which no softening of state regulations is enough to allow the lawlessness of the free economy to run unhindered?

Is privatization and tax relief not a question of the basic order for large earners? Don’t get it wrong! A basic order is something damn Important, a protective layer, which protects citizens against the greed of exploitative entrepreneurs. But this layer becomes thinner and thinner with every Reform. And if this basic order is put to good use, not to say, it is probably not a Problem for Lindner, as long as it happens from the executive floor of large corporations.

Lindner is, of course, quite right when he says that climate protection is not an excuse for violence. But why does he say that in the context of XR? A two minute Google Search would have revealed that in nine of the ten XR-principles is anchored, the entire movement calls strictly to non-violence! Or is the mere Blocking of sensitive main thoroughfares is an act of violence? But if that is violent, What are the exhaust gases that are blown into the air under “normal” circumstances on precisely these arteries? What is the sheet metal avalanche in connection with the numerous traffic deaths, which are also to be deplored in professional traffic?

The Green against a Green movement

Verily, Tübingen’s mayor Boris Palmer has shot down a bird from the Greens. The fact that the Greens have long been no longer an environmental party is obvious, but is not reflected in the appalling High Election Results. Or perhaps the results of the elections simply reflect the need for collective Greenwashing in order to clean up the conscience, in order to be able to indulge in the same destructive Dolce Vita with a slightly greener ecological touch. Anyway, the Greens are no longer an environmental protection party. The Greens are no longer a Peace Party. Both-environment-or with environmental protection and peace-are actually symbiotic with each other. But the Green of Environmental Protection has long since given way to the Green of Camouflage military uniforms.

But the fact that the Greens are now shooting against an eco-movement is really a whole new Dimension and shows that there are no limits in this apostate party down into the deepest abyss.

But what exactly has Boris Palmer now to expose XR? Were there dark-skinned cyclists traveling? Did the German rebels not German look enough? In itself, it is of course a pleasant change, if from the ranks of the greens, in addition to the unreflected, in humanistic robe coming there “Refugees-Welcome"choirs a critical voice on migration policy sounds. It would almost make Boris Palmer appear in a likeable light. But almost. For both Palmer’s positions on refugee policy and the criticism of XR have in common that they serve a single purpose: system maintenance.

In terms of migration policy, Palmer merely criticises the symptoms, but not the causes, i.e. the arms exports and foreign operations of the Bundeswehr. That would jeopardize the System, and this System is probably its sanctuary. But one by one.

It’s Monday, October 7th, 3: 50. While we rebel and rebel in Berlin freeze our ass in the blockades, Palmer sits comfortably in Tübingen in a heated room, probably still saturated by the Swabian mules soup, which was available for lunch, and shares on Facebook against a movement that realizes something with the rebel for a liveable future, in which the Greens shine only with refusal to work or even

On Facebook Palmer posts an article of the IMAGE (!) and writes:

I believe, however, that it is also necessary to quarrel with those who have sympathy for the idea of putting the System down because it destroys the climate. Therefore, thought out of this logic:

Yes, it is true, for three decades the world’s States (not only the democracies, but also China, Saudi Arabia or Russia) have failed to reduce the burning of fossil fuels seriously.

Yes, it’s true, we don’t have much time. Climate change threatens numerous ecosystems on Earth and especially the people who only have the most essential to life anyway. It has to be dealt with immediately and changed quite decisively.

It is precisely because this is the case that radical blockages and attacks on the “System” are the most stupid thing you can do. On this System life depends on many billions people. If you put it down, it will trigger a mass extinction especially among the poorer people on the planet.

