A joke - The USA is in decline

It is often heard and read that the United States is in decline. The historian Münkler and the so-called lateral thinker Dylan Grice expressed in the sense of so, Joschka Fischer and now also Michael Lüders. China is economically successful, high demands on foreign countries are increasing and billions are investing there, Russia is upgrading and India is going its own way, the end of the US empire has not faded! The United States is active worldwide and governs Europe to the smallest. The imperialists are all extorting, necessary, robbing and killing.

The talk of the decline of the USA to oppose a few facts and questions. Worldwide no retreat, on the contrary:

The Nato is a TerroristGeneral Atomics MQ-9

This long list, which is by no means complete, was necessary to make visible how grotesque the idea that the US empire was on the retreat and the US would experience a kind of demise.DAX group in Germany, there is now a stake of the large American fund BlackRock. As a result of the interdependence, the representatives of this company have a noticeable influence on the management despite small holdings of 3-5%.

Instead of claiming the decline of the United States, we should think more about how we liberate ourselves from the supremacy. The open discussion on this is a prerequisite for how we can free ourselves from this dangerous prerogative. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.