The Great Void

Capitalism seems to have reached its final stage. Increasingly obvious and numerous are the devastating consequences that he brings with him. At the same time, the vast majority of the population still seems to be convinced that we live in the best of all systems, one must just correct a few things. The fact that people are blocking themselves against a necessary fundamental change has to do with their function in the System.

Despite climate change, environmental degradation, flight and displacement, wars and social turmoil, even the losers of global capitalism find it difficult to question fundamentally the ways in which our society works. The negative consequences, many believe, can already be addressed with the postponement of some funds. Why do they oppose the understanding of the need for fundamental change? Why do even those who defend capitalism, who has long since cast it out as superfluous, or have always increased the pressure on it?

Precarious work, inhuman and degrading treatment in a repressive Hartz IV System, flight, displacement, climate change and refugee sponges are not accepted without complaint, but criticism remains mostly at the surface of the symptom level and no one asks about the underlying causes.

But those who think only a few or a few things about what is happening on this planet will quickly come to the belief that capitalism in itself causes all these distortions. That many people refuse this insight has a simple reason.

Capitalism employs people very efficiently. Be it the compulsion to work, to which every person must submit every day, to finance his life. Especially in the middle class, this coercion is also often sold under the Label of “self-realization”. The modern slave owners, formerly had to provide this housing and food, today we receive money and that is then called self-realization.

Be it the many colourful consumer goods that provide employment in the scarcer leisure time. Work and consumption Keep man in a constant continuous cycle of eternal employment, of distraction from the inner self. They draw attention to the exterior.

In doing so, they stop people from dealing with themselves, their personality, their goals, desires and ideas, and ultimately with the meaning of their existence. Thankfully, they therefore accept work and consumption, because that is precisely what hardly anyone wants: to deal with themselves. If, for some time, you were to set aside all the work, leave work and turn your Smartphone off, sit alone in a quiet room, you would notice that something is wrong, and you would feel the great emptiness that you have so far effectively covered with the employment strata.

They would feel that they have a life that has nothing to do with themselves, that they can only be reduced to a function in the transmission of an Inhuman society, that all employment, all work, the travel delusion and the colourful glistening world of consumption are in fact unable to fulfill them. So they would quickly begin to doubt and despair of the meaning of their existence.

However, this experience is so painful that people prefer to bow to it and to plunge with joy into every distraction. Thus, most people like to submit to their work, and even if it is so precarious, so strenuous and inhuman, the constraints are still so great, society is so repressive, the Alternative would be many times more painful. It is also not important which work is investigated, whether as a weapon lobbyist, as an excavator driver in lignite mining or whether this is a simple job creation measure.

It is important that there is employment at all, and the question of meaning is secondary. The concept of “employment policy”, with which every government promises people safe work, is also treacherous. It’s just a matter of keeping people on their toes, because an unemployed population, the time and leisure not to deal, with yourself, with your goals, Wishes, and preferences of sense and nonsense, is desirable. The Revolution would probably not be far away.

But such worries hardly have to be made by the rulers, because even in his spare time the man looks for distraction. He does not question the meaning of his respective actions and how it can be reconciled with the ideas of the self. Such questions seem to be far from the majority of people.

The eternal hamster wheel

So it is no wonder that Smartphones and social media, in which there is always something new, enjoy such great popularity. It is also not surprising that mass tourism has increased so much in recent decades that its destructive consequences are hardly overlooked. Nevertheless, people continue to climb into the plane to take bad photos of ancient sights with their Smartphones, which experienced photographers have captured much more professionally.

You prefer to stay in the hamster wheel of eternal employment, which in the ideal case still becomes a fulfilled life. Sit Still, rest, being alone and not meticulously planned days seem completely undesirable. Such moments should happen, the Internet offers numerous employment opportunities such as social networks or streaming services. Nothing seems to be more unwelcome than a state that is generally defined as" boredom".

Being has long gone beyond having focused on the whole human identity.

Thus, every person defines himself by the profession he exercises, i.e. by his activity in the outside, with which he makes a contribution to the capitalist System. He defines himself about the property he accumulates. The one who resides in a large Villa with private helicopter which he could finance thanks to share speculation earned money is generally appreciated more than the unemployed living in a social housing. Who does little and has little, the Standing is not particularly high. But it is precisely those who do a lot and have a lot that contribute the most to the destruction of the world.

Capitalism benefits from this urge for employment, because it prevents people from calling into question a System that allows them to work in many ways. Almost all production is based on this urge. The armaments, which are, in my view, nothing more than the murderous toys mighty people, with which they draw attention from your Inner path to externals closes.

Capitalism thus breaks deep wounds into every person who expresses itself in a sense of emptiness. It does this by reducing people to their functions in the System, associates it with violence and its mechanisms to adapt. In doing so, every human being loses a piece of humanity, his self, he becomes a tiny part of a system that he neither consciously creates nor ever wants and that has nothing to do with himself.

Diversion in abundance

At the same time, capitalism offers a wealth of opportunities to distract from the wounds he has torn. It channels them in the Form of system-compatible activities. However, these substitute actions, which can be summarised by the terms work and consumption, have destructive consequences. In this way, every work is transfigured into the meaning of life, whether it is done in the arms industry, in financial institutions or in chemical factories. In addition, depleting consumption consumes considerable resources, has extremely fueled climate change and is eating up ever larger parts of nature.

Thus, the injuries caused by the System and the resulting employment constraints destroy our livelihoods and destroy countless species, ultimately the people themselves. At the same time, they lead to an alienated society characterized by an increasing social cold. People are included in these phenomena, which are declared to be non-alternative, and at the most turn away from their political representatives and others, who, however, do not question the basic destructive System, but want to tighten it even more. Thus, they are all the more obsessed with capitalism, which tramples them, the side effects of which are becoming more and more obvious, driven by the fear of loss of employment and confrontation with one’s own self.

But a fundamental change is necessary if we not only want to preserve a liveable planet, but also want to heal the internal injuries that capitalism has torn. This is the only way into a life-worth society based on empathy and humanity and living sustainably.

Without economic growth and consumption

However, the obligation to work effectively prevents this change. Such a change would result in people losing most of their employment. But it is precisely this that allows them to deal with the outer rather than the inner. Unfortunately, this makes it so difficult to change.

But it is not impossible. However, this can only be started by anyone with themselves. A first step is to switch off permanent employment. Of course, in the current System, most people must bow to the dictates of wage work.

Each time they have left, and then he has the option to terminate employment in the Form of consumption aimed to go into the silence and to listen to his own thoughts and feelings.

This may be unpleasant at the first Moment and may even lead to a sense of futility of one’s own doing. However, this feeling can be overcome, not by distracting again with the help of consumer goods, but by staying still, not panicking and not being devoured by the great emptiness. Relaxation, mindfulness and Meditation can help to overcome this Emptiness, and support to find a new Self. From the estate of Erich Fromm the book “from having to being” arose, in which he explained these methods and supplemented them by those of self-analysis. Consistently applied, they should lead to a satisfied, fulfilled life that is not determined by consumption and distraction, but by a meaningful to Do.

This is a prerequisite for a world without economic growth and consumption, for a world in which cooperation is at the forefront, rather than the opposite. This is the recommendation for each individual to free himself from the dependence of the capitalist constraint on employment and to find his true self.