No war in Venezuela

Last February 22, when the American terrorist Propaganda machine for crossing the border of their so-called “humanitarian aid” from Colombia to Venezuela ran at full speed, the media set a hidden ambush that would have exposed with one blow the actual intentions of the Western terrorists in the border town of Cúcuta. The only Medium of the international mainstream, strangely speaking, the market - and war-friendly agency Bloomberg reported on the allegedly thwarted Coup at the last Minute.

In a report of 6. On March 19, 2019, Bloomberg reporters Ethan Bronner and David Wainer claimed that heavily armed soldiers were willing to forcibly clear the way for that “humanitarian aid”, but the Plan of violent assault on Venezuelan territory had been abandoned because of Colombia’s opposition. The second odd thing was that the oppositional Venezuelan daily Tal Cual, in turn, was the only source of citing Spanish-speaking coverage of the Bloomberg report. After that, there was a thoughtful, vocal silence about the Episode.

The continuation of the war propaganda at gunpoint

How did Bloomberg learn about the Plan and what should or could be the purpose of its discovery?

As Bronner and Wainer explained at the beginning, their story was “based on Interviews with us and Latin American officials as well as with Venezuelan exiles, some of whom asked to preserve their anonymity”. The only ones mentioned by name are the retired and exiled Venezuelan General Cliver Alcalá Cordones. He is said to have confirmed the Plan to forcibly transport the so-called “humanitarian aid” across the border.

The case is more than explosive, so every vigilant researcher immediately asks the question, What an interest could have had in particular American officials, the background of the planned raid behind held Hand out. It can be assumed that the true intentions of whistleblowers will never be confirmed by you. But here the devil is literally in the Detail, then it can also be assumed with Marshall MacLuhan, that the Medium is the real message. The whisper might have indicated that the Plan was thwarted, but still “all options are on the table”. More precisely, whenever we feel like it, we’re breaking an armed assault on Venezuela off the fence.

In this respect, the Bloomberg report can be interpreted in two ways. On the one hand, as a serious reference to the violent threat of Venezuela, on the other as an Instrument of psychological warfare, as can be seen, among other things, Chapter 4 (planning considerations) of the confidential “Army Special Operations Forces unconventional warfare” (United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School, Headquarters, Department of the Army – Washington, DC, 30 September 2008).

The Cúcuta fiasco and new prospects for a “military Option”

According to reporters Bronner and Wainer, the attempt to force the so-called “aid transport” across the Colombian-Venezuelan border was as follows:

“As a U.S. official last December 23, 2014, the U.S. government announced that it will be On 15 February, the Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó, near a bridge in Colombia, joined to provide humanitarian aid to the Venezuelan masses (sic!) and thus challenge the reign of Nicolás Maduro, about 200 exiled soldiers checked their weapons and planned to clear the way for the convoy with weapons force if necessary”.

In the background, exile-General Cliver Alcalá operated.

“Led by the retired general Cliver Alcalá living in Colombia, they wanted to push back the Venezuelan (National)Guard, who on the other hand blocked the aid.”

The plan, however, had been stopped by the Colombian government, which had allegedly “experienced it late” and feared violent clashes during an event with a lot of publicity, the peaceful nature of which she had promised herself, according to the Bloomberg report: “almost no arrangements were made on that day and the hope that the Venezuelan military commanders Maduro would declare their loyalty has been destroyed. Although Guaidó is back in Caracas and recognized by 50 nations as the legitimate leader of Venezuela, the spontaneous arms uprising shows that the US-called inevitable urge to overthrow Maduro is becoming increasingly chaotic and risky”.

How is it that the Colombian government had"learned of it late”? And the U.S. government, which operates at least 5 military bases in Colombia and their “functionaries” Cúcuta in those days, flooded, want nothing to have known about it? The reader does not find out in the Bloomberg report. All the more so, he is taught that"the urge to seek a kind of military solution will only increase as the conflict continues". More precisely: Juan Guaidó reiterate Donald Trumps’s suggestion that “all options remain on the table”.

Also, Bloomberg confirmed that Guaidó was the big loser of the Cúcuta-fiasco. He was neither able to mobilize the “Venezuelan masses” nor the division of the Venezuelan armed forces. The demagogic promises brought the self-proclaimed “interim president” severe scares of U.S. Vice-Mike Pence and loss of confidence Mike Pompeo, John Boltons, Elliott Abrams', the Cuba-American “hothead” Marco Rubio and last but not least the Colombian President Iván Duque.

Together, they must have turned out to be the warning issued by the Chavismo for weeks that, more precisely, Guaidó is hardly more than a “zero” and can be replaced at any time. This finding could speed up the search for alternatives, especially in the semi-dark exiled military from Venezuela.

