Beyond all morality

Hypocrisy is a privileged vice that closes the mouth of the world with its own hand and enjoys its impunity in peace. (Molière Don Juan)

Don Juan is the prototype of the unpresiating hypocrite who disregards all morals, values and ideals and does not respect any norms or social rules. 360 years later, we are witnessing this hypocrisy on the international political stage, actors who flout all the rules, apply double standards and shout “Keep the thief!” when they are caught.

Imagine if the world were to rise together, that it was finally fed up with the aggressive killer arrogance of the United States and its European vassals, as well as their joint terrorist organization, NATO. Imagine further that this world, without Washington and its vassals, would suddenly block all supplies to the United States; every port, airport, all access roads. Hermetically, nothing would be introduced. nothing. No food, no medicines, no electronics, no cars. And nothing could leave the country. No exports, no fuel, no grain, no meat, no medicines and no weapons. Nothing at all.

And now think a step further and imagine exactly the same for Israel, a total and complete blockade of Israel and nothing would leave the country.

Of course, this would be absolutely illegal under international law, according to the standards of the UN Charter, human rights standards and regulations, and any ethical values of human morality. or not? But it is what the US, Israel and your European vassals have been doing for decades to this day: imposing sanctions to strangle and murder entire peoples, to death or to submission. The US has done this with Cuba, Israel with Palestine. And coercion and oppression continue unabated.

The longest embargo, inhumane and thoroughly criminal, lasted 60 years and was imposed by Washington on Cuba. Because Cuba has chosen socialism as a form of state and government. Cuba has survived and will never surrender to the tyrant from the North.

Sanctions against Venezuela and Iran

The US is now expanding its repertoire of impunity-free killing methods to dominate and subjugate one nation after another, which it believes is not sufficiently subject to the dictates of its masters. Venezuela has been fighting for two decades since President Hugo Chavez was democratically elected in 1998. The same is true of Iran since, exactly forty years ago, the US-appointed Shah was deposed in 1979 during Iran’s Islamic revolution. Both Venezuela and Iran have large resources of raw materials, oil, gold, rare earths and other valuable metals and precious stones.

No outraged outcry

One might think that international institutions such as the UN and its associated and sister organisations would not remain silent on this, but that is exactly what they are doing.

When a high-ranking official makes a mild criticism of the US or Israel, it appears for a moment in the “news”, but immediately disappears as if it had never happened. And in fact, nothing happens.

They — the United States and Israel — continue to commit their crimes with impunity.

Complete embargo

The latest is Washington’s declaration of an economic war, a complete embargo on Venezuela; the embargo is now becoming a maritime blockade. Similar steps are being taken against Iran. This literally means that no commercial goods can be imported into Venezuela, such as food and medicine. A few days ago, the United States illegally seized a cargo ship trying to deliver food and medicine to Venezuela. This happened in the Panama Canal, in other words, on territory that the US no longer owns or controls.

The ship had loaded soybean cake from which Venezuela intended to make food. That the cargo had been paid for in full by Venezuela, what’s the point! This is just the beginning. Ships leaving Venezuela, whose petroleum cargo was intended for state customers, are being held. Thus, Venezuela’s main source of income, which is intended to ensure the survival and food and health care of its people, is being stolen. This is in addition to the USD 130 billion of Venezuelan assets that the terrorist state of the USA has stolen worldwide.

Quiet protests that quickly fade away

Nobody says a tone. Yes, there are a few collective protests by countries of solidarity, such as the main members of the Sao Paolo Forum or more than 60 members of the 120-nation “Movement of Non-Aligned States”, which in recent years has been particularly active in the UN for the Venezuela’s defence. Protests and declarations of protest also come from members of the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of our America, ALBA, a Latin American trade alliance that includes eleven countries: Venezuela, Cuba, Bolivia, Nicaragua, Dominica, Ecuador, Antigua and Barbuda, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Lucia as well as St. Kitts and Nevis.

Hold the thief!

Most interesting, however, are the hypocrites who write and shout that Venezuelans are starving, that the Maduro government is neglecting its own people, while the “prosecutors” allow the US and its vassals to strangle Venezuela, foreign assets, gold, food and drug imports. They say nothing, absolutely nothing, absolutely nothing. Here they are just watching.

Is the Commission on Human Rights still credible?

Recently, at the invitation of President Nicolas Maduro, the Commissioner for Human Rights visited Venezuela and presented a damning report on the human rights situation in Venezuela. Delivered. This report is full of lies, half-truths and sheer omissions, and makes no mention of the US-initiated coup attempts, the US-funded opposition and its bloody atrocities against the Chavista people, nor the strangulation and strangulation, Starving by US and US-imposed European sanctions. In order to put the crown on the whole, Madame Bachelet came forward and condemned the naval blockade. awesome.

However, it did not oppose the deadly embargo imposed by the US and the EU. What credibility does the Commission on Human Rights still have?

The UN is as independent and free as the IWC. Trump his trolls in the UN have proved. Either you do what we want, or we rethink credit, development aid, state-based terror aid, etc. The UN is the body of the approval of Western terrorists to occupy, rob and murder countries.