Yes we can

Obama succeeded G. W. Bush. Making it better than its predecessor should not have been difficult, everyone would have done better. He campaigned with the vague statement “Yes, we can …” Denied.

George W. Bush (l.) and Obama (r.)

With this half-sentence, he knowingly concealed what could have been – and, above all, done – with him as president.

His voters, weary of the unspeakable Bush Junior – like the rest of the world – may have largely understood this slogan as meaning that under his presidency the world should become more peaceful and just. G. W. Bush had just done the opposite of this and instigated new wars. I once thought that way and even donated accordingly.

Obama was appointed President of the United States in January 2009.

You should recognize them by their deeds

Writing fine words is enough for a writer, a politician must be judged by his deeds. That is what we want to do now: The first time since his inauguration was that Obama wanted to close the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Apart from the fact that the US has nothing to look for in Cuba, the Guantanamo prison is a place where people without trial and without a final judgment, on the flimsy pretext that they are illegal warriors, are indefinitely dependent on the US. captive and isolated from the rest of the world.

Demonstrators demand the closure of the Guantanamo Bay detention centre in Cuba in front of the American embassy in London. Pres Panayotov / shutterstock.com

The prisoners are not even allowed to be represented by a lawyer of their choice. This is contrary to international law, and as a former constitutional lawyer, Obama had to know. After eight years in office, the prison in Cuba still existed and many of the prisoners are still incarcerated there. Yes, we can …

No end to wars and new ones instigated

Then Obama wanted to end the wars instigated under his predecessor, Bush. As an advance for these good verbal intentions, he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize back in December 2009. In fact, Obama has not ended any of these wars, but, worse, he has instigated new wars. His Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has, with his support, assembled a coalition against Libya, overthrowed President Gaddafi there and assassinated him, and sparked a civil war in Libya that has reduced the country to rubble.

The US has spent billions of dollars to bring about a government overthrow in Ukraine with the help of fascist thugs and to plunge the country into chaos.

Obama did not end the war in Afghanistan as promised, nor did he retake his troops, but on the contrary, the country now has not only one Muslim extremist group, but several that are fighting each other. With weapons also from the USA. Opium cultivation continues. Under the direction of the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Obama, so many drone strikes against Pakistan and its neighbors, contrary to international law, were carried out and people bombed to death without trial or judgment from the clouds than before. Presidents before him. Yes, we can …

Protest against U.S. drone strikes in Yemen © Getty

Hatred stoked, terrorism encouraged

Obama, like his predecessors, also wanted to fight “terrorism.” Instead, he has laid the foundation for even more terrorism by destroying the homes of countless people around the world and inciting their hatred.

Obama wanted to overthrow Assad in Syria, and he has thrown the country into a non-ending war. Both the Al-Nusra rebels were allegedly built by the US and the so-called Islamic State, as a spearhead against President Assad. Obama has tolerated right-wing Republicans like Ms. Nuland in her role as State Department official or, like Samantha Power, in other countries to either overthrow or protect governments there. Whether or not they fit the hawks in the US in their abstruse foreign policy concept of world domination. Yes, we can …

NATO, too, was not dissolved during its reign, but even expanded further. NATO has “sought new tasks” and, much to the annoyance of the Russians, has expanded further eastward. Relations with Russia are worse than ever since the start of the Cold War – even as Russian President Putin has repeatedly reached out to both the US and Europe, calling for joint negotiations and peace. Yes, we can …

No President of African-Americans

In short, with a Nobel Peace Prize winner as president of the most powerful state, the world has become more uncertain than ever, military spending has risen dramatically, and the number of wars and war refugees waged worldwide is at an all-time high. Yes, we can …

Blacks in the US had high hopes for Obama. During the eight-year tenure of an African-American president, racial unrest in the United States grew larger than before his tenure. Thousands of black people are in overcrowded prisons for minor offences and are harassed or even shot daily by racist police. Yes, we can …

Intensification of the social crisis

The social crisis in the US is now as extreme as it has been for a long time, America is being hit by great poverty] and high unemployment, a wave of police killings and police violence, and a rapidly rising murder rate. At the same time, the wealth of the financial elites is becoming increasingly perverse. This development is largely due to the stock boom under Obama and an accelerated redistribution of wealth from the bottom half of the American population to the top percent. Life expectancy in the US has fallen, wages have fallen significantly, drug deaths have risen, and the share of young people in homeowners has fallen to an all-time low. Obama’s administration has repeatedly cut welfare spending, bailing out banks. Yes, we can …

When Obama claims that unemployment in the US has fallen since he took office, and that the number of jobs has risen steadily like never before, he is not saying that most of the new jobs created during his tenure are part-time or part-time. temporary posts. Yes, we can …


Obama has personally ordered the killing of American citizens and thousands of other people around the world by drones, protected and promoted CIA personnel responsible for torture, continued to operate the Guantanamo Bay detention center. Persecute disperses journalists and jails whistleblowers, militarises the police and expands the illegal surveillance of electronic communications.

Obama has waged war abroad and against domestic workers throughout his eight-year tenure. For the good of the military-industrial complex, for the benefit of the stockholders, the “establishment”, the rich and the financial elite.

Ditches deepened with Russia

In the end, he ridiculed himself by blaming the Russians for the election defeat of his former foreign minister and imposing new sanctions on Russia. As a last act of office, so to speak. To the last Yes, we can …

If American workers had really been as good as ever since Obama took office, let someone explain to us why they were so stupid not to elect the “great” Mrs. Clinton as his successor.

Obama has not kept anything of what he promised. But he never really promised anything. He just said: Yes, we can. The rest of the now disillusioned have then put their own way.