The Iran War

The US government has fully implemented the Iran sanctions following the International illegal withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement in May 2019. Since then, it has been pursuing the policy of “maximum pressure” towards Iran, which could eventually lead to an Iran war. In fact, in 2006, in the last year of George W. Bush’s term of office, the world community was faced with an Iran war.

With this project, they pursued the goal of consolidating and expanding the absolute global supremacy of the United States in this century. Although Barack Obama moved within the structures already created, he managed to slow down the Neocon project of the American Century a little.

The Iran nuclear agreement, which was ultimately successfully negotiated, was an expression of the de-escalation of the massive Confrontation of the US neo-cons, and resulted from the cooperation of Obama with the EU and Iran’s reform wing. As a result, the world felt a touch of relaxation, even Iran was spared a war for the time being. It was no less important that, for the first time since its creation, the EU had the opportunity to exercise a little autonomy in foreign policy. In fact, the EU managed to take the lead in some cases in resolving a world conflict.


However, the US Neocons were neither fit for the slight global easing nor for the Iranian central state to remain unaffected as a strong regional power defying the US Middle East interests. Nor did the Neocons want to accept the fact that the US-skeptical forces in the EU are finding themselves on the rise of foreign policy independence and that the EU could eventually emerge from all its structural dependence on the US.

The current nuclear shield, the energy-geopolitical dependence and the monetary-political agitation of the Western allies of the United States, makes the EU, despite its importance as the largest economy in the world, completely incapable of foreign policy action, even a world-political aerial number. The absolute weakness of this U.S. ally on the strength of the United States itself. If the three dependencies of the EU were gone, the concentrated global power of US supremacy would collapse as described in the following scenario. draft: false

The colonial dependencies

The US nuclear defence is basically the structural basis of Europe’s security integration into NATO. Without this shield, the EU would be free to establish common security structures with Russia across Europe. If the world community could manage the fossil energy path to zero in accordance with the Paris Climate Protection Agreement and switch to decentralized renewable energy sources, then the entire military infrastructure created by the US would be redundant for the security of the energy supply of Western states.

In such a case, the basis for dollar-based oil trade would also be removed, and thus the rising demand for the Dollar and, finally, its monopoly as a world currency. This scenario, as outlined here, basically describes the change of the world order that today is led by the US supremacy into a new world order.

In such a world order, humanity would face a completely different US: a US with significantly lower military power potentials, and a US that would be forced to restructure its own economy, away from backward sectors to more sustainable economic sectors, without the economic benefits of its monopoly on world currency. Thus, the emergence of a multi-polar world consisting of three centers, of course at the expense of absolute US supremacy, would no longer stand in the way.

Such a perspective with the United States as a world power among other world powers is for the super-imperialist ideology of the prisoners elites are, of course, a vision of horror, and, therefore, unacceptable. From this point of view the denunciation of the Iran nuclear agreement and the consequent preparation for the Iran war appears to be, basically, Trumps America-First-course-in its entirety in a new light. Donald Trump, with his Iran confrontation policy, takes up the thread of the neoconservative us sole domination policy exactly where he was temporarily interrupted by eight years of Obama administration.

Could the ruling power elites in the US military-industrial complex, in the financial and energy sector simply not simply want to do everything, indeed everything, to prevent the absolute supremacy of the US from being slowly but surely lost in the near future?

For the survival of a gigantic arms sector, which is fueled solely by global conflicts and wars, depends crucially on the fact that the US will cement its absolute supremacy for decades to come. The same applies to the continued existence of a financial sector which is economically unproductive and flourishes only because it diverts immense purchasing power from productive sectors, but which causes unemployment, poverty and misery worldwide.

The nuclear-fossil energy sector, which has no future in the face of nuclear follow-up costs and safety problems on the one hand and climate change on the other, can also postpone its decline only by force forcing the US into the world community’s energy path. Last but not least, the US is the only world currency to be able to market the Dollar, which is the most effective economic weapon, for as long as it is able to make all oil states, including Iran, in the last instance, by bombs, their subjects and to ensure that oil trade is conducted worldwide in dollars.

For this their absolute supremacy, the US needs the gigantic military and security apparatus with over 800 military bases on the planet, which devours half of the global defense costs and inevitably evokes new conflicts and wars. In addition, they also need the comprehensive mobilization of aggressive racist instincts, which Trump has now made the basis of his internal political strategy of power.

Error with consequences

The brief assessment of the role of the United States in the world is the result of extensive and long - term research into global energy interdependencies, financial and power interdependencies in the history of the capitalist world economy. However, it differs significantly from the popular Analyses prevailing in parts of the left, which dispute a structural contradiction between American and European capitalism. It is, of course, unquestionable that market laws, profit maximization and brutal competition are peculiar to all capitalist states as the centrally regulating economic mechanisms and driving forces.

