The US robbed, even in Europe

Since US corporations in the 1980’s have been de-industrializing and relocating production to all achievable low-wage regions of the world, since the systemic mass appearance of the working poor in the USA has spread (works, but remains poor) and since Ghettos, Slums and third-world conditions in the Western leadership have been part of normality-since then, upper-class professors like This fake news serves as a reason for the heretical Propaganda that “Europe” must finally replace the once worshipped superpower, must upgrade, upgrade, upgrade and prepare for the possible war against the old-new enemy Russia if necessary. But no one wants to get out of US-led NATO, not even the Brexit-UK. And the “decline of the US” conceals that the EU itself is in the same development.

Tents of homeless people in downtown Los Angeles, California

Dominance of US investors

At the latest since 2. The transatlantic Region with the United States and Western Europe became the Region with the highest capital interdependence. The Marshall Plan was less aid to Western Europeans than an investment and market opening plan for US banks and corporations. All major banks and corporations opened branches mainly in the major states such as Great Britain, France, Federal Republic of Germany and in the three Benelux states: Morgan, Chase Manhattan, Citibank, Ford, General Motors, Coca Cola, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Exxon, Goodyear and several thousand more, including McKinsey consultants.

April 3, 1948, US President Harry Truman signed into law the Economic Cooperation Act, commonly known as the Marshall Plan. (George C. Marshall Foundation photo)

Since the 1980s, the opposite direction has also intensified: Deutsche Bank, UBS, PNB Paribas, german Car and Chemie Companies, Siemens and Deutsche Telekom established branches in the USA – many, as well as now more than 3,000 small and medium-sized companies from Germany alone, make in some cases larger sales in the USA than at the original location. Corporations from Germany, France and Great Britain – e.g. BASF, Heidelberg Cement, Sanofi, BAE Systems – donated for Trumps campaign. His tax cuts, state subsidies to companies and, last but not least, the US’s Russia and Iran boycott have accelerated European investment in the US again.

The deregulation under U.S. President Clinton had legalized new financial products and new financial players of Wall Street such as hedge funds and Private Equity funds, and had also opened the great capital of the organizers, such as BlackRock, Vanguard and State Street, a new area of operation: founded no organization, but bought and to buy the existing business, liquidate, merge or split you, get you, destroy jobs, lanken hide the private gains. You prefer not to pay taxes – in the US you have your seat in the Delaware Finance Haven, and the EU has expanded the Ireland finance haven for you and offered the Luxembourg and the Netherlands finance havens in a manner that fits your mouth.

Bill Clinton after signing the Financial Services Modernization Act in 1999. Photo: Justin Lane/The New York Times/Redux

The long-standing prime minister and Finance Minister of Luxembourg, Jean-Claude Juncker, who has been a Christian campaigner, was raised by the Christian people’s party (Berlusconi and Orban as members) and the Merkel government to the chair of the European Capital bureaucracy. US investors are free to use all of these.

Luxleaks - The Wistleblower is sentenced while Juncker can called Europe Presitent.

Private Equity: sell 10,000 German SMEs in silence

The German government under Schröder/Fischer together with its government commissioner, the Ex-head of Deutsche Bank, Hilmar Kopper, opened the locks with tax relief and new investment laws. This was initiated in the USA: the Anglo-American leading media criticised Germany as the “sick man of Europe”. Schröder was unnoticed by the Public, repeated on Wall Street and spoke in front of the exclusive group, the Duzfreund, “Sandy” Weill, the head of the then largest US Bank, Citibank, cried together. The Agenda 2010, of course, McKinsey also joined the Hartz Commission.

Are there really more poor workers in Germany than in France?

