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Delegitimizing enlightenment is a very important strategy in the media war. This is how RT Deutsch did, which repeatedly reveals blind spots of the usual press coverage. The accusation that this form of counter-publicity is “propaganda” is, of course, particularly embarrassing when they come from notorious western establishment campaigners, such as ZDF, which recently stood out for particularly inappropriate incitement to war.

It’s just before four o’clock in the morning. Grey Leopard tanks with Bundeswehr cross rattle into the attack positions in front of a Polish village. Your task to “reclaim” the village. “And if no one speaks it openly,” says the off-voice, it is about the “deterrence of Russia”. It’s Thursday night, 10 p.m. in the real world. The Second German Television shows the film “Old Alliances - New Threats”. Shortly before that, Claus Kleber stated in today’s journal that Russia had broken the INF Treaty and that, in the suppression of the Warsaw Uprising, the Red Army had watched the German carnage “from the other bank of the Vistula River”. The Americans and the British, on the other hand, were only too far away.

“I don’t throw bombs, I make films” — this is how the Great rebel of German film Rainer Werner Fassbinder described the effect of his works. This can in principle be transferred to other Genres. Her products lack the artistic power and the revolutionary visual language of a “longing of Veronika Voss”. But the constant medial drop does not cause a lower explosive force in the long run. By the mass and omnipresence alone. Especially if there is no counterweight, no counterpoint, no change of perspective.

The Red Square. A paratrooper formation, marching in step on the screen over the stone pavement, marching music blows, Putin looks on from the stage, Xi Jinping at his side. “Russia claims territory,” explains Peter Tauber, CDU, the context. “And for the first time since World War II, a country occupies this territory with arms violence”. “There is definitely a threat from Russia,” Obama’s security adviser Julianne Smith explains.

No one contradicts. No one asks what a " weapon force “is, if no shot falls and the population with the” occupiers " carelessly makes Selfies. No one is digging at Claus Kleber, why NATO has rejected the Russian inspection offer of the critical rocket on the ground and what it has with the long series of recent US weapons systems, which from a Russian perspective violates the contract. The tragedy of the Warsaw uprising and its cruel defeat remains the cynical inaction of the Red army pinned. It is historically documented that the Armia Krayova rebels had ruled out a joint arms race with the Red Army, the Wojsko Polskie fighting alongside them and the partisans of Armia Ludova from the beginning.

When the peak of the Red Army had reached the Vistula after an unprecedented advance of over 500 kilometers in 5 weeks, they had fought, exhausted and separated from their own aftershows. A storm of the well-fortified city would have been an operational madness. Likewise, an uprising at this time. But this was exactly what happened. The Armia Krajova wanted to prevent the Soviet army-and the fatal race ended in an incredible bloodbath. You can’t find out in the ZDF.

Back in the Film: grenades glide in the munitions bunker of a Panzerhaubitze, dramatically close. Electric drives buzz, cartridge sleeves clap. The Bundeswehr Brigade is being upgraded for a “high-intensity combat”. “Alliance and national defense are no longer a theoretical construct”, it says from the Off, “but 74 years after the end of the Second World War for German soldiers again a conceivable scenario”. Does it again mean that it was a defense case in 1945? Or does the filmmakers not notice the absurd double-mindedness?

However, the troops in Poland, had a little adversity: A piece of mesh wire fence stuck in the chain. The machine must stop, the crew pulls and jerks at the wire nugget until it gets free. “Let’s go,” the commander calls. It is a pity that the presentation is realistic, commenting on the Off-voice, because the “fear of invading enemy troops” is so tangible. “Right here, in Poland, in Europe”. Because “the provocations are increasing” - two Russian Jets fly over just in the picture a US warship in the Baltic Sea, “130 kilometers ahead of Kaliningrad”. Russia is testing the alliance’s borders with the “invasion of eastern Ukraine”.

At this point, no one asks why the “Russian troops” remain invisible to observers of the OSCE Mission in eastern Ukraine so far. Why are they not registered in the OSCE reports, but only in the media? And how can a country with military expenditure of 61.4 billion dollars, falling trend, challenge a global military alliance which, taken together last year, spent 987.5 billion, rising trend, for its armies? An austerity course in the armor would be “not only roughly naive, that is negligent and dangerous”, summons Prof. Carlo Masala of the Bundeswehr University in Munich, the audience. “Anyone who now, so to speak, calls for ‘no retrofit debate’, he is not only naive, it is dangerous, dangerous'. According to the filmmaker, the Professor advises the federal government on security issues.

And so it goes on over 43 minutes of public service airtime. Sometimes so lumbering that it seems almost satirical. The lobbying leadership is also hardly obscured. But the message is consistently nailed into the consciousness, and it was with the wooden hammer: A war is in the air and the enemy is in the East. There is an urgent need for more weapons and money should not be used.

In times of internal crises and social upheavals, external enemy images experience a special economic situation. Especially if they are historically so familiar and mentally deeply rooted. It is opportune, at least in the short term, to support the Narrative about the “Aggressor Russia”. And media products such as” old alliances — new threats " respond to a certain expectation. But in the longer term, what happens in a society when, with existential questions such as war and peace, the large media, in their full range, commit themselves to a single narrative?

“Dirty liars”, which belong in court," Russian hybrid warfare “and finally” Feindsender", a term from the deepest NS box, are just a few niceties with which RT Deutsch was recently considered by German journalists.

Not to mention various variations with “Propaganda"and their derivatives. There is no question of argumentative strength or concrete facts.

