Threatening security

SAFETY is paramount, safety both externally and internally; it almost mutates into an all-dominant fundamental right. At the same time, the threat is becoming the central narrative of government policy. If the state narratives about the “hybrid threat” from Russia are to be believed, Vladimir Putin must be a suicide bomber, given the 16-fold armament superiority of the NATO states that have encircled his country. As you know, NATO has extended to Russia’s borders and plans to include Ukraine and Georgia in the North Atlantic (!) front.

Germany declares war on Russia

We, “the West,” are in danger and need to upgrade – or end up dead? While the EU Commission accuses Russia – without any evidence – of influencing the EU election, the New York Times uncovers a US cyber attack on the Russian power grid. The german Army is also preparing to lead a comprehensive cyber war. Under the title “Connecting Europe”, the EU is providing billions for the construction of roads to the east in order to expand strategic transport infrastructure and make it suitable for military mobility. The number of military maneuvers near the Russian border is increasing. On the one hand, arms control contracts are terminated and, on the other hand, gigantic sums are allocated for armament.

The militaristic strategy towards Russia is based on long-cherished plans that the advisers of various US presidents, Zbigniew Brzezinski, had already spread in his 1997 book “The Great Chessboard”. In the sense of the geopolitical dominance of the only world power, the USA, Russia must be isolated and destabilized in order to be able to include the whole of Eurasia from Lisbon to Vladivostok in the unipolar sphere of influence. The eastward enlargement of the EU must go hand in hand with NATO expansion, ultimately involving Ukraine and Georgia. As we know, the plan has been largely implemented and the latter objectives are being worked on with great commitment.

Does this geostrategically motivated militarism really mean more security for the “only world power” and an economically and militarily emerging EU? On the contrary, as we have seen on the continuing basis in the results of the expansion – an expansion that is being enforced in defiance of international law and the UN Charter. The North Atlantic Treaty is also a waste, Article 1 of which obliges members to settle any dispute in such a way that “peace, security and justice among the peoples are not endangered and that their international relations of all threat or use of force.” Is expansion in people’s interest? What a naive question in view of the mass of deaths and the destruction it is causing in the countries under attack. But even in their own country, the self-sufficient imperial expansionism has fatal consequences, because a policy of interest that sees people primarily from the point of view of usability destroys humanity and the much-vaunted social cohesion.

That is why we need to upgrade against our own people, not only externally, but also in their own country. In fact, we are witnessing a massive expansion of all “security” devices. In his armour, a highly armed German policeman looks like a black combat robot, who – packed with baton, pepper spray, Taser, firearms of various kinds – can only move unwielmitable. In almost all federal states, the governments have given the police enormous additional legal powers (online search, preventive detention, bodycams, etc.) that threaten the rule of law as well as the citizens who still dare to oppose state politicians to protest. While a neoliberal policy ensures that housing is unaffordable, pensions are not enough to live on, climate, health and the environment, like everything else, are also at the mercy of profit, the Conference of Ministers of the Interior coordinates the rearmament and militarisation of the Police.

While the Federal Police and some state police are setting up new special units, patrol officers are being trained in paramilitary rapid courses. New material such as submachine guns and heavy protective equipment find their place in the patrol cars … Martin Kirsch

The rearmament spiral would be incomplete without the extension of the powers of the secret services to excessive surveillance, which gradually restricts fundamental rights. In this spiral of military, police and intelligence, there is never a backing or even a review of the necessity and effectiveness of the decisions of the interior ministers. Admittedly, there is growing evidence that in the NSU murders, the deadly attack on the Berlin Christmas market or the murder of the CDU politician Walter Lübcke, intelligence services not only failed, but hindered enlightenment and facilitated the deeds, the consequence is that by no means a critical questioning of the secret services and their uncontrolled, state-protected machinations. Instead, we are witnessing: data retention, more money and more powers for the protection of the constitution, new security laws, an extension of the competences of the Federal Intelligence Service, the establishment of a central information technology unit in the Security area for spy software, use of Trojans, storage of passenger data, data access for THE BND, federal office for the protection of the constitution and MAD – and more are planned.

We are watching you!

Do you know Alexa? While the “Smart Speaker and Voice-controlled, Internet-based Intelligent Personal Assistant” (Wikipedia) nestles into private apartments and is able to research the most intimate areas, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer wants the data to the secret services make it accessible and used. This is in perfect way in the “Report on the Implementation of the Action Plan against Disinformation” presented by the European Commission. According to the journalist and publisher Hannes Hofbauer, this will create an EU-wide active censorship authority, which naturally locates the enemy in the east. It is primarily a question of enforcing the EU’s view of politics, economy and society and of eliminating critical opinions in good time.

Assistance bugs like Amazon Echo Dot hold much more of us than we like.

It is obvious: the West’s vacillating supremacy for world domination and the imperial ambitions of an internally torn EU to impose economic interests (cheap raw materials, markets, trade routes) with military power make the world unsafe. They destroy an enormous amount of material goods, social values of coexistence, emotional forces and feelings such as empathy and compassion. Because the violation of the norm has become the norm internationally, human rights are being disregarded and NATO is supposed to replace international law, they rule with fear, threats, war and terror. If the United States threatens Iran with extinction, are those responsible actually thinking that 80 million people live there?

The power elite has succeeded in reducing “security” to the military, police and intelligence services. Security in people’s everyday lives also includes social security, a sense of trust and appreciation, freedom from exploitation and oppression. The narrative of greater security is intended to cover the core of imperial power: domination over man and nature. “Connected Security” has been the mission statement of German security policy since 2006. After that, all military, police and political efforts must be combined. For what goals? Who should be protected from whom? If critical, self-confident and empathetic people fail to break the spiral of rearmament and make alternatives viable, the escalation of violence and terror threatens.