The courage to be utopian

Wherever you look: you can see grey people in grey suits carelessly rush through the streets in their grey offices to find some company in alienated work. You can see others who are shopping their doubts and fears of the soul. They all rush carelessly past the homeless, who asks for a small donation to get something to eat in the evening. You can turn on the television, we see wars, violence, disasters, starving people and poverty, not only in the news. The diseases of humanity are also reflected in their imagination. Movies, video games and all kinds of art and culture are characterized by violence, fear, and Depression.

We are trapped in a society of constant struggle, eternal conflict. While statesmen prepare wars to secure sales markets and raw materials, the Rest of the population is trapped in ever-present competitive thinking. We compete for better work, higher income, more expensive car, more beautiful Partner, better grades. But this eternal social War leads to fears, lack, depression, violence and destruction. Unfortunately, these things shape our society today significantly more than positive forces such as beauty, love, happiness and satisfaction.

Through the now-inevitable Mantra of the lack of any Alternative to any other way of life seems distant. In general, it is clear that there is no idea that a different life would be possible at all. Too much has been eaten, the Current in our consciousness, in the spirit of the people.

Certainly, concrete head Marxists, who discredited left utopias in the eyes of the majority, and unadulterated anarchists, who always warned against sketching a utopia and imagining a better world, because they set up in their opposition. They all claimed too much trusting in Marx’s dialectics that, in the course of the Revolution, things would be arranged as planned. All of this led to the extinction of the human imagination and, as a result, even after a possible Revolution, probably only the present conditions would be reproduced.

If we want to change the current circumstances, we must revive this imagination. If it were in the imagination of the people to a field, the possible present of a fruit-less mono-culture, which only produces always the Same for ever, vigorously fertilized by the medial drip irrigation, and day-to-day Propaganda of a lack of alternatives.

But a really fertile field does not need fertiliser, but grows, properly ordered, out of itself. Therefore, it is necessary to revive this ground and, therefore, the imagination of the people.

Every person knows deeply what he would change in the present society-perhaps not quite clear and unambiguous. It may be more of a feeling, an indeterminate sensation, a suspicion that something is wrong with this world, and that it could also be quite different. Nurturing these thoughts and feelings is an important basis for change, because we can only create what we are able to imagine.

Humanity urgently needs to utopias. Not necessarily a certain idea of what a better society looks like, not another monoculture of thought, but countless ideas. It does not have to be a concrete social model. Small changes are enough that would make life better for everyone. Thus, every alternative idea forms a puzzle piece, from which we can then assemble the entire work of a life worth living. But for this we need the courage to utopia again, we need to order the field of our imagination and create a colorful garden of ideas and insights.

However, it is not enough pure imagination. The intellectual path is paved with many “Wenns"and " Abers”. Utopia must also be felt. Only when the feeling says that the idea is correct, when the idea leads to a life-affirming, euphoric basic mood that nourishes hope and dispels despair and desolation, can it become a concrete driving force for action and encourage the start of concrete implementation already in the present.

So: do we Have the courage to utopia. Let us imagine what a world would look like that is our ideal. Would there still be wars, Hunger, murder and homicide? Would people still regard themselves as enemies, as competitors? Hatred, greed and resentment were the dominant emotions?

Or would an ideal world not rather one that is filled with abundance? An abundance of love and humanity, joy, beauty, food and clean water, clean air and clean, healthy soil, mutual acceptance, kindness, music, laughter and lightness?

Do you still have to shop in an ideal world to fill the feeling of inner emptiness, do you still have to enslave yourself for foreign Profit, in the hamster wheel of the eternally same abstraction? Is there still environmental degradation and plastic waste in an ideal world? There are mental illnesses such as depression and Burnout? Do we still need drugs in such a world to distract us from everyday humiliation? Do we still treat each other as objects, or do we meet at eye level and with compassion?

All this does not have to remain a pure idea that has been postponed for eternity. We can already begin to work on such an ideal world in concrete terms. We just have to feel she’s right. This feeling goes beyond pure knowledge. Knowledge can be shaken by doubts and insecurity and leads to passivity. But a feeling can hardly be deceived by the alleged constraints, by doubts or uncertainties. It resists all the false arguments of the logic of our capitalist exploitation society, defying the fear of fellow human beings, their mockery and their ignorance-and stimulates the will to act.

We nourish our imagination, we nourish the feeling that the world could be a completely different, and then we begin to live by it. Humanity needs utopias more than ever before. There is nothing to lose in this regard, but quite a lot to win.