No, no Satire! He really wrote that! It goes even further, but we will come to that later. So attacks on the System are stupid, because the life of billions depends on this System? What do you want? This System causes children to starve every few seconds, and in the wealthy spheres the people are mentally retarded! This System, the system of neoliberal-ideological predatory capitalism, has only driven us to the brink of extinction, whereas XR is now beginning to rebel. And that’s stupid? Stupid to put this System down, because then it would come to a mass death? The mass extinction has already begun, it happens every day — because of the system! There is no need for an attack on this System as a trigger. But Palmer knows better. Further, he writes :

Worse yet, now that sufficient public support for decisive action has finally emerged in many countries of the world and politics is moving at last, a Rebellion undermines everything that Fridays for Future has built up. The vast majority of people in Germany want that effective climate protection policy is now being made. But even more people want our democracy to be preserved. The concern of climate protection is discredited when it is now captured by radicals.

Those who preach Rebellion now ruin the climate because we become incapable of action and dispel US without healing. Those who preach Rebellion now do not destroy the System, but the opportunity to advance active climate protection. Those who preach Rebellion now ensure that the climate is guaranteed topple-socially and meteorologically.

XR does not undermine what Fridays for Future has built up, but rather continues this consistently! It is clear to me that on Friday one can cope better with shouting pupils than people of all ages who are prepared every day to scatter Sand in the gear of the so great system. And XR certainly does not destroy democracy in Germany. For this we would need one. A real one. No Apparent Democracy. But we have already explained this to Mr Lindner above in the Text.

And anyone who would preach Rebellion would damage the climate and ensure that the actors were unable to act? Please? The — weakened — climate package is the absolute Manifestation of the inability to act! No new climate package changes anything, even an entire DHL logistics centre with a thousand climate packages would change anything about this unparalleled disaster. We need so much to cope with the current situation, so many packages do not exist!

And that is — I’m sorry, Mr Palmer-about this System! The supposed center of power in the form of a government can spout so much more packages, they will not affect the root of this tragedy. These roots lie far, far away from parliamentary reach and would — if touched on them — raise the issue of distribution. And of course, a politician who wants to be re-elected must not be allowed to do so.

But such thoughts can not come, of course, if you read the IMAGE. Palmer continue:

Protest yes. Rebellion no. Today, the picture is worth it. Again. Yesterday for social compromise today for climate protection in the democracy. You’re amazed.

A Green reading of the IMAGE? Yes, you’re amazed! In fact!

So Protest is okay, Mr. Palmer? Understandable. He only hits deaf ears. Not so Rebellion, whose expression is civil disobedience. You can’t ignore it so easily, and if you let the state power run in with too much vigor, is that not good for the Image, gell?

And that’s why Mr. Palmer said “no"to the Rebellion. And those who say “no” to Rebellion also say " no " to profound change both at the social level and deep in the heart of the people.

And anyone who has been brought to the palm by Palmer on these lines should not think that it was all. The intellectual-ideological slurry fountain of Palmers seems to know no bounds to the top. Almost exactly one day later — probably again after a delicious meal, consisting of Mulberry soup — Palmer shares the Tweet of the final opponent of this medial shooting-Jutta Ditfurth. We’ll talk about them later. But here’s one last time the effusion Palmers:

“Jutta Ditfurth sunk Extinction Rebellion that it is a joy. There are new alliances. And because it is now again claimed that this is AfD and a pity for climate protection: it is particularly dangerous to absolve a noble concern and thereby empower itself. That is why we must not under any circumstances allow the climate change movement to fall into the waters of extremists. The rule of law and democracy are not negotiable. Point. If you want to do it differently, you can enforce climate protection in China.”

The first formulation already shows how much the militaristic language is now native to the Greens. Jutta Ditfurth sunk the XR so? So, how to sink a ship in battle on the high seas? Has she ordered the rain shower per “Chemtrails”, which wet the rebels and rebel in Berlin to the skin?

And yes, there are alliances, which one would have thought recently unthinkable. Ditfurth on a line with Oliver Janich, Rainer Rupp, and friends. Honor Prince Florian Kirner has described in his latest daily dose to Causa Ditfurth, with their term of struggle: a cross-front.

