The first fascist is gone

There were plenty of open conflicts between Trump and his security consultant. Bolton is an absolute hawk, while Trump, despite his Twitter weaknesses, is more of a dove. In contrast to all his predecessors in office, Trump has not yet incited a war. This should not be forgotten in all the negative reports on Trump and open display of lack of Education.

Why did Trump Bolton commit? They are fundamentally different people. One is a Nationalist who rejects all strangers, while the other wants to take the world as America.

Trump has spoken in the election campaign of normalization of American-Russian relationship. This was already counteracted by hawks in the election campaign by Russia, the alleged interference of Russia in the US Kamp. In the end, after Mueller, there is only the question whether Trump interfered with the judiciary. However, Trump was thus unable to make any move on Russia. The sanctions are chasing each other and the Cold War Time is closer than far, if you look at the media like this.


Bolton as an old Nazi, okay as an old war veteran who fought in Stalingrad, Oh no, not either. Why are you Anti-Russian? Why is it Anti-Communist? So as an ideologist who is far away from education and hero of the weak-minded people who want Wars, one is of course against any rapprochement with Russia and works his life to terminate contracts so that one can lay himself a nuclear bomb under the pillow.

Another heart issue for Trump is relaxation on the Korean Peninsula. No one knows why this is so important to him, but it is obvious. Here, too, Bolton was against Trump and received support from foreign minister Pompeo. North Korea had in the meantime even rejected talks if one of the two gentlemen was to sit at the table.

Venezuela is also such an example. Trump did not want another war, he has promised the U.S. voters rather, to bring the U.S. soldiers home and not send them in further wars. But despite this, Bolton, in which he stood in front of the press with a folder, which was clearly visible to everyone, provoked another US soldiers to be sent to Venezuela’s neighborhood. Sure, even Trump would prefer another government in Venezuela, but he doesn’t want to wage a war Bolton would have been willing to do.

Also on the subject of Iran, it was Bolton, and Pompeo, who tried to push Trump into a war. This went so far that Trump even briefly stated that the US had no interests in connection with the passage of tankers through the Straits of Hormus. At that time it had just come to attacks on tankers and the Hawks wanted to attach them to Iran and spoke of important US interests that would be protected. Trump took the Wind out of the sails with his statement, pointing out that the US thanks to Fracking itself produce enough oil, which is why there is no US interest. The EU, China and Japan, which received oil from there, should take care of this.

And, as if by a miracle there were no more problems with attacks on tankers in the Region.

Or Ukraine. It seems that Trump doesn’t care, but Bolton, as an old school Geostrate, wants Ukraine to continue against Russia. For Ukraine it has become strangely quiet from the point of view of the USA. It seems to have no priority, there were even voices from Trump’s surroundings to stop the arms deliveries to Kiev, of course a protest storm followed immediately. But Trump does not even seem to be important enough to put an end to arms deliveries. He never actually speaks about the country. Although Ukraine is very important for the Geostrategies in Washington as a sting in the Russian flesh, it is obviously not interested in Trump at all.

If you put this in combination with your desire to get along with Russia, all the red lamps in the US Geostrategies are likely to approach. Trump could use Ukraine in negotiations with Russia to get concessions elsewhere. But Ukraine is released into freedom and reconciliation between Kiev and Moscow is for transatlantic Geostrategies of Super-Gau.

And last but not least Afghanistan. Trump had already promised in the election campaign to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan. Bolton was anything but enthusiastic about it. There have been long negotiations with the Taliban. This Trump has now declared failed. This broke his idea of withdrawing from Afghanistan. The interesting question is what happened behind the scenes in this matter, and whether the failure of Afghanistan negotiations was perhaps the drop that broke the barrel between the two.

So there were differences of opinion between Trump and Bolton on all issues. However, a security consultant must by Definition be a loyal employee of his boss. So I never understood why Trump gave him the post.

On Tuesday evening, Trump informed via Twitter that he had asked Bolton to resign, which Bolton did in the morning. “The White House no longer needs its services,” said Trump. And he further confirmed what observers like me have been writing for months, namely that there have been strong differences of opinion between them. Trump announced that he would appoint a successor next week.

Bolton sees things differently, and also writes on Twitter that he had offered his resignation, and Trump would want to discuss it the next day.

Whatever is true, fact is Bolton is gone and the question is, how is it going?

We will see this in the next few days, at least it is exciting that the power struggle between the “old guard” of the Hawks and Trumps now seems to have broken out openly. Whether this power struggle escalates and whether this story will also cost Pompeo the office, or strengthen its Position? Who knows.

Anyone who has upper water in the behind-the-scenes power struggle in Washington, we may be able to guess when Trump Bolton’s successor presents. Will it be another hawk or someone who shares Trumps ' foreign policy objectives?