The other EU-countries, supported by the Commission, followed. As of the beginning of the 2000s, private Equity investors Blackstone, KKR, Cerberus, Carlyle & Co bought about 10,000 Small and medium-sized companies in Germany alone by the year 2018, burdened them with loans, withdrawal profits, imposed wage stoppages and layoffs, distributed works councils, different corporate real estate and after two to a maximum of 8 years sold the “slack” companies

Siemens Nixdorf, ATU, MTU, Demag, Gerresheimer Glas, Bosch Telenorma, Kabel Deutschland, Duales System, Hugo Boss, Kamps, Backwerk, HSH Nordbank, Stada, WMF, Society for consumer research – sometimes there was a bit of short-term media and trade union excitement among the more well-known companies. But Müntefering’s “Grasshopper” critique was quickly suffocated by anti-Semitism accusations in 2005. Since then there has been silence. With only 4.5 percent of the shares – with the help of the Merkel government and its minister of Finance Steinbrück-Blackstone was able to exchange the Telekom board of directors, put the verdi trade union a fierce blow, make the group “fit for the future” and after two years with profit again get out. The Financial Times summed up: “How Merkel and Blackstone changed German capitalism”.

According to Private Equity: then came BlackRock & Co

These Private Equity investors go unnoticed. But with the “financial crisis” starting in 2007, the 1 came in addition, so to speak, on top of it. League with BlackRock&co., you stop, gradually and without fuss, the national ownership in the EU: the end of Germany AG, Switzerland AG, France AG, etc.

The transatlantic ownership interweaving has never been as high as today and so dominated by US capital organizers. In between, only individual investors from Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Norway and China are involved.

BlackRock & Co are the leading players in most of the EU’s leading banks and corporations. They only have between 2 and 10 percent of the shares, such as shares in all 30 DAX corporations. But this is, first of all, a major shareholder. And secondly, BlackRock&Co talk to each other and form the dominant shareholder block. This is also facilitated by the fact that the nearest large investors, such as Vanguard, State Street and Norges are shareholders in BlackRock. BlackRock & Co sells risk and market analyses to its companies and is also the owners of the US rating agencies, where companies have to purchase their Ratings for a few million times a year.

Book: Hans-Jürgen Jakobs: Who owns the world? – The power relations in global capitalism

BlackRock was tasked by Obama with the resolution of the financial crisis, advising the US central bank Fed, as well as the ECB and the major western central banks. BlackRock is a co-owner in 17,000 companies, in the case of the Wall Street banks, General Motors, Coca Cola, IBM, Tesla, Ryan Air, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank, Daimler, Siemens, VW, Lockheed, Rheinmetall, BAE Systems, RWE, Eon, etc., and thus the largest Insider of the Western financial and economic world – there’s no financial oversight and no cartel office.

Passing on equity and antitrust law

BlackRock & Co is not concerned with national antitrust and stock corporation law in the EU. You’re not wasting your time with posts on the supervisory board. There are no important decisions in these Abnicker committees with the few good unionists. But the boards must report regularly on Wall Street. “They let us dance,” said Teyssen, Chief Executive Officer of Eon, to Handelsblatt. BlackRock & Co never say anything at shareholder meetings. They remain invisible. You’ll clarify everything in advance. “We can achieve more if we talk outside the public all year round,” said BlackRock CEO Lawrence Fink to Handelsblatt.

BlackRock & Co became the largest apartment owners in Germany in silence. Vonovia with 400,000 apartments to Deutsche Wohnen with 160,000 apartments, LEG, with a population of 135,000 apartments: In all of these three largest housing companies in Germany, the main owners are BlackRock&Co. They drive up rents and utilities. Vonovia has placed in their Finance Department as a Vonovia B. V. in the financial haven of the Netherlands. The Vonovia-holding company is a Societas Europaea (S. E): This joint-stock company under EU law, for example, the German works Constitution law to circumvent the law. Our governments, leading media and antitrust agencies are looking at or away.

Demonstration gegen Mieten

BlackRock & Co: Largest organizers of letter-box companies

The same applies to the taxation of profits. BlackRock & Co has its operational headquarters in New York, Chicago, Boston, Houston and San Francisco, its branches in London, Paris and Frankfurt. But your legal, tax seats you have in a financial oasis, especially in the U.S. state of Delaware.

