GREEN for World Politics and German Responsibility

It’s greening so green: For months, the GREENS have only been moving upwards in polls. And it is not only the German media that are asking the chancellor’s question. The polling machines are also plagued by voters with the K question. Hardly astonishing is the “Germany trend”, which is produced by Infratest Dimap on behalf of ARD’s “Tagesthemen” and Die Welt, to a possible GREEN-CDU coalition: In a Bundestag election, the two parties could expect 26 percent of the vote each. This would result in a large majority, which in the Bundestag would not even have to rely on the loser SPD.

Ach du grüner Shrek

If the federal voters could elect their chancellor directly, the RTL/n-tv “Trendbarometer” reports, 27 percent of the respondents would vote for Robert Habeck, the GREEN candidate. The Union candidate Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) would only get a paltry 17 percent. Party strategists have long been tinkering with their campaigns according to the polls. This includes the most promising candidate for chancellor.

Of course, the GREEN also know that polls are not election results. And they also know that a German chancellor must have his place card for office stamped at NATO and the United States. Even the Green Mr Joschka Fischer could only become Foreign Minister of the Federal Republic, having shown his loyalty to Western values as a German supporter of the war in Yugoslavia.

What was then the war in Yugoslavia is now the conceivable war of the United States against Iran. The “Passauer Neue Presse” took on the role of political taster and asked the green Habeck: “Should Germany, as a leading economic nation, not also take responsibility for protecting trade routes and participate in a mission in Persian. “But if all diplomatic means have been exhausted, we can imagine Germany’s participation in a European mission,” he said.

Where mission is on it, there is, of course, war in it.

While there is no war with Russia on the German doorstep, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg even claims: “We don’t want a new arms race,” but at the same time threatens that Russia must change its behavior to prevent the race. He blames the new arms race on NATO’s favorite enemy. But what do you want to demand of Western Osama bin Laden? Ideologically, it doesn’t even help education.

The end of the INF disarmament treaty, the unilateral termination of the agreement by the US, the Green Chancellor comments as it: “Europe can no longer rely on others to represent its interests. As is customary with the GREENS, Habeck claims that the EU is “Europe”. Habeck considers this imperial territorial claim to Russia and a number of other states of the former Soviet Union to be “world politics”. This is the only way to get the O.K. stamp for chancellor’s ambitions.

“The INF Treaty, once signed by US President Ronald Reagan and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, was a milestone in disarmament efforts in the final phase of the Cold War,” even the Daily Show reports. The fact that the new Cold War has long since begun is not what the ARD news programme wants to know, nor does the top GREEN want to say so.

Ach du grüner Shrek

From what kind of “responsibility” does his silence come?

That the INF Treaty was an important security guarantee for Europe?

That millions of people demonstrated for it a generation ago?

That the GREEN were born in these actions?

None of this is an issue for the GREEN.

Angela Merkel is desperately looking for a survival strategy for herself and her CDU. Such as Habeck offer the surviving chancellor a green life raft. The historyless attitude of the GREEN and its practiced Russophobia give hope to the ruling political class in Germany. On a new round of “world responsibility” with built-in missionary mission of those states that stand in the way of Western leadership.

On scorched earth, less greening.