Dam Breaks

Dam Breaks brought about by the Raid on Yugoslavia launched 20 Years ago on Sunday Continue to shape the foreign and military policies of Germany and other Western Powers to this day. The Raid was the first major War since 1990 to be launched without the UN Security Council’s international approval. The fact that this was largely possible without consequence has paved the Way for later wars contrary to international law, including the War against Iraq (2003). The Invasion of Yugoslavia has also involved a Getting Used to German War Operations; He had made “the relatively broadly accepted Prelude” To a “almost routine” German participation in numerous international Military Operations, an Analysis stated back in 2005. A German Brigadier General in 1999, who was involved in Kosovo, pointed out that war-preparatory Reports by German Leading media diametrically contradicted internal Situation Analyses. Last but not least, the War against Yugoslavia helped to define the EU On key foreign policy Concepts of Berlin.

U.S. Marines escorting Yugoslav POWs in Kosovo over to Yugoslav authorities

Wars contrary to International Law

The Raid on Yugoslavia on 24 March 1999, which the Federal Government under Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder (SPD) and Foreign Minister Josef Fischer (Alliance 90/The Greens) pushed forward significantly At the time, took place without the necessary approval of the UN Security Council, So it was illegal under international law. In doing so, he has paved the Way for several later wars, which were also broken off the Fence by Western Powers Single-handedly without an Authorization by the United Nations. This is the case, among other things, with the Attack on Iraq on 20 March 2003. Also, in Breach of International Law, some NATO powers bombed the Libyan Government from Office in 2011. There have been Bombings of Syria in 2017 and 2018, nor covered by International Law. The Invasion of Yugoslavia has shown that Illegal Wars of aggression by Western States are enforceable in terms of power policy. Since then, they have been no Longer Taboo in the West-including Germany-and are repeatedly run.

War is pop, Schröder, Fischer and Scharping

Kick-off for The Operational routine

The War against Yugoslavia has also helped to eliminate former Resistance to combat Missions of the Bundeswehr. If, after 1945, the Motto Was long that German Soldiers should never again participate in wars of Aggression, as the then Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder observed in retrospect that by Participating in the NATO bombing, we had successfully succeeded in"our Traditional Taboo of The Military to break ." In fact, an Investigation stated back in 2005 that"German Participation in the Kosovo war" represents “something like the relatively widely accepted Prelude to an almost routine Participation in numerous international Military Missions.” Within a few Years, thousands Of Bundeswehr soldiers were able to deploy almost without any internal resistance to numerous Missions on three Continents.“The Foreign Missions of the Bundeswehr have become a Bit normal,” the Force says today:“This was not always so.” All in all, about 400,000 Germans have now been Deployed as Soldiers, according To the Bundeswehr. Currently, more than 3,500 German Military personnel are stationed in 15 missions on three Continents.

“Tense but quiet”

The German Media have been extremely helpful in Legitimising the Raid on Yugoslavia. This was exemplified by Brigadier General Heinz Loquai, Who died three Years ago. Loquai was involved in the development in Kosovo in 1999 as a military Consultant at the German OSCE Representation in Vienna. He has described the massive Contradictions between what he learned Firsthand at the time and the public-media Portrayal in numerous Publications. An Impression is provided by a Comparison of internal Sources of the Events immediately before the Start of The war with Media Reports.“All population groups living there are equally affected by flight, displacement and destruction in Kosovo,” said, for example, in an Analysis by the Foreign Office on 19 March 1999.“The Situation remains tense throughout the Region, but calm ,” the OSCE ON 19 March. News Specialists from the Bonn Ministry of Defence Stated on 22 March that there was no Major Offensive by the Yugoslav armed Forces in Sight; Also Tendencies to"ethnic Cleansing" are “still unrecognizable .”

“Fighting and Expulsions”

On the same Day, on the other Hand, one could read in German daily Newspapers,“The Serbs” moved"with 40,000 Soldiers and heavy Weapons" into Kosovo (Die Welt); It was “a new Round of Fights and Expulsions … Getting going “(Süddeutsche Zeitung). A Day later it was said that there was currently a “Serbian large-scale Offensive in Kosovo” (Die Welt); The “Serbs” are there “on the Rise (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung.” The Facts had nothing to do with the internal Documents of the Federal Government and the OSCE. However, it helped weaken or even prevent Protests against the first Combat Mission by German Soldiers after World War II. None of the newspapers cited ever worked up their Misreporting at the time; False Claims Are repeated to this day. The New York Times proved in May 2004 that things can be done differently in May 2004, which at that time-albeit in spongy twists-admitted gross Errors in its contributions in The run-up to the Iraq war. Comparable Self-criticism is unknown in Germany.

Victory over Paris

Finally, it has been Largely Forgotten that the War against Yugoslavia has helped Germany’s foreign policy Strategies within the EU to make an important Breakthrough. While the Federal Republic has been openly relying on close Cooperation with Slovenia and Croatia since the Beginning of the 1990s at the latest, supporting Nazi collaborators from the Croatian Ustasha and their Successors, France cooperated-traditionally- With Serbia. As the German Society for Foreign Policy (DGAP) notes, as late as the beginning of 1999, the Frenchman Gabriel Keller, deputy Head of the OSCE observation operation, tried to"maintain the Dialogue with Belgrade ,” while his Boss, the American William Walker, “had the clear Task of preparing the Terrain for a military Operation .” Even immediately before the Raid, French President Jacques Chirac, as the DGAP writes, had"great Reservations about the Bombing Raids.” He lost the Power Struggle against the Federal Republic and the United States: With US help, Germany prevailed Against France in the Conflict over The Policy towards Yugoslavia. The German Victory over Paris led directly to the War.