China, the next enemy image

In order to be able to classify things, one has to deal a little with the history of China and its worldview. The history of a country characterizes the people there. In Germany, the Nazi era and the division of Germany are the main hallmarks of us, and thirty years later we talk about “Ossis"and Wessis”. The United States is dominated by the" Wild West". This past has given the country a martial Tradition, it’s about “Good and Evil” and the self-understanding to be a superior country, “Gods own country”. This has its origin in the Indian wars and the wars against Mexico, when the United States considered itself superior in all respects. Also moral. So to this day all their wars are justified by the supposed higher morality of the USA and their “values”. Poland is characterised by the fact that it has been divided between Germany and Russia for centuries, and that still shapes the policy towards the two neighbours. The British still haven’t been wounded to be an Empire.

China has a long Tradition of not wanting to expand, China has itself been enough for centuries, instead of expanding, it has secured its borders with a wall and encircled. China is proud of its thousand-year-old culture and is therefore considered to be culturally superior to others. China was once the leading maritime power and could easily have become a colonial power like Spain, but then an emperor decided on a policy of Isolation. While Europe conquered the world, China was self-sufficient and refused to even trade with foreign countries to a large extent. It was only the colonial powers that forced China to open up in the 19th century.

For the Chinese, this is a time of disgrace, they were inferior, the British have forced them into the Opium Wars to consume drugs, the Empire collapsed at the beginning of the 20th century, the country sank into Chaos and civil war, until Mao agreed with hard and brutal Hand, and China began to regain its age from the 1980 years. Today, China is a world power and this is also in line with the Chinese self-image.

But China has no Tradition of forcing others to subjugate countries as colonies or export its culture. China has never been aggressive to the outside, China has not attacked anyone in recent centuries, its wars were defensive, when the British wanted to break Isolation forcibly or as Japan subjugated China as a colony.

This is still the case today. Two weeks ago, China presented its new military White Paper, which reflects this self-image. China relies on partnership instead of guardianship, a multipolar world of equal partners rather than hegemony:

China is committed to developing friendly cooperation with all countries on the basis of the Five Principles of peaceful coexistence. It respects the right of all peoples to choose their own path of development independently, and international disputes through equal dialogue, negotiation and consultation for the settlement. China is against interference in the internal affairs of other states, the abuse of the weak by the strong and any attempt to impose on others their own will. China advocates partnerships rather than alliances and does not join a military bloc.

Even expansionist wars give China a clear rejection due to its history:

Although a country can become strong, War will lead to its destruction. The Chinese Nation has always loved peace. Since the beginning of modern times, the Chinese people have suffered from aggression and wars and learned the value of peace and the urgent need for development. Therefore, China will never cause such sufferings to any other country.

Only in one question Does China understand no fun, this is the national unity:

China is firmly committed and has the ability to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity and will never allow the secession of part of its territories by anybody, by any organization or political party …. We do not promise to exclude the use of force and reserve the Option of taking all necessary measures.

This also applies to Taiwan, a Chinese island that sees itself as an independent state. China has always had the goal of reuniting with this island, although there have been opportunities to do so in the last 70 years.

This is where the problems start. Although the US does not have diplomatic relations with Taiwan out of respect for Beijing, it is closely linked to Taiwan and provides arms. From China’s point of view, this is a sting in one’s own flesh.

You don’t have to share this view, but it’s important to understand.

China still relies on peace and has not threatened anyone with war. Of course, there are conflicts when China spreads islands in the Chinese sea and declares them its own territory in order to secure the resources there. This annoys the neighbors, but it’s not Aggression against anyone. From a sporting point of view, it could be said that China was just faster than its competitors, who are also concerned about these deposits.

Of course, Western politicians and media have a different view on this. The Mirror titled The Chinese white paper “China’s military strategy-staged peacefulness” and wrote about it:

For example, China accuses the United States and its allies of increasing insecurity in Asia with their military action. “The Chinese leadership is trying to turn the tide of the war and is giving the US as an Aggressor, which messes up the global fabric,” says Legarda. The US would specifically strengthen its “military alliances in the Asia-Pacific region” and expand the presence of its armed forces, according to the White Paper. This will make the security situation “more complex”

Only why is China supposed to"turn the spit"? What is wrong with the Chinese statement? It is the United States that are becoming more and more widespread in the space, it is not China that is increasing its presence in Mexico or the Caribbean. And it is the US, which has just concluded a billion deal with Taiwan on arms supplies, and not China, which is equipping Mexico.

