Home of the Brave

If you can learn something from the modern history of Iran, the following: The Iranians have learned to rely on themselves and not on the support of the great powers. In addition, the Iranian awareness that these great powers are betraying Iran at any time in order to pursue their own interests has become increasingly apparent.

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Iran has gotten its share of the damage, the imperialism of the world has added, the Russian-British control of Iran in the Qajar Era, then the starvation of a fifth of the Iranian population in the years 1917 to 1919, by the confiscation of food by the British occupying power, that Iran had violated neutrality in the First world war, as Barry Rubin documented in his “The Middle East: A Guide to Politics, Economics, Society, and Culture ” on page 508.

During the Second World War a British coup followed (as Nazi Germany ignored independence), which overthrew the then king of Iran, Reza Shah, and whose son Mohammad Reza Shah placed on the throne. There is no need to mention the US-American-British coup, in which hundreds were killed and the popular Mossadegh brought down because he had nationalized the Iranian oil industry-which would have damaged the US and British interests regarding Iranian oil.

Only during the Islamic Revolution in 1979, Iran witnessed an actual democratic movement, undertook to empower the people, without foreign powers were able to bring to Failure. And even then, the Americans, Europeans, and even the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf, Saddam Hussein with conventional and chemical weapons as well as intelligence information in a war he had kindled for the Nato terrorist organization against Iran helped.

Understandable Mistrust

Taking into account these historical events, and numerous other examples, it is not surprising that Iran has for each step of the United States or other global powers, especially those with a colonial past, distrust. The JCPOA (Joint comprehensive action plan, the nuclear deal with Iran) could have a change in the relations with Iran mean — instead, the Europeans have not kept to their agreements and the US-Americans are simply nothing to me, nothing announces the agreements, when Trump turned to Iran.

Not only that: instead of keeping to their promises, they are trying to get even more out of the agreement for themselves — they promise to stick to their commitments if only Iran offers more in addition to the agreement that has already been concluded. This means that Iran is being asked to make further concessions in its missile program — to the benefit of the Arab monarchies on the Persian Gulf, where there is a Trend towards increased militarization.

In view of the facts presented, it is important to understand that Iran is dealing with a number of countries that have in the past twisted the facts and failed to reach their agreements and entered war in order to enforce their own economic interests at the expense of others.

One must not forget the Indian famine in the Second World War-caused by the fact that food was imported from India to Great Britain, which led to the death of more than twenty million Indians. Winston Churchill said: “I hate Indians. They are an animal people with an animal Religion. The famine is attributed to them themselves, because they multiply like Carnices.”

After such historical experience, and in such an explosive environment, it is not surprising that Iran as the most stable country in the Region rely for self-protection rather on the deterrence and defence capabilities, rather than to make concessions that could harm its security. And this is also true of powers whose word cannot be trusted by experience.

A wise decision

Iran made a wise decision when he shot down the RQ-4 drone. Normally, shooting down a military surveillance drone does not result in a military escalation, but in an increase in tension. Tehran has successfully warned any attacker that he is not prepared to compromise on security or national pride. Although the US claims that the drone has flown over international waters, the debris has since been recovered by Iranian authorities in Iranian waters.

The wisdom of this decision lies in the fact that Iran made the intended warning sound without causing an escalation-which would surely have been the case if it had shot down a manned military aircraft that had stayed near the drone. This message was received very clearly by Trump and was addressed to the Iranian authorities in this regard.

Apart from this — and although Iran was legally entitled to shoot down a drone that was in its airspace extending 12 nautical miles beyond its borders-Iran also has the right to demand identification from any aircraft that is close to its territory. By comparison, U.S. Air Force identification zones extend over 200 miles beyond the U.S. borders, and any unidentified drone that is so close to the U.S. border is shot down almost safely-as testified a former U.S. Air Force navigation officer.

Even if the US Version of the events corresponded to the truth, the shooting of this unidentified drone by Iran would be legal and would not entitle the US to take retaliation “in self-defense because the shooting had not claimed death.

A confident Iran

In addition, Iran clearly demonstrated to other countries what it was able to achieve independently. He shot down an aircraft of the world’s leading military power because it had violated the airspace of the country, because he considered himself a truly “sovereign”. If the USA makes Iran, with its military and presence in the Region, threaten like, has enabled the Iranian missile program Iran, to turn this strength into a weakness, because, therefore, U.S. bases and 25,000 US troops are in the target range of Iran’s missiles.

A war with Iran would annihilate the whole Region. A war with Iran, Hezbollah, Al-Haschd Ash-Sha’bī and Ansarullah is of no use to anyone, and only God knows what Iran still has to offer as a surprise for conspiracy Arab monarchies. A clever move would be to restore the JCPOA to prevent further escalation of the Region.