If it didn’t matter what lubricating finches type on a daily basis, how could it be explained that leaders almost always and everywhere try to influence journalists? That they seek control over the media, which in turn exercise control over the heads of millions of people? In addition to military armament and economic sanctions, which are a form of silent warfare, a third war technique is becoming increasingly important: the war-preparatory and accompanying media manipulation. Truth is the first victim of war.

NATO combat troops stand from the Baltics to Romania, where the Deveselu military compound also houses the largest U.S. base in the former Warsaw contracting states. The anti-Russian anti-missile defense system THAAD has been stationed there since June 2019.

At the beginning of August 2019, the US signed off on the INF Treaty, which prevented the deployment of nuclear-armed medium-range missiles for more than 30 years. Donald Trump unilaterally terminated him on February 1, 2019, even though it was closed for an unlimited period in 1987.

Fifteen years before Trump, the US, under George Bush, withstood the ABM Treaty, which limited the construction of missile defense systems. Since then, Romania and Poland have been busy tinkering with missile shields. Their complete positioning would undermine Russia’s second-strike capacity, making a nuclear first strike by the US possible.

The military advance of the Western alliance towards Russia can be seen in the eastward expansion of NATO alone by keeping a map in mind.

Expansion of NATO in Europa 1990 – 2014

For 20 years, the expansion from west to east has been taking place. Just two weeks before the first out-of-area operation of the US-led military alliance against Yugoslavia, the first three former “Eastern Bloc” states joined NATO on March 12, 1999, and were at war. You are not fulfilling the responsibility for this by refusing to accept refugees untapped, or even by murdering them.

In addition to armament and the howl of war, the US and the European Union also unpacked the club against Russia economically. Since the beginning of March 2014, Washington and Brussels have simultaneously imposed sanctions on disliked Russian and Ukrainian politicians in order to prevent the disintegration of Ukraine that the West itself brought about.

On 28 April 2014, the sanctions regime against individuals turned into an economic war. Embargoes for entire industries have since been extended every six months and were last tightened by the US on August 1, 2019.

This is remarkable in that the Western elites have spent years leading the Russian Federation into the World Trade Organization (WTO), thereby further opening up the large market in the East. This was achieved on 22 August 2012. On that date, Moscow joined the WTO and was subject to an economic embargo a year and a half later.

From this one can see that the ideology of the free market is merely an instrument to have another threat. The list of countries that have been and are affected by US or UN embargoes since the 1990s is long and includes more than two dozen states.

The Third Level of War: Propaganda

The USA is also carrying a large gun. At the end of 2017, they forced the Russian broadcaster rt.com to register as a “foreign agent”. This, ironically, was done under a 1938 law to suppress Nazi propaganda.

The effect of being labeled as a “foreign agent” means that the media company in question must make all publications and broadcasting formats available to the Judicial Authorities within 48 hours, including all journalistic activities Belong. The European Union, for its part, relies on an EU-wide censorship authority, which, of course, is not called that.

A so-called Strategic Communications Task Force set up by Brussels has been fighting russian media influence on EU-European brains for three years. On 23 November 2016, the corresponding launch was given by an EU Parliament decision. The press release on the resolution adopted by a majority states:

“Propagandistic pressure on the EU from Russia and Islamic terrorists is constantly growing. This pressure is aimed at torpedoing the truth, spreading fear, provoking doubts and dividing the EU.”

On the other hand, the recently established Task Force needs to be stepped up “to invest in vigilance and education”. Apart from the intolerable provocation of mentioning Russian and media of the Islamic State in one breath, this created the structure of a censorship authority that permanently screens all Russian media accessible in EU Europe and provides material for a possible future closure.

In mid-June 2019, the task force’s data collectors presented a “Report on the Implementation of the Action Plan against Disinformation”. It also contains, thankfully, a definition of the term ‘disinformation’.

Thus, one aims to “distract and divide, to see doubts by distorting and distorting facts, and thus to confuse people and to erode their trust in the institutions and established political processes.”

The issues that the Task Force people are particularly focused on, which they think are the most ‘disinformation’, are ‘the questioning of the democratic legitimacy of the Union and debates on migration and sovereignty’; in other words, the major Brussels weaknesses.

Since the beginning of 2019, according to the EU Commission report, the “fact checkers” have detected well over 1,000 cases of Russian disinformation, all of which are made transparent on the https://euvsdisinfo.eu/ homepage.

For example, a quote from Vladimir Putin in which he pointed out at the beginning of June 2019 that a union between Russia and Belarus would not be up for debate because different states had been formed, even though he, Putin, believed that “Belarussians, Russians and Russians Ukrainians are the same people” (Sputnik Germany of 7 June 2019). What’s wrong with that? No idea, they are all Slavs. So it is a common people! As a German, we have known this since the 1940s at the latest.

The EU fact-checkers regard this half-sentence as disinformation, a typical “pro-Kremlin narrative” that contradicts an “imperial and irredentist ideology”. The German-speaking reader is to be told that only the Brussels or Berlin view of the world is the right one, since the part of the world to be judged may be so far from home.

Even more absurd was the disinformation cry of fact-checkers about a report by sputnik.news dated June 5, 2019. It referred to NATO’s “war against the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia from March 1999” which was contrary to international law.

False and dangerous, the EU Truth Commission said, because it was then necessary to “stop the violence and repression and to force Milosevic to withdraw his police and paramilitary troops”.

Anyone who wants to know that NATO’s intervention against Yugoslavia was carried out without a UN mandate in breach of international law. To be sure, this view would shake their legitimacy. According to Brussels, this must not happen, which is why the globally recognised truth in the EU discourse is also disinformation.

One of the last entries in the book of Russian-spread untruths concerns a report by Sputnik Armenia. It was reported on 17 July 2019 that, after the end of the Soviet Union, the West was intervening in a gross manner in the internal affairs of certain states. (…) Ukraine is a blatant example of this."

Disinformation!, is the reaction of the EU campaign. And she immediately adds proof of this:

Ukraine is an independent state with a democratically elected president and parliament.

For the recent presidential and parliamentary elections, the finding is correct that the regime change in 2014, however, with Western support and also formally in breach of the Ukrainian constitution, has passed over the Majdan, but this must be without being denounced as a disinformant.

It is clear that both sides understand the propadanda and scatter disinformation. In war, the first victim is the truth.

However, with its dedicated task force, the European Union has set itself the objective of delegitimising Russian views in general. In addition, it uses its censorship apparatus to implement the Atlantic-Western view as the only valid one.