Psychological Warfare: “5 Million Refugees”

The fact that President Nicolás Maduro is taking a step that could justify more aggressive US action has been a bitter hope of the US government since the unpunished return and the tolerated public appearances of Juan Guaidós. Also, the fact that Brazil and Colombia want to go provisionally to a military adventure against the well – equipped Bolivarian armed forces, with more than 350,000 soldiers – not to mention a Million mobilization of powerful militias, with the deployment of tens of thousands of troops at the price of billions of dollars, belongs to the disappointing realization of the Oval Office, the Pentagon, the CIA and the State Department.

Their new tactic is speculated, therefore, with a tightening of the economic and social crisis of Venezuela and the escape of hundreds of soldiers to Colombia, which then targeted military operations could be continued behind the Scenes. U.S. representative, Bloomberg reported, “Worry that Colombia, a vital ally who has to suffer the consequences of the decades-long guerrilla war, are especially vulnerable to the ongoing Venezuelan crisis.“Then the report quotes figures that read like targeted Fake News. Accordingly, “could increase the number of Venezuelan refugees fleeing shortages, Hyperinflation, and Hunger, […] from currently 3.4 million to over 5 million, if Maduro is at the end of the year is still in office. Many will land in Colombia”.

As a pretext, drug trafficking also enters the tactical game. The Narco scene in Colombia, according to the US, is “partially dominated by senior Venezuelan officials … (and) could further harm Colombia’s efforts to stop coca cultivation. Together, the effects of drug trafficking and the flow of refugees would also harm Brazil, which is trying to overcome its own economic and corruption crisis.”

Can a government be seriously anxious to use the means of psychological warfare to target the economic and social crisis of Venezuela at the price of millions of victims, instead of helping to overcome it, as Russia and China have so far done with tens of billions of dollars of credit? The answer is, unfortunately, “yes”, there are such bets. For as Ethan Bronner and David Wainer have learned from a Latin American diplomat - “who was in contact with Washington”-“the US strategy seems to be to continue to provoke destabilization in Venezuela”.

The campaign has already begun in the media. In a post for El País (Venezuela, entre Bosnia y Kosovo-02. On March 19, 2019, Hector Shamis - an Argentine guest lecturer at Georgetown University in the United States, known for his pro-Israel militancy, and adviser to Luis Almagro, secretary-general of the organization of American States (Spanish: OEA), made a strange plea. Referring to NATO’s UN-approved military Intervention to “resolve” the humanitarian crisis in Bosnia and the 1990-ies Kosovo war, Shamis sharpened his pen for an international military assault on Venezuela.

“I maintain that the world has waited too long for Bosnia and Kosovo. [ … ] It is important that the Latin American governments get involved here. We are beyond (sic!) of the Cold War and Canon boat diplomacy. This is the biggest refugee crisis in Latin American history. We need to discuss all options without prejudices,” said the Argentine, with the restriction that his comments do not reflect the positions of the OEA or its secretary – general-incidentally, a superfluous restriction, Almagro’s role as a sharpener of an armed confrontation in Venezuela has long been known.

Cliver Alcalá: an example of the deceitful " drug policy” of the USA

Clíver Alcala Cordones is a former long-time Confidant of the late President Hugo Chávez, and major-General of the Venezuelan army, retired. In March 2018, Alcalá Cordones set an Ultimatum for the government of Nicolás Maduro because of the then intensified persecution of Service and retired military of the National Bolivarian Armed Forces (FANB). In a in the social network issued an Open letter to the major-General accused the government of “uncomfortable feelings” in the ranks of the military and threatened to Nicolás Maduro, with the riots.

The threat of Alcalá Cordones‘ was a reaction to the arrest of a total of 33 cashiered American military. “So far, the scope of the influence of this retired Major-General cannot be described in more detail, “commented El País, with renewed reference to Alcalá Cordones' role as a former confidant of Hugo Chávez. FANB-according to sources, the high-ranking officer was already on the list of former commanders, the military intelligence service provides conspiratorial machinations.

During the reign of Hugo Chávez, the retired Major General was guilty of violent repression of Indian communities. In April 2012, the retired officer was accused of multiple involvement in the Narco scene by Judge Aponte, who fled to Panama. Four years later, in December 2016, he was charged by the public prosecutor’s office for active participation in the infamous massacre of Barlovento, but challenged the charge and disappeared. Since then, Alcalá Cordones has been regarded as” non-findable " and / or highly volatile in the judiciary.

In March 2018, the Major General was again accused of drug trafficking, this time of the Venezuelan entrepreneur Walid Makled, who was also accused of drug trafficking, and of Alcalá Cordones ' participation in a criminal blackmailer gang and terrorist killings. In a comprehensive three-part Interview for the Colombian newspaper Reportero 24 had declared Makled, however, that he – was often from the CIA American drug enforcement Agency, DEA, in a leniency notice, a considerable mitigation of punishment in exchange for the betrayal of accomplices have offered. At the top of the list is the Name Clíver Alcalá Cordones.

So if, according to the Trump government, the Narco scene in Colombia is “partially dominated by senior Venezuelan officials”, what does the exiled Venezuelan Narco General do at large? Respectively, are Maduro opponents the “good Narcos” when they grab to the weapons?