Ukraine election: Only Oligarchs have a Chance

A new President will be elected in Ukraine at the end of March. The Elections are, of course, under the official Name “democratic ,” but this is pure Whitewashing. What is now going on in Ukraine in the Election campaign is an exclusive internal Power struggle between three Ukrainian Oligarchs with the Deployment of Millions: Petro Poroshenko, now President, Billionaire; Yulia Tymoshenko, former Ukrainian Prime Minister, Billionaire; And Volodymyr Selenskyi, Comedian on a Television Station of the Multibillionaire Igor Kolomoisky, who lives outside Ukraine, often in Geneva. Selenskyi is considered a Kolomoisky straw man.

Only The rich Can keep up

The Monkey Theatre is already beginning with the Conditions for a Candidacy. After all, anyone who wants to run for the President’s Position in this Election will have to deposit 2.5 Million Hryvna in Advance: That’s around €84,000. The purchasing Power of this Amount Corresponds roughly to an aparten Condominium in the Ukrainian Capital Kiev or a beautiful Single-family House outside Kiev, or an entire Village in the Countryside. This Money is lost on all Candidates who are not elected. Only the president-elect gets the Money back.

Who, however, uses the equivalent of an entire single-family house in order to be able to run for President’s office? That’s what 40 people did, of which 39 are still in the race.

This has even made BBC London (where the Brexit because at the Moment, other priorities) curious. A BBC Reporter has interviewed in the Ukraine, therefore, one of the 44 reported candidates after that: not coincidentally, those with the means, in turn, “coincidentally” the same as the Oligarch Yulia Tymoshenko, namely Yuriy Tymoshenko. Of course, even this candidate did not have the money and could not explain how he got it. Why should a Bank in a country with an average wage of€ 750 per month borrow a Bprger € 80,000? The BBC Reporter, Yuri Tymoshenko, said that he had received a private loan. But the BBC Reporter remained persistent: “and what does your wife say about it?““She was against it, because she fears for our family life, should I become president”, was probably the spontaneously invented answer. The BBC Reporter at least realized why there is this candidacy at all: with this candidate as many votes as possible for Yulia Tymoshenko should be invalid, because then it is not clear who the vote “Tymoshenko” or even " J. Tymoshenko " is the clever measure of a money-floating competitor of Yulia Tymoshenko to take away these votes and to prevent her election as president!

BBC London has now released a short Video about this article.

Why all the other chances-free applicants?

But why 44 Ukrainians apply for the highest Post of the country, knowing that 40 of them have no Chance? The statement provided an exile Ukrainian who regularly draws his countrymen’s attention via the social media to the sneaks and Tricks of the oligarchs: Shari. In Ukraine, in fact, each formal candidate has the right to delegate his or her own trusted representatives to the commissions and bodies which have to carry out the election organizationally: the vote counters, those who deliver the results from the villages and cities to the Centers, count there and deliver them from there to the headquarters to Kiev. For example, if an Oligarch has formally appointed 25 straw men as presidential candidates, he has the majority in all electoral bodies with “his” people. The fraud is so programmed.

The passport is sufficient to cast the vote – without its owner

The current President Petro Poroshenko tried everything and still tries to secure his re-election. For example, those Ukrainians who work in Russia are not entitled to vote on the basis of a new law. However, anyone who works in Poland, Germany or Canada in order to be able to properly time his life does not have to travel to Ukraine in order to cast his vote. His friends go to the urn with the passport of the absent, that is enough to cast a vote at the urn.

What distinguishes the three candidates with real Chance?

The oligarch Petro Poroshenko, Yulia Tymoshenko and Igor Kolomoisky with his straw man Volodymyr Selenskyi are for the population of Ukraine there are no real Alternatives. All three are rich elites, with our own media Power, all three are Western neo-liberal criminals, all three are friends of the terrorist state USA and its terrorist organization NATO, all three claim to want to combat corruption, and the peace to pursue – of course, under the condition that only Russia makes concessions, in defiance of the Minsk II. Poroshenko is the one who puts the most intense on the map war and does not shy away from having good contacts with the neo-Nazi Milieu and the Azov Regiment. Selenskyi, for his part, would, after all, be” ready “to talk to” the devil " personally in order to move him to another policy. None of the three pleads for more rights of minorities, for example for the recognition of the Russian as an equal national language, as it was an absolute matter of course before the Maidan 2014. Of course, all three promise a better life for the population. (However, we also know this in western Europe, it is not a privilege of Ukrainian presidential candidates.)

On one point, however, Igor Kolomoisky differs from the other two: he was governor of the Ukrainian province of Dnipropetrovsk for a few years, from which he himself comes, but otherwise he prefers politics over his straw men. Wes mind child he is, however, is clear. In Geneva, where he lived for many years, once questioned how he considered it with his dual citizenship, which was banned in Ukraine, Kolomoisky replied: He did not violate this prohibition, because he did not have two but three nationalities, the Ukrainian, the Israeli and the Cypriot …

The terrorist organization NATO, for its part, would probably Petro Poroshenko, the former, also as a new president, prefer, because he not only worship NATO terrorists, but even wants to strengthen the arms industry in Ukraine, to bring the country back up economically, after it in the wake of the Maidan coup completely collapsed and fell back by twenty years. Which is quite normal for countries that turn to the West. Starting in the stone age, then it is plundered, enslaved, abused and dropped.

A detailed assessment of the three candidates can be found on the website of the US think tank “Wilson Center” in Washington.

The choice is international “observed”

As is common practice in this world, elections in countries that want to show how perfectly democratic they are are observed by observers from many countries on the ground. These observers will then have to report whether everything has been done properly and in compliance with the law.

An official OSCE/ODIHR paper indicates that it is planned to send 100 long-term observers and 750 short-term observers to the presidential elections in Ukraine. After President Poroshenko has recently proposed to parliament a law that does not allow the OSCE member Russia to send observers within the framework of the OSCE, Russia has voluntarily renounced sending observers-not least for security reasons of these people.

It is clear, therefore, that of the 850 observers, no one in the Ukrainian or Russian languages is powerful. As ODIHR, in Ukraine wants to “select” about 800 independent interpreters, one can count on the fingers: they will be provided by the state apparatus.

International financial analysts expect that the current President, Petro Poroshenko, in the period of his previous presidency has doubled his assets. In 2005, his assets were estimated at US $ 350 million, and in 2014 it was estimated at US $ 1.3 billion. And now, 2019? In Ukraine, too, money flows upwards.

And all this in a country that claims to feel close to the “European values” … what is right for Poroshenko. Typical elitist scum Smurfs at the expense of one’s own people.