Don't be an ally of the U.S.

Russian television has reported Russia’s view of the US dropping the Kurds. I find this point of view interesting and would like to translate the post again.

YPG Fighter

The fate of the Kurds arouses compassion. But at the same time, the Kurds in Syria have chosen America as an ally for an inexplicable reason. So they fought against their own government and against Russia.

The Kurds refused to negotiate with Assad, and they only coordinated their actions in Syria with the United States. The Americans first used it as cannon fodder because the Kurds are excellent warriors. For their service and loyalty, the Kurds, with the help of the United States, hoped to create their own state, or at least to be protected by them. But in the end, the Americans simply betrayed and dropped the Kurds. To whom do the Kurds now send a complaint? After all, the United States has deceived the Kurds a dozen times throughout history.

After the First World War, they did not support the establishment of their own Kurdish state. After World War II, they armed the Kurds to defeat US enemies in the region, and when the Kurds were bombed and fought with American napalm, the US did nothing to help the Kurds.

The US has cheated your ally again, even though the Kurds have chosen your patron himself. The US is not a reliable partner, as history shows, even the most recent shows. I understand why, for example, Poles have been getting nervous lately. In an article in a major Polish newspaper headlined “Trump betrayed the Kurds. Will he betray Poland?” it read: “We will always fear the betrayal of America, no matter who is president there.”

But can America really betray Europeans? America is already betraying Europe. Five years ago, Europe imposed sanctions on Russia under intense US pressure. Moscow has responded. Europe has lost more than EUR 100 billion. Now America is effectively imposing sanctions on European wine and cheese by increasing import duties by up to 25 percent. If we remember that the United States has already imposed high tariffs on European steel and aluminium before, it is clear why Europe regards all this as a betrayal. In Russian slang, this is called “Kidalovo”.

North Korea is experiencing it, too. Kim Jong-Un came to talks with Trump. He even flew on the plane to meet with his colleague, blew up his nuclear test site, got nothing in return, and eventually refused to negotiate further with Trump.

Recently, the North Korean Foreign Ministry announced the failure of negotiations with the United States because American diplomats came to the meetings empty-handed. There are so many cases that show the unreliability of the United States as a partner. Saudi Arabia bought 100 billion weapons from the US more than a year ago, even promised to buy three more, and then drones and missiles flew into its refinery and the US did not work. Trump replied that the U.S. is not responsible for protecting Saudi Arabia.

But why look at examples so far away? First, America supported the coup in Ukraine, which provoked the disintegration of the country and the civil war, and now Ukraine has become such a toxic country for every American leader – for the present and also for every future – that a meeting is so toxic. between the presidents of the countries – or even just a phone call – is difficult to imagine in the foreseeable future. There is nothing to discuss. Unless Ukraine wants to buy U.S. liquid gas, U.S. coal or U.S. weapons. In other words, there is talk for money, but otherwise it is not.