And in addition, BlackRock&Co are the biggest organizers for letter-box companies. In this they anonymize the multimillionaires and multimillionaires whose capital they use for the company purchases and securities speculation and to whom they transfer part of the profits, for example from the rent and utility cost increases in Germany.

For example, BlackRock hides its 8.47 percent Ofovia shares in 158 letter-box companies in a dozen appropriately selected financial havens. The Fake constructions are called e.g. BlackRock Delaware Holdings Inc., BlackRock Holdco 6 LLC, BlackRock Luxembourg Holdings S. A.R. L., BlackRock Asset Management Schweiz AG – this, incidentally, has never happened to the oh so Investigative Journalists of the Süddeutsche Zeitung. And the EU Commission and the German finance ministers are looking towards or away.

However, the German finance ministers from Schäuble (CDU) to Scholz (SPD) and his state secretary Kukies, who comes from Goldman Sachs, met outside the public with BlackRock Chief Fink. The Federal government reported on a request of the left party beginning in 2019, tight-lipped and without indication of the place of Meeting, conversation, subject, and result. By the way: even the then Foreign Minister Gabriel (SPD) met with Fink-BlackRock so is also important for German foreign policy? Mr. Gabriel, tell me.

EU corporations under US Surveillance

The US justice system governs directly into (western)European corporations. For years, they have to install high-level US teams on the board at their own expense, providing access to all internals. In Germany, for example, this applies to Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, HypoVereinsbank, VW, Siemens, Bilfinger and Daimler.

At Daimler, the reason is to monitor all employees, including their salary accounts, on terrorist links. The US investigators paid by the group can threaten Daimler employees with notice of termination if they do not sufficiently comply with the obligation to provide information. The state government of Baden-Württemberg and IG Metall also agreed.

At Commerzbank, the US judiciary forced the closure of a department that carried out financial transfers for Iran’s state shipping company. The investigation has been ongoing since 2002. Commerzbank had to pay $ 1.4 billion in fines, had to pay for three years a US agency that monitors worldwide compliance with the Iran embargo, had to cancel the four employees of the department, had to throw out the head of department, although the right in front of all labor courts got. In court, the bank representative justified the illegal ejection by the fact that the U.S. Justice had demanded an “effective deterrent by personal punishment”, should have bowed to. The federal government, which was responsible with Finance Minister Schäuble, because the German state is the main shareholder of the Bank and represented on the supervisory board, agreed without comment to the breach of law, as well as the verdi trade union, which is represented on the works council and the supervisory board.

At Volkswagen, the chief legal adviser of Pepsi Cola and Ex-US Vice-Justice Minister Larry Thompson has been head of a multi-headed Investigation Team at the Wolfsburg group headquarters since 2017. VW pays “tens of millions of euros” per year, as the business press reports without criticism. The investigators are monitoring the car companies worldwide by 2020. All 30,000 employees in the US were also interrogated. The reason was the exhaust gas fraud in the USA. But the monitoring has been extended, the car Corporation is crawled according to criteria that are not known to the public. This includes “transparency and communication on labour law measures”, including compliance with working hours. The land government as a representative of the co-owner land of Lower Saxony, as well as the works council and trade unions have so far not shown any criticism.

Alstom in France: when General Electric wanted to buy the Alstom group’s power plant division, the board member Frédéric Pierucci opposed it. In 2013, he was arrested at New York airport, interrogated, not accused, but held hostage in various U.S. prisons for two years, and prisoners were arrested as an FBI spittle on him. After General Electric bought Alstom, Pierucci was released on condition that Alstom no longer employs him. The European Commission approved the sale.

Patrick Kron, ex-PDG d'Alstom (à gauche) et Jeffrey Immelt, ex-PDG de GE (au centre), lors de la cession de la branche énergie d'Alstom à GE en 2014

Pierucci summarizes: since 2008, the US has destabilised 14 Western European corporations, including 5 French ones, under faked pretexts, to provide US corporations with benefits. By the way: the book by Pierucci " Le Piège Américain “(the American trap) was not published in German, Although – or because – it, written by a top manager, minutely documented one of the US forms of domination over the EU, also the use of the NSA Secret Service.

