The Spiegel and its Enemy Image

What was battles in the field decades ago are now modern cowardly weapons that, at the end of each war, have more civilian casualties than military ones. That is the sad realisation and I am not sure that we should call wars modern today.

William I meets the Crown Prince during the battle

On July 31, 2019, The Spiegel published an article about the deaths in Afghanistan. In the article, the lubricating finch conspicuously resists the word USA. It is written by the Afghan government and its allies, but it is clear to everyone who is waging war in Afghanistan.

In Afghanistan, 717 people died in 6 months, all civilians and the majority died as a place in airstrikes. We all know who in the world is attacking cowardly people from the top with these top gun guys and then being celebrated as a hero.

The Mirror puts it down despite the figures coming from the UN, they are conservative figures, the UN only includes known victims in its statistics where the cause of death has been clarified. The UN is not Bellingcat, or the lone fighter in London known as the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

We can all imagine what the headlines would be about Russia and Syria. We can compare it, the Mirror serves its enemy image and brings an article about the victims through Russian warfare that of course come as a source from London. Have you ever read in the mirror “The US murdered 100,000 people in Iraq”?

The difference is visible at first glance. The source is already a no go. The UN is on the ground, interviewing witnesses, investigating and reporting. The lone fighter in Syria doesn’t do that. He sits in front of the dice in the evening and then decides what he sells as a message to lubricating finches like mirrors, sorry reports.

The figures in the mirror, by the way, amount to four years, Russia, on the contrary, has not organized a massacre, which one might think. The US is very embarrassed in the “news” and 6 months are chosen as the period. Doesn’t sound like “dramatic”. The Mirror thus manipulates the news in favour of the USA, the Western NATO criminals, and brings the old and new enemy image OST into the brains of the sheep.

The Mirror lies with numbers that are 8,300 victims are not to be checked, but let’s assume that’s true. Compared to the victims in Syria with 250,000 from 2011 to 2014 a small number, cynically written.

Of course, the Mirror does not speak of conditions. He could have reported that the victims have declined significantly since Russia joined in 2015 and are now largely at peace in the country. That would be journalism!

According to the Observatory, some 5,500 fighters from the rebel groups and more than 5,200 supporters of the Islamic State (IS) terrorist militia were also killed. Civilians thus accounted for more than 40 percent of the death toll, it added.

40% civilian casualties, unlike the US war in Iraq, which brought 90% civilian casualties, so one wonders who the butcher is.

Every victim is one too many. In Syria, four years after Russia’s intervention in 2015, peace is now largely at stake, fighting over the oil wells in Idlib, where the US wants to establish itself with the help of al-Qaeda. In Afghanistan, after 18 years of US/NATO war, there is still no peace, the same after 16 years in Iraq. But that is what our media want, or are not allowed to pronounce, which is why enemy images are cultivated and more than questionable sources are exchanged for journalism.