The Miracle Of Portugal

In Portugal, a left-wing social democratic government has performed excellently on 6 October, even in a coalition with parties still further to the left. The party of Prime Minister António Costa was even able to win votes and with it the aforementioned coalition parties. What German media once again hid, the government in Portugal has not subordinate itself to the German, shameful slavery and thus went through the opposite of Greece. This allowed the country to be combated against impoverishment and be trimmed back to this neoliberal path, such as growth, debt and GDP.

On Sunday, just fourteen days ago, on 6 October, the governing Socialists (PSD) were re-elected in Portugal with their prime minister, António Costa, with significantly improved voting results. At 37 percent, the left-wing Social Democrats won in the most Western country of the EU, and they ended up in first place in front of the conservative Social Democrats with their 28 percent. The number of Deputies for the PSD increased from 86 to 106, in 15 out of 20 constituencies it has been the majority since then (an increase of 8 compared with the 2015 parliamentary elections), and also the “Left Alliance” overall, the so-called “Geringonca”, cut well in these elections on 6 October. The" left bloc " came to 9.67 percent, and even the Communist-Green Party alliance with the abbreviation CDU increased to 6.46 percent.

Add to this the number of members of environmental and animal protection party, the PAN, which could increase from one to four seats in Parliament and are also ready to support the old-new left government, a continuation of the PSD-policy. And why is it all so relevant? - Well, to put it bluntly, because Portugal has thus confirmed a policy which has been pursued over the last four years in a clear and consistent manner against the attempts by the Euro states to guard our continent as a whole. In other words, Portugal has taken a path which has clearly contradicted the policy that has been imposed on the tortured Greece by this brute austere Europe over the last four years.

From 2008 onwards, Portugal was almost as severely affected by the financial and economic crisis as the partner country in the eastern Mediterranean. Portugal was just as brutal and brain-torn under pressure from the EU to follow the commandments of the so-called “austerity policy”. But Portugal was the country that has refused to go this way in the human and social and economic decline. It has become a country that is today in the most clear better than Greece.

It is recalled that Europe has imposed an alleged escape route on the Greeks: wage cuts and pension cuts, the abolition of social benefits and the destruction of the health system, the sale of airports and port facilities and the forced sale of small-scale property to Real Estate … In a word: a forced delusion of Greece and the Greeks par excellence. At the same time, Europe forced the Greeks to go beyond cost increases: increase and increase in VAT, increase and increase in real estate taxes, new financial burdens paid by the little man to the elites.

It was not possible to generate economic growth, the economy and the recovery of the Greek economy in the event of such destruction of domestic demand and purchasing power, that could only be surprised by idiots. Or even austere ideologists like Schäuble! Greece collapsed in terms of gross domestic product and debt relief, in the elimination of mass unemployment and productivity decline, that now up to 600,000 Greeks have emigrated.

So much of the idiocy and inhumanity of this type have been scourged by the destruction policy, so very, the insanity, the complete lack of logic and reason and plausibility of these so-called “austerity policy” and proven it is proven: time and again, this argument was countered that such a policy of humanity could not function, economically, namely, that human goodness was that a good economic and financial policy, but the other. In a word: in the case of Greece, a Patient had to starve and starve to get back on his feet! The best preparation for a marathon run is a limitless withdrawal of food!

Theory against theory. Or more strongly formulated: the ice-cold “recollections” of a Schäuble plus successor Cross stood after widespread expert opinion against the good human sentimentalities of others in the world! At best, therefore, a draw in the dispute of opinion. But this is also the decisive point: the fact that Portugal has done almost without restriction what the so-called" good people " have demanded for years, namely for Greece, and that it is this very Portugal that is far better than Greece today!

