Let's swim on river

Germany is afraid: fear of war, fear of terror, fear of loss of prosperity, fear of lack, of disease, of epidemics; but above all, fear of change. Change means uncertainty and loss of control. We no longer know what will happen next and what will happen after that. No more switches where we can rely on A to come, and that A will be followed by B.

We just wanted to pass on our comfortable life to the next generation. But now there may be no follow-up generations. All the care and care we put into our children threatens to be destroyed in collective doom.

Defending the status quo

There is little point in lamenting, putting your head in the sand, blaming others or saving on a place in one of the survival bunkers sprouting from the ground. What remains for us is fear. In Germany, it is particularly powerful. Because we have a particularly great need for safety and reliability, for rules and laws. Above all, we have something to lose.

A roof over your head, food abound and access to clean water, one or two cars, money for gadgets, decoration, cosmetics and disposable fins, for restaurant and cinema visits, leisure activities and a few trips a year — the stakes are high. Full of suspicion, we hold hands over our cards and hiss anyone who wants to take our trumps out of our hands. Our strategy has worked quite well so far.

With a sharp gun, we reject those who associate our abundance with the misery of the world and show that our supposed freedom is the bondage of others. Like screetory customers in the sell-out, we come to the side of those who warn that we have long since sunk ourselves into a disrespectful, totalitarian system. Instead of protecting those who point out the grievances, we support the system that causes them. After all, our convenience is based on it.

Free swimming

In the pull of the masses, a special force is needed not to sink into the stream. The energies that led me to go my own way presented themselves in a little attractive garb. They came as a loss, as fraud, pain and illness. I might have been able to pick them like flowers on a meadow. But that is the only way I understood. Thanks to them, I don’t get into the river like Before.

Only dead fish float with the current. The living swim towards the spring. They do not cling to the ejected nets, which give them security and promise to preserve the old. They swim freely.

They turn off the TV and set off. They dare to denounce and protest, despite increasingly draconian countermeasures, and do not let their ideas be branded as naive utopias. They know that innovation always follows the same path: before the general public acknowledges them, they are first ridiculed or persecuted as dangerous. Ridiculous, dangerous, obvious, that was the case with all the great insights that we take for granted today.

Beyond the Material

More and more of those who turn away from the mainstream are looking behind the facades and revealing them as a glare. Her gaze permeates the surface of the material and discovers behind the sluggish, coarse a vibrating, subtle world. Here they recognize the formative energy of thoughts, words and dreams, the creative power of the Spirit.

In this way, they can leave behind the fatalism of those who are fascinated by the wickedness of men and their well-deserved demise. They know that the energy of their spirit creates the world. They believe that we are capable of learning and able to do it differently. They cannot be persuaded that we need hierarchies to keep us in check. After all, it is precisely this inhumane image of ourselves that makes global destruction possible: we are lower beings who must first be made docile with carrots and sticks.

Ending the Battle

The belief that we are inadequate and bad is the basis for a system of exploitation and destruction. Only people who do not recognize their value and abilities feed the top of the pyramid. The elites can only exist if we distrust ourselves and our neighbors and give up responsibility. They benefit from believing that we have been driven out of paradise for our wickedness, that the stronger wins, and that life is a wild jungle in which it is all about eating or eating.

We strengthen the power of the exploiters when we let ourselves be swept up in enemy images and go to war against each other.

It is in their interest that we believe in dangerous microbes and malignant cells. The war is going on at all levels and does not stop at the research laboratories of science. Battles are fought deep into our bodies in which the loser is determined from the outset.

This is our chance. Here we can pause. My body, my enemy? Nature, a stump? Life, against me? My neighbor, a Depp? Instead of continuing to try to preserve our dignity by pushing each other in, instead of letting the self-respect that remains us fizzle out in battle, all we need to do is change direction and pull out the peace flag.

The first step is the biggest hurdle, because this is where we get to the point. All hands point to ourselves. We can no longer hide behind the stupid neighbour or the common fate. We let ourselves be led around by the nose and didn’t notice it. It is part of the principle of manipulation and fraud that those affected do not see it. We twed ourselves into the cold soup pot like a frog and let ourselves be heated.

In the River of Life

We can get out before the water starts to set. No one is forcing us to let us be burned. I don’t participate anymore. I am more than a resource, an isolated cog in the gearbox, a briefly flaring consciousness between two nothingnesses. I am part of a living, cohesive whole in which each individual plays a role and has something to say. I no longer cast my vote in a polling booth, but keep it and carry it outward, which is in me.

I lay off the congruence, the standard, the prescriptive and learn to draw from myself. I make peace with my being and accept myself in my imperfection. I no longer try to displace, fight or pass on my mistakes to others, but stand by them as a mother cares for her child. I no longer go to war and learn to respect my own limits, needs and desires as well as those of others.

I drop my masks and armor and show myself how I am: at the same time vulnerable and flawed and big and wonderful. The contrasts in me are no longer mutually unusually. I’m all together.

The world and everything that ever existed lives in me. As a conscious being, I have the opportunity to make use of my free will and turn away from the divisive.

I leave the world of shadow games and turn to the light. Here I see what is real. I recognize a new stream, lively fluent and inviting. He has nothing in common with the dark stream of disoriented masses. This current carries. I cannot go down here. In the glittering sunlight, I climb into the river, lie down on my back and let myself drift.