The West has the right to choose the rules in every Region of the world and is quite surprised if someone does not like it. It was not three weeks ago when Lindner showed his limits during a visit to China and the indignation was great.

But would the West like to have such interference on its doorstep? Of course not!

We always read in the media, whether it is the Persian Gulf or Taiwan or other regions, that free shipping must not be threatened. The West is happy to send fleet associations to every Region of the world, in the old British tradition of Canon boat politics, and then calls this “de-escalation”.

The United States, for example, repeatedly demonstratively send warships through the streets of Taiwan and justify this with the freedom of shipping. There is no understanding of China’s indignation in the Western media. The last such case, at the end of July wrote the “time”:

The US has sent a warship to the road of Taiwan. “Transit through Taiwan street shows the United States’s commitment to a free and open IndoPacific,” said a spokesman for the seventh fleet of the U.S. Navy in Washington. “The U.S. Navy will continue to fly, sail and operate wherever international law permits.”

But does the West Stand Up for free shipping when it happens at its own doorstep?

We find the answer quickly. On the way from the Mediterranean to the Baltic Sea, Russian ships must repeatedly pass through the English Channel. But the British see this as a provocation, as we could read in detail in the " world:

A frigate of the British Navy has intercepted several Russian warships off the British coast and escorted by the English Channel. The British Ministry of Defence announced on Monday that the" HMS Westminster “had accompanied the Russian frigates” RFS Soobrazitelnyy “and” RFS Boikiy " as well as two support ships along the south coast of England. ( … ) In an unusually clear statement, Defence Minister Gavin Williamson had stated that he would not hesitate to “defend our waters” and would not tolerate any form of Aggression. Britain cannot be intimidated when it comes to ‘defending our country, our people and our national interests’.

Free shipping to the West is not as sacred at the door of one’s own door as it is at the door of others. To say it with the title of the Spiegel article: Who staged his peacefulness?

That’s not all. The US has terminated the INF Treaty and since August 2, it has been allowed to re-launch land-based short-and medium-range missiles. China does not like what we are concerned about in Europe either, because the US has already announced its intention to launch such rockets in Asia, in other words in Japan and South Korea. This is a direct Aggression against China. It is not China that such a nuclear weapons-capable missiles in the Caribbean or Mexico, places before the door of the United States.

No US missiles “on China’s doorstep”: Beijing has responded with threats to U.S. plans to install medium-range missiles in Asia. U.S. Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced on Saturday that he would soon launch ground-based missiles that could reach targets up to 5000 kilometers away. ( … ) The US, on the other hand, has greatly expanded its military presence in Asia in recent years in order to counterbalance the growing China. This is also related to the current missile plans of the Trump government.

It goes on …

How China wants to react exactly, Fu did not say. However, it was " all options on the table"

Of course, true to Western Propaganda, the statement is shortened by Essential!

The Americans, the citizens of the country that have experienced the Cuba crisis, must understand the Chinese feelings when it comes to putting such American rockets at China’s doorstep.

He’s not wrong. We are told in all historical books and documents that the deployment of Soviet nuclear missiles at the US’s doorstep was unacceptable to Kennedy and is still unacceptable to the US. But what right has the USA to provide such missiles to the borders of Russia and China?

In the mirror, you could read more :

He also said that Beijing had no interest in negotiations, but its own nuclear stocks and its reach were too low. It was “neither reasonable nor fair” to expect China to participate in disarmament talks.

That sounds evil: China does not want to negotiate! In this context, China has written law, and this is also the case in its white paper:

China is always committed to a nuclear weapons policy that unconditionally does not, at any time or under any circumstances, first use of nuclear weapons and does not use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear-weapon states or nuclear-free zones. ( … ) China is not conducting a nuclear arms war with any other country and maintains its nuclear capabilities to the minimum necessary for national security.

The US and Russia each have over 6,000 nuclear weapons, and China none 300.


If the USA wants to talk with China about nuclear disarmament, then the US should disarm first, on the Chinese level. Russia would probably even be willing to participate. China would have the opportunity to upgrade its Arsenal to the size of the Russian or American, but has never done this or even tried. China has enough nuclear weapons to deter the US, that’s all it wants. So what are we negotiating about as long as the US is more than 20 times superior to the Chinese?

Now you will have to wait and see whether Japan or South Korea are at all willing to allow such U.S. weapons. Because it is clear that they will be the target of Chinese and Russian nuclear weapons and that is not a desirable scenario.