Crowdfunding beats company

Before the concentrated power of industry and entrepreneurial greed, one would prefer to resign. What can a single person do about it? Well, if individuals come together, something remarkable can happen, as in British Columbia.

It is the first Crowdfunding in Canada of this kind: in a short time, around $ 3 million has been donated to buy a piece of unspoiled coastal landscape in British Columbia and to protect it from being developed. The 800 hectares of coastline in Princess Louisa Bay on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia is virtually untouched. The area includes a Fjord, whose granite walls rise to 2100 meters. The alpine snow cover feeds a number of dramatic waterfalls.

The Crowdfunding was organized by the B. C. Parks Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to protect natural lands in British Columbia. In Princess Louisa Bay, the protected area is to be extended to 9000 hectares. The foundation’S CEO, Andrew Day, told CBC, the Canadian intelligence service, that Wood companies and land developers were interested in the country that was sold by a private owner. Now, however, Private steps have been taken to prevent this.

It was not a handful of donors who gathered together, but a large number of ordinary people who gave what they could. Day said: “there were so many people who gave us ten or 15 dollars and thought that was all they could do. But it was wonderful what they did.“Even from Japan and Germany, donations have arrived.

The B. C. Parks Foundation will buy the Land and make it a protected Park. The foundation wrote to all donors a thank you letter, which included:

You did it! Your love for British Columbia and beautiful places like Princess Louisa Inlet has done something miraculous. In just a few short months, you have raised $3 million to protect a magnificent jewel in B.C.’s coast.

Today, we are overjoyed to announce the purchase has been finalized. We now move on to designating the land as a park or otherwise protecting it for future generations.

It is clear from the wellspring of support we received in such a short amount of time that people want to keep B.C. beautiful. Parks are the core of our identity - they are what makes B.C. ‘supernatural’ and the reason why so many of us live here and visit. With tourism now contributing more to our gross domestic product than any other primary resource industry (including mining, oil and gas, forestry and logging, and agriculture and fishing), these places are also critical to our economy and livelihoods. But most importantly, they are anchors for our hearts and souls - they are our cathedrals, our towers, our pyramids; the wonders of our world, inspiring awe, gratitude and fulfillment. In parks, we find our way.

Any funds that continue to come in will be put in our Parks Bank to protect more areas in Princess Louisa and British Columbia. Next year, together, we will climb another mountain. For now, enjoy the wonderful feeling and spectacular view! You have accomplished something truly fantastic.