Sometimes it takes bizarre forms. It was apparently a bad awakening for the “political planner for AKK and CDU”, according to his own Twitter-information, Nico Lange, when one day he looked around on Google after recent contributions to Ukraine — and first A RT German article against him from the screen:

“Really, @GoogleDE? The relevant google Alerts for #Ukraine are all from RT German, Sputnik Germany and Contra magazine? #Disinoweek @apolyakova @geyshapaola #disinformation,” tweeted Nico for a Long indignant. “Why can you send in Germany at all? This was when politics was supposed to act,” said the head of the CDU-related PR agency MSL Germany Axel Wallrabenstein.

The reason was profane and had nothing to do with an implied clandestine collaboration between Google and the Russians: RT Deutsch and Sputnik have reported what all German Mainstream media have ignored-tumults with right — wing radicals after an election appearance Poroschenko. The Google Algorithms do not seem to have the fine ideological sense as Kramp cart Builder, a media consultant.

It became really bizarre, when in April of this year the then Minister of justice and SPD top candidate for the EU election, Katarina Barley, RT Deutsch had given a completely harmless Interview on the margins of a press conference-by the way, not for the first time. It suddenly broke all the dams:

“In conversation with the Russian hybrid warfare against free societies ,Katarina Stanley praises Russia as a‘Partner'. A better SPD top candidate for the European election can hardly be desired in the Kremlin”, foamed the image chief Julian Reichelt.

“The German justice Minister and top candidate for the European elections, the SPD, Katarina Barley, is Putin’s propaganda channel, an Interview, and the 2-percent target, and Germany’s international obligations in question. Russia rejoices. Frozen? Naive? Or stupid? I’m speechless”, tweeted.

“While the CDU is fighting for every Euro in order to strengthen Europe’s security, the SPD candidate Katarina Barley Interviews for Russian state propaganda, which broadcasts 24/7 in order to weaken Europe,” scolded and the already mentioned AKK consultants Nico for a Long time.

Nobody talked about the content. It wasn’t what Stanley said, but who she said it to the critics.

The world wanted to know, whether “it was wise to formulate their scepticism about NATO spending against the Kremlin propaganda channel Russia Today? It plays a key role in destabilising Europe, including Germany. We know this since the Lisa case at the latest.”

Lisa, then. This shows an enormous resistance to facts. For it is enough a rudimentary, superficial research, to determine: RT Deutsch has a week since the knowledge of Lisa’s history on 16. January 2016 nothing about it reported. The first article was an unworkable, almost two-minute Video-Clip on 23 January 2016 about a Demonstration of Russia-Germans before the chancellery. In the descriptive text it was explicitly stated: “according to investigations by the land Criminal Police Office, the girl was neither raped nor kidnapped.”

After just one week, at 28. In January 2016, followed by an approximately 14-minute Segment in the shipment of The missing Part, the lawyer of the family concerned Alexej Danckwardt via Skype and the Berlin correspondent of the Russian Perwij channel, Ivan Blagoj, as a Studio guest came to word. Blagoj was the first to report on Lisa, and at the time of the broadcast, the public prosecutor’s office established against him for suspicion of incriminating people. The procedure also provided the current occasion for his invitation.

RT Deutsch’s reporting thus exhausted itself in the immediate temporal context of the “fall Lisa”. Whether this qualifies as a” large-scale disinformation campaign", whether RT German has actually" kept the topic high for weeks “and” knitted ever further at The Legend of a cover-up rape", as MDR claimed later, is a question of faith. She has little to do with facts. For the Federal Chancellery, however, it was enough to place the “Russian state foreign media” under Secret Service surveillance.

A year later, the preliminary results were carefully leaked to the public via the Research Association NDR, WDR and SZ. Evidence of a disinformation campaign BND and the constitutional protection had none to present. “We didn’t find a tuxedo Gun, “quoted the dedicated media from the dedicated"government circles”.

The 50-page report, which is divided into 13 chapters, should not be published “in the absence of evidence” in order to “not further burden the already tense relationship with Russia”, the SZ. The question of how a report, which is basically a relief, can burden the relationship has not been raised.

However, it is by no means an acquittal for the observed media and the observation must be continued, it said. Of course, absence of Evidence does not mean innocence. And the services do not want to shoot themselves in their own feet, by giving free an enemy image out of their hands — how naive would they have to be to admit that there is nothing to observe?

50 pages means one per week, except Christmas and Easter. Claas Relotius, by the way, also had a special preference for such numbers, which he used to paint out his fantasy stories: three churches, two hunting clubs, fifteen stages, three turns of the key in the castle. Figures should give credibility. Or just pretending to be substance.

“One thousand five hundred horsepower for about sixty-four tons of mass,” says the enthusiastic voice-over, as the Leopard tank, the first Sergeant Helge Timm in full drive through the Polish site, of a yellowish-gray sand, wrapped in a cloud in half, spectacular the tower rotates. The camera angles are changed rapidly: Tower-cannon tube-total from the tripod. “We are able to defend the alliance territory and restore the territorial integrity of NATO,” says the Brigade commander.

The battle for the village is over. The soldiers sitting on folding chairs in front of the tent and play cards. It acts like Reality Show, like a camouflaged jungle camp. Sergeant Timm leans back and sums up the day: “The Cardboard targets don’t shoot back. But I know that I am so well trained that when I face a tank, I would react just as well”. A machine gun with a short barrel is on his stomach. He must be ready.