However, depending on other variables, these economic laws can lead to the emergence of entirely different capitalist models. These variables include, above all, the size of the internal market and the intervention power based on it in the world market, geopolitical functions, territorial size, military power, colonial structures and, finally, specific cultural traditions. draft: false

The Scandinavian capitalism is, due to the interaction of geographical location on the edge of Europe, the comparatively small populations and internal markets and specific cultural characteristics spared by wars as a whole, an equilibrium capitalism without recognizable imperialist Expansion. German and Japanese capitalism is not militarily expansionist because of its military invasion after the Second World War, but because of its geopolitical situation and the strength of its populations and the size of its internal markets, it is an economic-imperialist capitalism. draft: false

Both states are able to overcome the internal economic imbalances imperialistically, for example through export surpluses (or Export of unemployment) to the world market. Capitalism in the UK and France is similar to that in Germany and Japan, an economic-imperialist, due to its colonialist history, however, also a military-imperialist capitalism.

From a completely different caliber, however, is U.S. capitalism. Not only because of the wealth of resources and population as well as its gigantic Territorial Area, US capitalism has developed into an aggressive - militaristic imperialism. In its 242-year history as a Nation, the US spent only 16 years in peace after Jimmy Carter.

The US military-industrial complex with its partially invisible links in the economy, the US nuclear-fossil and world-dominated energy sector, and the world-wide financial sector with the Dollar as the lead currency and a powerful lever of power have transformed US capitalism into a super-imperialist power complex, especially after the Second World War, which has now turned all other capitalist

The fact that the United States accounts for 20 percent of the world’s domestic product, but its arms spending accounts for about 50 percent of global arms spending, impressively underscores the special status of US capitalism in the world. The Neocon project of the American Century means nothing more than to consolidate this very special status of the United States in the 21st century, whatever it takes.

The equation of US capitalism with the European models of capitalism is a mistake with consequences and rather the result of an ideological delusion of reality and perspective, with regard to the construction of a more democratic multi-polar world order, also counterproductive. The realistic analysis of the super imperialist structures of US capitalism and the driving forces of the special global status of the United States is the prerequisite for strategies against current U.S. wars, such as the impending Iran war, for the enforcement of the global energy transition, and an effective climate protection and, not least, also for the construction of a multilateral world order. All these projects cannot be realized with, but only against the US Neocons and the power centers behind them.

Harbinger of Trumps America First

Trumps America-First politics is in reality an expression of a meticulously thought - out strategy of the aforementioned three power centers, in order not to give out the foundation of their absolute supremacy, namely the nuclear, monetary and energy-political quasi-colonialist dependencies of their Western allies.

The withdrawal from the Paris climate protection agreement, the termination of the INF Treaty and the breach of the Iran-nuclear agreement, which is legitimated under international law, are all on this line. By exiting the climate agreement, the Neocon Elite wants to have a free Hand for the preservation, and even for the expansion of fossil dependency structures. By cancelling the INF contract, it aims at a new nuclear arms race. Washington is under Trump, it seems, in any case, any scruples got rid of, so blatantly as never before use the Dollar as an effective economic lever for maximum pressure against all U.S. trading partners, including their own allies.

Also new is the position of the US president, who does not shy away from breaking international law more clearly than ever before, as in the conflict with Iran, and thereby demolish the authority of international institutions. The withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement, the direct Iran sanctions and their extraterritorial application, the threat of a war of aggression against Iran, especially since the US president repeatedly threatened with death, all this represents a clear breach of international law according to the opinion of the International Lawyers Against Nuclear Weapons (IALANA).

In the light of this analysis of massive sanctions against Iran-led economic war is also an indirect economic war against the economic and political forces in the EU, which are set to the United States skeptical.

With its extraterritorial sanctions policy, the US government of the EU is trying to impose its aggressive Iran policy of maximum pressure and to draw the EU into a military conflict with Iran in the Persian Gulf. This includes the Sabotage of the financial instrument INSTEX created by the EU, as well as the plan minutely outlined by US security adviser John Bolton by the seizure of the Iranian oil tanker Grace 1 in Gibraltar.

The Iranian Navy responded to the seizure with the establishment of the British oil Tanker Stena Impero in the Persian Gulf. In fact, in addition to the willing War allies in the Middle East, John Bolton needs above all the EU states, preferably the EU as a US war ally against Iran. He could thus urge the skeptics to the US leadership to agree to the Iran war and create the internal American consensus on war.

To this end, the Bolton camp is currently enticing the transatlantic conservative and militarist forces and media in the EU into a us-led military alliance. With the new British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson Bolton has a loyal war allies in Europe already on his side. That’s the bad news. The good news, however, is that the Social Democrats in Germany have obviously decided not to fall into Bolton’s trap.

In this way, the international peace movement has an effective lever to bring down the Bolton Plan and ultimately also to stop the war machine against Iran set in motion. The swivel of the SPD to an anti-war position is the impressive proof of that. It would henceforth be to enable the opponents of the war within Germany and the EU are against any participation of German and EU Marine to a military escalation in the Persian Gulf, and to win all the EU governments for a clear ' no ' to Iran war.