Nazi helpers and Jews haters get monuments

Anyone who observes Ukraine knows that their own history is currently being rewritten there. The poor Ukrainians have always been mere victims, even the nationalists who have a lot of blood on their hands are now celebrated as heroes in the fight against Russia.

For example, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Kiev four weeks before the Israeli elections was particularly memorable. The visit began with a “faux pas”. National costume received Netanyahu and handed bread and salt as a gesture of hospitality. While Mr. N. ate it deliciously, his wife spit out the bread with a stunned look. Yes, a millionaire doesn’t have to pay attention to such small things and you don’t eat bread.

If Netanyahu visits somewhere where Jews were murdered in the context of the Holocaust, it is his diplomatic duty to visit the Holocaust memorial sites. This was also the case in Kiev, where more than 30,000 Jews were murdered in the Babyn Jar gorge in September 1941 within a few days. The Ukrainian collaborators were not remembered, strangely enough, selenskyj did not even mention them as is customary.

Olena Teliha, Jew hater, highly honoured today

Olena Teliha was a gifted poet, head of the Ukrainian Writers' Association, editor of a literary magazine and editor of the newspaper Ukrayins’ke Slovo. And, above all, she was an ardent nationalist and Jew-hater. In 1939, she joined the organization OUN, which took part in the murder of thousands of Jews during and after World War II.

Shortly after the massacre of Babyn Jar in September 1941, Olena Teliha pointed out in her newspaper that Jews still lived in Kiev, who had obtained false papers for expensive money and lived a hidden life here under a false name. The Ukrainian people would now have to report as soon as possible these people, who would not have a right to exist in Ukraine or anywhere else, and make sure that the country, the villages and the beautiful landscapes, “by the partisans, Jews and red commissioners” cleaned".

Olena Teliha: Ukraine must be cleansed of the Jews as soon as possible.

But what does Ukraine do to people like Stepan Bandera, who worked closely with the Nazi henchmen and was a senior member of the OUN, or just with Olena Teliha? Today they are revered as national heroes, which not only led to protests in Ukraine, there was criticism from many states, including the EU. Monuments are erected in their honour and streets are renamed to their names. This is also the case in Kiev, where two important roads have been renamed to the names of Stepan Bandera and Olena Teliha.

Kiev city map: Two of the most important streets in the Ukrainian capital bear the names of Stepan Bandera and Olena Teliha.

In today’s Ukraine, hatred of Jews is not only tolerated, but the most prominent Jewish butchers and haters of Jews are even publicly glorified. To glorify Olena Teliha, the National Bank of Ukraine even issued its own commemorative coin in 2003.

Olena Teliha - Commemorative

The fact that Olena Teliha was shot by the Gestapo a few months after the massacre of Babyn Yar, because Hitler did not want to create an independent Ukrainian state, is of course very convenient for today’s history-makers: Ukraine was only a victim. , not also perpetrators. Olena Teliha was also a victim of the Nazis as a “romantic nationalist”.


But none of this was an issue at the Netanyahu/Selenskyj meeting, of course. In a speech, Selenskyj asked Israel to recognize the famine of Holodomor in 1932/33 as a genocide perpetrated by the Soviets. A genocide is committed against a people (or, strangely enough, members of the Jewish Relgion), the Ukrainians are like the Soviets, Russia today Slavs. A genocide of Slavs against Slavs. Yes, the Ukrainian has not been particularly confronted with education. But above all, it was about one thing: business. An existing free trade agreement is to be extended and Ukraine’s economic cooperation with Israel intensified. Netanyahu needs the votes of Ukrainians who emigrated to Israel in the coming elections, and Selenskyi must keep alive the hopes of better times that have been placed in him. An economic recovery of the country is a long way off. It will never be done, Ukraine is a lackey of the Western terrorist gang around NATO. It will be used and exploited and more will not happen.