EU States to Obama and Trump: Yes, we follow your hate-Slogan

In 1999, the US led the war against socialist Yugoslavia, bombed the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, and destroyed factories and media. The US thus declared the German Basic Law obsolete. The federal government was involved: the allowed national defense was converted into permitted, preventive foreign aggression against packages, goals set by the USA.

The Federal Republic of Germany is the most densely occupied state in the world by a foreign power. Approximately one and a half dozen U.S. military bases with worldwide networking into all U.S. war scenes, mediation stations for drone killings in Africa and Asia, the largest military hospital in the Western world near Ramstein/Pfalz. The German parliament’s scientific service stated: We cannot say with certainty how many military bases the United States has in Germany, our requests in Washington remained unanswered!

And 10 US military bases in Italy are not enough: Kosovo was separated from Serbia in violation of international law, the US base Bondsteel, surrounded by poverty, is protected. And in addition to NATO, the United States, approximately 16 U.S. military bases in the other EU member States Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Hungary. With all rhetoric for “European independence” - the US occupation of the EU is not for discussion.

Camp Bondsteel

It was said that the EU wanted to create peace in Europe. However, in addition to the US, NATO, led by the US, also used the eastern enlargement of the EU to join even the East – although the packages of former aggressors, the socialist Soviet Union, had disappeared. But NATO has also proclaimed capitalist Russia as a new Aggressor, regardless of the secession of eastern Ukraine. As explained by the Norwegian social Democrat Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary General of the NATO: “The EU must be complementary with NATO”.

2014 in Warsaw, the submissive Government of the European NATO countries decided on a proposal by the US Supreme war Lord, and President Obama: Yes, we are increasing our military budgets to two percent of the gross national product. Yes, we are making the ports, roads and bridges in the EU move up for US tanks and heavy artillery to Russia. Yes, dear Obama, we are following your hate-slogan: Russia is our worst enemy!

US advisory groups govern with

The CDU-led government under Helmut Kohl and in front of it the Minister of Finance Theodor Waigel (CSU), brought the U.S. adviser to J. P Morgan, McKinsey, Price Waterhouse Coopers & Co in the trust, the operating assets of the Ex-sell DDR. In the Standard reports it was said: the company is worth a DM, but only if the state still pays 70 million subsidy. So “sold” the Treuhand the GDR economy, result: DM 270 billion debt, which were transferred to the German state budget! This is the pattern that, somewhat temperate, still applies in Germany: US advisers, now state permanent advisers, earn many millions, even and especially when the state and citizens lose billions.

The US management consultant McKinsey&Co, the Big Four of the U.S. economic auditor with Price Waterhouse Coopers&Co, the US economy firms, Freshfields&Co, the Big Three US rating agencies, Standard&Poor’s&Co – you all are the traditional lobbyists of the corporations, and they have also been consultants in the EU, in Brussels and in Germany as a permanent state. They’re going with you.

Accenture, with 400,000 highly paid academics the world’s largest consulting firm, together with McKinsey trims the employment agency and the job centers, so that the humiliated unemployed remain the largest consecutive reserve army for the temporary employment sector, which in turn is led by the largest agency employment agencies Adecco and Manpower, which, of course, has become so boring, Blackrock & Co. McKinsey advises the BAMF, so that the asylum seekers be moved fastest. McKinsey sits firmly in the Ministry of defence, provides times a secretary of State, gets times without tender thick advisory contracts, and the lucrative long-term business with expensive maintained, not functioning armor is preserved for a long time-Rheinmetall as Bundeswehr supplier with private maintenance of the self-supplied armor, I admit, that is as boring as repulsive, belongs to BlackRock & Co.

