Get out of here!

This could stand on an AfD poster or call on a Pegida Demonstration or a NPD poster (“is the Ali criminal, get quickly home”) be. In fact, these Headlines of the Frankfurter Rundschau from June, 7 2019. This was followed by a fairly large majority of those who were in the middle, i.e. the votes of the grand coalition of CDU and SPD. The Greens and the LEFT party voted against it.

The “Get out of here Law” opens the way for unmarried detentions and deportations after prior deprivation of rights and Isolation in the anchor centers. (Günter Burkhardt)

On June, 7 a package of tightening was adopted in the Bundestag. The tightening of the rules will not be directed against companies operating since decades, organized fraud (from Cum-Ex-transactions, release of toxic “value” securities by banks to “dieselgate”, where all of the major car companies involved). In this context, Business as usual has not been called “emergency” to date.

On the other hand, there is a state of emergency on the issue of refugees. A total of seven amendments to the asylum and residence laws are aimed at people who have fled to Germany and are to be expelled with this act. This includes, among other things, the extreme aggravation of deportation and the legalization of an exit detention. With the ordered Return Act, CDU and SPD want to increase the number of deportations of refugees:

A central point in this law is that foreigners who do not help in obtaining papers for their exit can be detained. In addition, according to the draft, deportation prisoners can be accommodated in normal prisons – albeit spatially separated from regular prisoners.

This includes the tightening up of the asylum seekers Benefits Act, which provides for a decent Minimum with the right to a decent Minimum:

There will be sanctions up to a total exclusion of benefits after two weeks for recognized refugees who migrate from another EU country to Germany. (Kerstin Becker)

And since even more fits into a package and everything en bloc was “whipped” by the Bundestag, What has happened in the majority relations in the Bundestag with the greatest possible voluntary and willingness to participate, one has also introduced a law, the “data exchange Improvement Act”:

With the Initiative, the federal government aims to improve the exchange of data on refugees between the bodies involved in the reception and at the same time to facilitate the control of those affected. ( … ) It is planned that in future, for example, the youth offices, the nationality and distribution authorities as well as the Federal Foreign Office and its missions abroad will be able to retrieve data from the AZR in an automated process ‘in real time’. (Heise)

The network data protection expertise was called on the deputies in vain, to revise the law fundamentally, and to establish a “collective protection” for asylum seekers. “The overall concept is ‘anti - constitutional and European law’, because a ‘impenetrable and ubiquitous surveillance network is thrown over the people concerned’. However, they would not be granted guarantees and safeguards. The Central register should not be used as a data hub.

Foreigners, Russians, Chinese, Iranians do not undermine democracy, they just have to go to their funeral.

The Orwellian language mania-clad “migration package” contains everything you would have known 20 years ago, still undisputed as the extreme right and racist. With this law, one does not oppose “right populism”, one goes towards it, until one is pushed aside by these friendly to softly. These laws do not build a wall against national scum, but a bridge over which they will march thankfully and encouraged.

The German Nationalist Seehofer

Interior minister Seehofer had on 6. On the margins of a Congress on defensive democracy, the ARD-Hauptstadtstudio was told on 16 June 2019 that he had “implicitly submitted"the Data Exchange Act, which is to be decided one day later by the Bundestag. Tacitly, “because it is complicated, that does not excite so”. He had the experience:

You have to make laws complicated. Then it won’t be so obvious. We’re not doing anything illegal, we’re doing something necessary. But even necessary things are often called into question inadmissibly. (Source)

To open the door to nationalists from a socio-political point of view, to pave the way, not only happens on the political Terrain. What slipped out of the “home Minister” is really honest in dispenser box powder free. It simply shits from democratic processes, from a debate that is actually open and serious. He can probably no longer hear these Marketing sayings about transparency, culture of dispute, closeness to the people and culture of error.

He knows that things are very different and that things are very different. Seehofer is not particularly bad here,but clear. This just happens to him from time to time, next to the notorious smile that doesn’t correspond with any kind of outside. Mr Seehofer has already succeeded in revealing something similar. In a broadcast with “Pelzig” on May 21, 2010, he gave with great knowledge and even greater insider knowledge to the best, what some – until it is too late-witchcraft as conspiracy fantasy:

Those who were elected have nothing to decide … and those who decide are not elected.

The abolition of democracy, which many members of Parliament warn of when they look at the nationalists and the left, is being prepared by them themselves. Today’s prime minister in Turkey, Erdogan, has described this addition and interaction very figuratively and aptly, when he was still mayor:

Democracy is only the train to which we rise until we reach our goal. (Video)

Erdogan has not only found an accurate metaphor for post-fascist strategies, he also proves that they are successful. This presupposes that democracy lets them enter, that they are given a friendly place, that the way of the bus takes a common route with post-fascism, before the Bus is no longer needed.