The left-wing government in Portugal, supported by two “left-wing radicals” parties, has made a successful model out of a country of falls over the past four years. It was simply the termination of this insane “austerity”, meant “austerity”, which has led to success. The conservative predecessor government of the PSD had imposed on the country between 2011 to 2015, the toughest austerity measures in Portugal. Labour rights had been dismantled and the welfare state was abolished. Poverty and unemployment had risen sharply. Tens of thousands, especially young, workers left the country, the largest wave of emigration since the 1960s. It was Portugal’s refusal in the summer of 2016 to adopt Schäubel’s so-called “second rescue programme”, which has helped Portugal out of the socio-economic crisis. So resistance to the same crap that unfortunately Greece has been involved.

Short explanation of the new left-Socialist Prime Minister of Portugal António Costa: “it was a mistake to believe that the economy could be rehabilitated with drastic cuts in wages and excessive cuts in the welfare state.“The Keynesian Costa understood that it was not possible to “save States out of a crisis”.

What were the consequences of this” class struggle " policy? Mass exodus of the super-rich or the so-called” functional elites " from this terrible Portugal? Not at all!

– Since 2015, the Portuguese economy has grown by an average of around 2 per cent per year, and by as much as 3.4 per cent last year-both growth rates even higher than the average of the euro zone as a whole.

– Portugal has thus – not least-created a “firewall “against” right-wing populist and fascist parties”, said a young Portuguese, and Portugal is the only country in Europe in which there is no ultra-right party. And, not to spare the everyday life of the “little man” :

-Portugal is also attracting more and more investors from abroad because of its anti-austeritic success policy - for example from neighbouring Spain, which, because of its vassal loyalty to the Brussels guidelines, is still struggling socially and economically and politically (with three extreme right-wing parties).

The question of prices remains open: Why do we not hear about this success model in Other Europe? Not even now, after the election success of the PSD with its coalition parties? It should be noted that a model of success, which cannot even be described as socialist – let alone Marxist – is merely a kind of humanitarian and social one. Why does German media reporting - whether in the electronic or print sector – pass this success model of a clearly Keynesian-inspired economic and financial policy? Should it indeed be the case (as experts of the German media scene have long suspected, our colleagues, for example, from the “reflection pages”), that the media world with us, with exceptions, has long been in the hands of neoliberalism - and Austeritäts-ideologues? - Then, and indeed, it would be the case that sites like the “reflection pages” and HdS need to be seen behind the scenes and behind the headlines! And it would be once again proven the accuracy of the statement:

Not from the top, no, only from the bottom, one really and completely covers the political and social realities in our countries. You have to stand on the side of the “little people “to understand what the” great " of the world do to you: as insane as inhuman! And by the way:

Even Ex-finance minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the Portuguese colleague Mário Centeno, has lost an exorbitant praise: he is the " Ronaldo of Finance – - which may be shown: where Schäuble-unlike Alexis Tsipras (unfortunately!)- met with real resistance, this Lord even went to his knees and broke out in praise. Even the Portuguese striker Star had to express his own impressiveness. You almost want to say: how authoritarian psychology works! Or a word from Frankfurter philosopher Theodor W. Adorno said: against authoritarianism only helps authority. Portugal’s government, in any case, raised this authority!

And what about the prospects?

Now, as a next step, the left-wing government wants to invest now in public transport and the health system (in this context, Greece is again: the plight of health care there). In addition, the new government intends to tackle the housing problem in the major cities and to promote further improvements in the labour market: raising the minimum wage, for example, from 600 to 800 euros. And: more than ever, efforts have been made to bring the emigrants back to their own country.

Of course, strikes continue to exist in Portugal, but recently teachers, nurses and lorry drivers have been the main victims. Youth unemployment is still high in Portugal, including income inequality. But still: even the economic-informed Europe of the Conservatives is now talking about the “Portuguese miracle”, if only-who wonders? - behind your hand. Well, we’re making it a little clearer here:

It is the “miracle” that this country, from precisely that year, Portugal, as Greece or its government representative Alexis Tsipras in Brussels, crawled towards the euro states, especially towards the “austerity policy”, boldly and consistently with their resistance to this EU and this EU policy. And even the DGB acknowledged that yesterday, on 16 October, in a press release: the elections in Portugal would have shown that it would be without deregulation and without austerity!