Freshfields has, by the then Minister of Finance Steinbrück (SPD) fetched, the two banking rescue laws designed, because this firm as a banking Lobbyist and contract designer for the new financial products, of course, knows the interests of the banks best. Freshfields, after the Cross-Border Leasing Fake business advocated by this firm was banned by the US Congress because of illegality, in 2002 designed the 17,000-page contract for Toll Collect, has earned a multi-digit million sum for the unsuccessful consultation of the SPD, then CSU-managed Ministry of transport until 2018 and is also allowed to advise the current CSU Transport Minister.

Price Waterhouse Coopers has advised economics minister Gabriel on how private investors can secure a government-guaranteed minimum profit on the weak infrastructure that is above the market average. From PWC comes Matthias Kollatz, who gives the financial senator in Berlin and there follows the recommendations he has designed at his previous employer.

Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch – of course they belong to BlackRock&Co – determine, against high fees, the credit terms not only of all major companies in the EU, but also of all EU member states. The ECB, the ESM and the German Financial Supervisory Authority are also bound by the articles of association in accordance with the requirements of the “Big Three”.

And I don’t want to scare or bore you any more with Boston Consulting, Ernst & Young, Deloitte and, for example, the Union Busting firms Allen&Overy, White&Case, Hogan Lovells and DLA Piper. You can check for yourself if you want to explore the reality of contemporary capitalism in the EU and in Germany, past Spiegel, ZEIT, FAZ, Süddeutscher Zeitung, Welt, BILD, ARD, ZDF, DLF, Kölner StadtAnzeiger and Leipziger Volkszeitung & Co!

Division of labor between Sigmar Gabriel and Friedrich Merz?

This time, we are sparing ourselves from the further extortion to which the EU leaders have subjected themselves and continue to subjugate: the loss of tens of thousands of jobs in Ukraine. Increasing the import of expensive LNG fracking gas from the US from 2016 to today from zero to 2.8 billion cubic meters, expensive construction of LNG Terminals and lines.

And this time, we also save us from the Chapter on the control of the Internet by U.S. corporations, State Department and NSA. This is a suggestion for fellow citizens who really don’t know: you can check what Ex-Google Chief Eric Schmidt, appointed by Obama, is doing now as chairman of the US Defense Innovation Board. Or where in addition to the US Home Department is the monitoring technology of the US company Palantir, whose head Alexander Karp was appointed to the Supervisory Board of the Springer group in 2018.

Some of the new capital organizers have now realized that they have overturned. In the United States, candidates for the presidential candidacy, who see themselves as socialists, are receiving an increasing response. The Corbyn-Labour Party, particularly US-affiliated Britain, is at the door as a “danger”.

BlackRock Chief Fink warns: “capitalism has gone too far.“Ray Dalio, head of the largest hedge fund, Bridgewater, added:” for the majority of Americans there has been no increase in income since the 1980s. In America there is an automatic spiral, which makes the rich even richer and the poor even poorer. The public education system is one of the worst in the world. This is a national emergency.“Dalio calls for countermeasures such as better distribution of assets and projects according to the model of Public Private Partnership: there must not be a “Revolution”!

But the solution? Fink has its Version: “many governments can no longer meet the expectations of parts of their voters.” Therefore, companies themselves must fill the gap, “they have no choice at all”.

The BlackRock speakers like BILD and Handelsblatt are once again placing the supervisory board chairman of BlackRock Deutschland AG, Merz, more strongly in position. He has given the chairmanship of the Atlantic Bridge far-sighted. The former Foreign Minister Gabriel was called to succeed. He wants to follow the call from the transatlantic depth, he explained.

As a matter of fact, the Rest of what seems to be somehow Social – Democratic, or what is now well-known as socialist, is being sought as a complementary rescue anchor in order to delay the decline and make it as lucrative as possible-before that comes what Dalio&Co definitely wants to prevent and, if necessary, would also try to prevent by all means: “the Revolution”, in the US and in the EU as well.

European elections

We’re warned. The establishment of a peaceful, democratic and economically just Europe is more urgent than ever!