War against the Peace Movement

Those who are committed to peace today need a bulletproof vest. These are weird times… Peace activists are discredited, and warmongers are inundated with Netflix series and Nobel Peace Prizes. A single double-standard madness. Today, little remains of the former splendour of the peace movement, when there was widespread opposition to war preparations and sabre-rattling. The war is now more palatable than ever, and those who speak out against it are increasingly being fought.

The saber rattling is accompanied by multimedia. What were “embedded journalists” on the front line at the time are now the alpha journalists on the new propaganda front: the domestic screens.

In the case of peace activists, every word is placed on the gold scale. Every speech, every sentence turned upside down and the history scours to filter out the worst-of.

Woe betide anyone who used a wrong word in a comment or email in a comment or email x years ago or expressed himself inaccurately. No matter how small the faux pas, no matter how detailed the explanation or correction:

The media pillory is prepared and the “Medial Balls” fly from all directions.

How to discredit peace activists plays only a minor role. Like the Coca-Cola taste, defamation is adapted to people on a country-specific basis.

In this country, one is quickly branded as “right” or “anti-Semite” because this is an exclusion criterion in German-speaking society. In the US, for example, people are branded “socialist” or “communist” in order to be ostracized by the majority society.

Even if the negative terms change, the function of these terms of struggle is always the same: “You don’t talk to you” — “Just don’t listen to that” — “Attention, he’s dangerous, a madman” et cetera.

The situation is quite different with warmongers, arms producers and sabre-rattling. Understanding is being shown for their “job” — killing people or providing tools that can kill others. Jobs and trade routes are safeguarded. The individual workplace around the corner counts more than the countless human lives anywhere else in the world.

Today, the deeds count less and less, but the media image is important. It’s not what you do that matters, but how you’re packaged in the media.

A few examples of double-standard madness?

Barack Obama is a drone killer and warmonger — and will receive the Nobel Peace Prize and soon a new Netflix series.

Julian Assange is a journalist and founder of Wikileaks, whose leaks still have a 100 percent veracity — but he is in a high-security prison and is (at least mass) outlawed in the media.

Emmanuel Macron snubbed his population every week because it lets their displeasure run wild after she has been bled out for years — and he is called here “Star in the Sky of the European Firmament”.

Ken Jebsen is a critical journalist and has spent years talking to Holocaust survivors on his radio show — and he was taken out of his long-running broadcast on the RBB because of a phrase taken out of context in a private email.

Any questions?

Yes, a lot. But unfortunately, no one is asking them these days. And if so, you are a conspiracy theorist, a spinner or a right-wing one. Related to the left, depending on which country you are in.

The war has a large community of interests and it is extremely well connected. From business to politics to think tanks and the media. This conglomerate of death knows how to pack its interests in such a way that the general masses get the feeling that everything is doing their best.

The fact that the wars always benefit only the smallest minority and for which 99 percent means suffering, death, pain, destruction and trauma, that is what spin doctors manage to reinterpret and turn around.

A great peace movement must not be allowed, because stocks are collapsing because of non-violence. Human lives are not included in the warmen’s business record.

It is time for a lobby for peace. The policy that was supposed to form it has long since changed sides. That is why it is time for us to represent ourselves.

When, if not now? Who, if not us?