A joke - The USA is in decline

Silvio Siefke #society

It is often heard and read that the United States is in decline. The historian Münkler and the so-called lateral thinker Dylan Grice expressed in the sense of so, Joschka Fischer and now also Michael Lüders. China is economically successful, high demands on foreign countries are increasing and billions are investing there, Russia is upgrading and India is going its own way, the end of the US empire has not faded! The United States is active worldwide and governs Europe to the smallest. The imperialists are all extorting, necessary, robbing and killing.

The talk of the decline of the USA to oppose a few facts and questions. Worldwide no retreat, on the contrary:

  • Just because the US has declared itself to withdraw from Syria, one cannot become blind to the other realities: the US is still there and have, for example, agreed to the annexation of the Golan Heights. They are in Iraq, they are in Afghanistan and in many other countries.

  • The US, together with NATO, has extended its scope to the borders of Russia. The West has encircled Russia. The United States and the West are continuing to try to involve Ukraine and Georgia in their empire. The German Chancellor, for example, has invited the candidate for president in Ukraine, the former President Poroshenko as an extra electoral aid to Berlin. Does anyone think that Mrs Merkel would have done so without any connection to the interests of the Empire?

The Nato is a Terrorist
  • The US has invested $ 5 billion in the run-up to the Maidan to re-educate the people of Ukraine and to build up NGO permits.

  • The US has a great influence on individual governments in Europe and also on EU institutions and individuals.

  • For a long time, the unification of larger states outside the Empire under the name of Brics was considered a hopeful sign of an alliance against the U.S. empire. Where is Brics? India? Especially Brazil.

  • Brazil is now one of the most important instruments and partners of the US Empire.

  • Where are the other independent peoples and States of Latin America? Where Chile and Argentina? Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua and, at best, Mexico are still resentful. Otherwise, the US claims the undivided power in its backyard-worse than ten years ago, 20 years ago and 30 years ago. There can be no talk about the decline of the US influence in Latin America.

  • Worldwide, the US claims to be able to determine how other peoples are governed. They have led wars to Regime Change as a result of millions of deaths.

  • European states, including the Federal Republic of Germany, are involved in the policy of Regime Change in Venezuela. By acknowledging a questionable interim president.

  • The US is openly against Venezuela, Iran, China, Cuba and Nicaragua. In order to understand how wrong the idea is that the United States is in decline, it must be remembered that, and how, a few decades ago, the European states and peoples were still in solidarity with tiresome peoples in the backyard of the United States. Countless people, foundations and parties have fought for resistance against the US in Nicaragua, Cuba and other Latin American countries. They have traveled there, helped practically on site and at home. This is all decimated or completely forgotten. Signs of a decline in the United States? On the contrary: signs of brutal exercise of power.

  • The USA have an upgrade forced the other NATO countries, although at the end of the West-East confrontation in 1990, the language, and so it was intended to disarm, to rely on common security, rather than deterrence, and upgrading.

  • The only thing that is going to happen when dealing with the demand for more money for the armor is typical of vassals and not typical of independent political force.

  • The Secretary General of the NATO has been talking to the 70-year anniversary before the U.S. Congress, not in Brussels, but in Washington; and he has been celebrated, and not unjustly, because the deputies and senators of the United States know very well that NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg is her husband and not the Representative of all other members of NATO.

  • The Empire uses its military bases in Germany and Europe without hindrances for its own policies, also for interventions and also for murder and homicide, such as the drone operations, which are controlled by the German location Ramstein.

General Atomics MQ-9
  • The US is forcing us to Transport military goods on German roads and rails even to the border of Russia in the Baltic states.

  • We pay for the deployment of US troops in Germany and Europe. In Weilerbach near Ramstein, the largest US military hospital is being built outside the US. The planning costs alone consume 151 million euros, paid by the German taxpayers money.

  • They have prompted us, the Europeans, to take part and/or logistically support their military interventions in Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Iraq.

  • The USA, meanwhile, have Röttgen direct influence on key persons in the German policy: The foreign policy spokesman of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, Deputy Chairman of the FDP and at the same time, security policy and foreign policy spokesman of his group, Alexander Graf Lambsdorff, the foreign policy spokesman of the SPD group in the Bundestag, Nils Schmid, and our outdoor owl Heiko Maas are apparently all on the payroll of the American Ministry of foreign Affairs, or are trolls from the Western Terror Laden fanatic Stoltenberg.

  • Important foundations are under the influence of the USA. The Bertelsmann Foundation, for example, or the Heinrich-Böll-Foundation. The former head of the Heinrich Böll Foundation fucks has recently conducted an Interview with the US diplomat Kornblum in devoter way. This typical representative of the Empire is regularly invited to talk shows in Germany.

  • The U.S. ambassador intervenes in Germany in internal affairs of the country.

  • The large number of German established media is under the influence of the U.S. empire, reports and comments at least on the line of interest of the central power in the world.

  • All of them, politicians and the media, are involved in the enemy-building Russia.

  • In many of these areas, this was not the case 30 and 40 years ago, at least in a more mixed way. The influence of the US on opinion formation and political decision - making has increased and not decreased since 1990.

  • The United States clearly determines our economic relations and our economic policy decisions: they require us to comply with the sanctions they impose, for example, on Russia and Iran.

  • We have been oiled and practised the sanctions against Syria and the Blockade of the Syrian people. We have included hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria without a review-all subordinate to the goal of letting Syria bleed out in human terms and putting pressure on it. This was and is the strategy of the Empire USA. We have followed this without the debate and democratic decision-making that is customary and necessary in a democracy. Without If and But.

  • The US intervenes against individual projects such as Nordstream 2 and ssie also demand the Import of their LPG from the state. At the expense of the citizens of Europe, the corresponding technical facilities are being built in the ports.

  • US companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon, for example, can offer their monopoly offers, without restrictions and without paying reasonable taxes, in Europe and in Germany and in the world. Competition law does not apply consistently. Tax avoidance and tax havens are not being tackled consistently.

  • In every DAX group in Germany, there is now a stake of the large American fund BlackRock. As a result of the interdependence, the representatives of this company have a noticeable influence on the management despite small holdings of 3-5%.

This long list, which is by no means complete, was necessary to make visible how grotesque the idea that the US empire was on the retreat and the US would experience a kind of demise.DAX group in Germany, there is now a stake of the large American fund BlackRock. As a result of the interdependence, the representatives of this company have a noticeable influence on the management despite small holdings of 3-5%.

Instead of claiming the decline of the United States, we should think more about how we liberate ourselves from the supremacy. The open discussion on this is a prerequisite for how we can free ourselves from this dangerous prerogative. It’s not easy, but it’s necessary.