One thing you have to give Palmer but right, even if he has not meant to be. It is true that the climate protection movement should not fall into the waters of the extremists. The extremists, however, are not the rebels who block the streets and squares, “the-ins” organize or even can be linked to lanterns. No, the extremists are the politicians who, in an extremist way, are doing a mess for our future, talking to the economy and the banks after their mouths and giving us lip service. Extremist lying, reproaching and breaking of promises. That’s what politicians stand for. Everybody. No matter which party you belong to. Not Campact, Greenpeace, Bund, etc. These are the real extremists!

Furthermore, Palmer still wants to make us think that the rule of law and democracy are not negotiable. So you really have to wonder what was in the mouth bag soup inside, that you have such a distorted view of reality. What state of law speaks of, then, Mr Palmer? About the rule of law, the government is building a Stele with the inscription of the 20th century. Article of the basic law to remove it after its citizens supplemented the already existing 19 stelae with the first 19 articles, and to commemorate this?

And what does he mean when he says that democracy is non-negotiable? Is it not negotiable that this appearances democracy be transformed into a real democracy? Possible. Because what constitutes a form of government, the exercise of power by the citizens, is passed on to the private sector at mock prices. Health care, education, culture, infrastructure and, of course, everything that serves the preservation of our Earth. Ultimately, even human dignity is subjected to economic evaluation criteria. In such a democracy, the rule of law is merely the Regulator for the breadth of the framework within which the private sector is less able to exploit the common people.

And while Palmer praises something as democracy and the rule of law, which does not deserve this name at all, he cannot refrain from pissing at the ecological level of a supposed Antipode: China. Hach, yes! There they are again! The pöhsen Chinese, who mess up the environment and use their cities are like a hookah Bar. But is that really so? Have the recent developments in the Far East not penetrated into the tranquil Swabian countryside? Or does Palmer deliberately ignore facts here? So anyone who sees our “democracy” and our “rule of law” as a mass of negotiations should therefore enforce climate protection in China.

Well, Mr Palmer, I do not think the Chinese need any Europeans for this! Because the Chinese have a thousand times better control of the issue of Environmental Protection than we Europeans. What’s more, the Chinese are pioneers in the field of Environmental Protection! This fact, of course, does not fit at all into the worldview of a green politician.

The Green one seems to think it’s still a bit of Fair-Trade coffee here, a little straw-ban and electric mobility there, and then the earth would be saved. That’s why we’re making a direct comparison between China and Baden-Württemberg.

Baden-Württemberg is home to many weapons forging companies. The military is one of the largest environmental disruptors in the world. Baden-Württemberg is also home to many car brands of the largest dirt slingers such as Mercedes or Porsche. Baden-Württemberg means cutting old trees for a station that never gets ready, and peaceful citizens protesting against knocking down with raw police force or even shooting out their eyes. Yeah, Raw police force in Stuttgart! Not in Beijing!

And now to China: The son of a slingshot-the “middle Kingdom”, which enshrined the principles of “Ecological civilization” in the Constitution, this in its projects both In and abroad, practiced and infrastructure as the environment expands-friendly as possible. China does not use its military to wage any wars contrary to international law — Yugoslavia will never be forgotten by the greens — but sends 60,000 soldiers to plant trees. And speaking of planting trees: on average, 110,000 trees are planted per day in China. So almost every second one. And in Germany, instead, it gets cheerfully felled and choked, what the stuff holds. Greetings to the Hambi at this point.

So here comes this Boris Palmer from a federal state, which can be regarded as the German Hort of environmental destruction, and with his Finger points to one of the former largest environmental lighters, which after a rapid U-Turn became a pioneer of environmental degradation. That’s like an SUV driver pointing to a cyclist and accusing him of being an environmental lighter. Completely brazen!

Boris, how dare you?!?

If we now illustrate the realistic view Palmer has on China, we can roughly imagine the quality of his statements about XR. You could summarize it like this:

All those who take this with environmental protection seriously are either bizarre or too extremist, because they do not wait for measures that will not come anyway, and are not willing to swallow promises that will ultimately only pass in the sands that will spread with the droughts all over the world.

The exclamation of XR is: “Until we win” and not “Until we win elections”.

Oh, Jutta, Oh!

Yes, look at what old cannon in this Salve of medial bullets is brought out of the depths of the barracks cell. The Ditfurth, Jutta! The Fake News Jutta, which already in 2014 at the vigil times this movement bar any facts with maximum attention as conspiracy theoretic and anti-American stamped. And this Jutta now occurs again, acting as a defamatory conductor for the so-called leading media. What she says is law and is taken over by all, really all unchecked.

In fact, Florian Kirner has already said in his latest Daily Dose everything there is to say. For the sake of completeness, I want to lose here, however, a few words about the Hetz-Jutta. After all, she too was once with the Greens and is now strongly working to diffuse a real Green Movement.

Her success on Twitter is, unfortunately, a cascade of Fake News, which is simply a testimony to the fact that our Jutta was just about attacking the movement from the outset, and that she did not even consider it necessary to deal with this fact-based approach. Does she even know the ten principles of XR? If she knew her, she’d spread better knowledge lies. Without going into Detail — anyone who has dealt with XR knows that the words Juttas are simply lying.

By the way, Jutta is quite horrified by the fact that everyone can participate in XR. The cross-front alarm bells ring again. After all, rights could also participate in this movement. Yes, you could! Because the Rucksack of their right ideology would not fit in the door frame of XR. Specifically, it means that rights must decide whether to give their rights ideology to the cloakroom and join XR as a human being or whether they can maintain their rights ideology and then not participate in XR because these” values " are incompatible with those of XR. Xenophobia has never been particularly good with empathy, respect and mindfulness.

At the end of their long thread, Jutta points out that XR will never be a critical, rational, left-handed project. Since you can only say: thank God! We definitely do not need a pipe-scraper like “standing up - the collection movement”, where only discredited, but nothing is done! And so in general: the natural disasters that we expect-which Jutta, former Green politician, simply denies as a Death Star-Make no difference between the left and the right. A hurricane makes no bow around you because you read Karl Marx. A river flowing over the dike spills both the red Flora and any Nazi-Stüberl away. The drought makes all farmers dry up the harvest, no matter what political attitude they have.

The media headwind gives XR right

How do you recognize a real movement? Exactly: how she is accompanied by media. If it is well commented and courted by the leading media, one can be certain that the objectives of this movement go with those of the elites — or parts of them — D’accord. Goals of the elites are sold to the population through such movements as yours and the people demonstrated to its own disadvantage-for example,” Pulse of Europe", euphemistic Propaganda for a democracy-Grave Digger. However, if a movement is attacked, this is a relatively reliable indicator that the subversive elements of the same are genuine and authentic.

XR calls the child just by name: capitalism, colonialism and social traumatization. Of course, this does not fit into the beautiful world of healthy consumption, which can be retained by turning less set screws.

It does not fit into the concept of efforts to maintain the Status quo compulsively.

When XR cripples entire large cities, everyday life comes to a partial or complete standstill and people have to deal with the upcoming disaster. All People. Not only the workers who are no longer coming to work and who are only talked about, but also the bosses who are no longer able to get into their boss Office on time due to the blockades. For by public transport these values gentlemen will certainly not drive. This is a different Dimension than when employers on a single Friday Drive around a bit of sliding time, so that their workers can strike a little or at least feel like doing so, and pupils — once again — taunt the school. XR disrupts the megamachine, and therefore the movement is also massively attacked by the press organs of those who depend on it.

The success is likely to remain manageable-after all, the XR actions are much more electrifying than the slack lines of mutually depreciating Group press newspapers, which — in terms of their sales figures-are threatened with extinction as are so many insects-art.

Let’s finish the depiction of media bullets against the rebels of the present time freely according to the words of Felix Blume:

You can talk, your leaves will soon go broke anyway / Newspapers fall one by one, like dominoes / (our) Mission, it continues, for (our) horizon Beyond your Desk heroes-monitor width!