Russiagate - Media and Targeted Escalation

A failed deal with the EU led to the Maidan protests in Ukraine and Europe exactly five years ago in one of the most dangerous crises of decades past. For since the West wondered about the struggle with Putin’s Russia for Ukraine, long-forgotten war fears have also been awakened in Germany.

Egon Bahr, a vip behind the east west peace tries in the 1970s

The hopes of a German diplomacy conscious of its key role in the east-West conflict and a European peace policy have not been fulfilled. Germany and Europe are thanks to the United States and United Kingdom in a Cold war with Russia. “Change through rapprochement” should be, instead we have “confrontation by escalation”. Both in the Form of economic sanctions and military rearmament as well as with the intensification of the information and propaganda war.

As the criticism of Russia has jumped into a new Dimension at the latest since an internal political accident in the USA – the election of Donald Trumps as president. Russia is guilty of an alleged Invasion of Ukraine and manipulated and influenced the American presidential elections. “Russian hackers” got discrediting emails from Hillary Clinton.

With “Russiagate”, the affair quickly received the title reminding of the Watergate scandal, but unlike the then quickly caught burglars who had searched for discrediting Material in the Democratic Party headquarters-which led to the resignation of President Nixon, the perpetrators after years are still completely unknown and the name" Russian Hacker no more than a statement. Neither the FBI nor a court have investigated these data leaks and have been able to extract judicial evidence on the perpetrators and their origin until the special investigator Robert Mueller submitted a first indictment in February 2018.

Robert Mueller, the wonder boy behind the Investigations ...

Now, finally, the “Smoking Gun” of the irrefutable evidence of how Putin’s Trump to the throne has lifted, this is the culmination of “Russia-gate” had been looking forward to in the days before multi-media barrage. The indictment of 13 Russian citizens, “is a unique document: for the First time, the Public receives an accurate and detailed insight into the secret campaign of Russian agents in the US between 2014 and 2016.”

Those who expected but a 007 spy Thriller, Details about the Hack from Hillarys private server, and the correspondence of the DNC, as well as the way of data to WikiLeaks and to the Public was disappointed. What was charged after a nine-month investigation that was nothing more than despair, which could be under the title “Putin’s cook, and the Wild thirteen” a Smear job.

The DNC Headquarter

Under the guidance of a wealthy Russian restaurateur, “Putin’s cook”, the 13 have financed a “conspiracy” to interfere in the U.S. election campaign, with the aim of criticizing Hillary Clinton and supporting Bernie Sanders and Trump. However, this “war of information”, said Deputy Minister of Justice Rod Rosenstein, “would not have influenced the outcome of the election”. In this “unique document” (Spiegel) one could read precisely and in detail how 13 Russians opened Twitter and Facebook Accounts under the wrong name and posted Anti - Hillary messages - and even “over a hundred Americans” contacted. In the middle of the election campaign, the outcome of which was not affected. MADNESS, These Russian agents!

The fact that these cybercriminals invested “over 100,000 dollars” in Facebook ads without affecting the outcome of the election is not surprising where Clinton and Trump invest billions in election advertising. For one charge, however, the number was enough and allowed, since the “wild Thirteen” is completely located in Russia and can not be pre-loaded, an unopposed and comprehensive “Russian Agate"coverage on all channels.

The fact that the whole legend was the “Russian Hacker” an unproven conspiracy theory, the media did not prevent it to continue to port, not as a colorful story in the entertainment department, but as a political news on the front pages. “Russia has hacked our elections, which was a 9/11-scale event at the core of our democracy, an event like Pearl Harbor” sounded the chief columnist of the New York Times, Thomas Friedman, horrified on MSNBC television. But legal evidence, real facts for this “attack” have not appeared in over two years.

If the whole thing wasn’t dangerous serious, you could just laugh at the clumsy and obvious fakes that make up the “Russiagate” Story. However, what is happening here, is fatal: to expel an elected President, repealed the separation of powers of the democratic system: the secret services (CIA, NSA, MI6), the police (FBI) and the media work Hand-in-Hand, and the horror clown Donald Trump sustainably shocked Democrats, liberals, Left, to fire this police state, totalitarian methods. And so we experience the surreal Situation, that it is not the monstrous meteorite Trump, the impact of which shakes the foundations of freedom democracy, but its opponents, who are acting against him outside the rule of law and with an almost uniform media front.

If you refer to these unsustainable conditions, which every supporter of a democratic rule of law would actually have to take out of the house, in talks with colleagues and friends, the question often arises: “yes do you like the Trump?” - which shows what climate two years “Russiagate” Bullshit in the minds have already generated. Anyone who leaves even a good hair on “King Donald and his magnificent squirrel Hairstyle” is immediately impossible. The statement that liberal democracy cannot be saved by illiberal methods and that an independent press must not become the voice of the secret services, is futile. All means are apparently allowed against one like Trump.

The reason for this is obvious: Trump is definitely not a candidate of the behind-the-Scenes ruling Establishment. Predecessor Bush, but also Clinton or Obama were a politician, which is accepted by that Elite before the election and ensnares, respectively, in the first place. Trump, on the other hand, acted as a fierce outsider. Not only did almost all the leading media oppose him, but also the US intelligence apparatus. The discomfort of these influential elites can hardly be explained seriously with Trump’s rudeness, chauvinism or Muslim hostility. He is rather a leper in political positions about power and money: for example, his partial departure from the idea of international free trade, his unwillingness to continue to regard Russia categorically as an enemy, and his rather casual relationship with Nato.

Free trade is a central agreement for the benefit of the multinationals in particular. No one is touching it with impunity. The enemy image of Russia, in turn, has been systematically and with great effort built up in recent years with the help of the media and dozens of think tanks. Enemy images are interchangeable, the decisive factor is that they exist in order to be able to permanently upgrade and assert power claims in foreign countries.

The enemy image of Russia has been firmly installed in the West at the latest since the 2014 Ukraine crisis and serves as the central engine of geopolitics, as a lever and moral justification. Those who question such a painstakingly installed enemy image are threatening a complex System of military, armor, intelligence services and corporations. As a foreign policy goal, Trump had in each of his campaign speeches “to come along with Russia” pointed out and that as a hard negotiator he would “deal with Putin already”. He would have said that not so often and not so loud, because for two years he has been made almost impossible to meet with the Russian President and discuss in detail. Russia can’t be invaded as quickly as Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and Mali proves Venezuela. The new enemy image of American aggressors has woken up. Nato terrorists are ready to plunder the next country.

Trump may be a narcissistic and unsympathetic Chauvinist – powerful opponent, but he has made not with his dubious character, but with such political views and intentions. And as long as he doesn’t evade this, the concentrated power of the “Deep State” will keep him in the sights and keep the bizarre “Russiagate” circus ad infinitum in the headlines. Maybe he’ll end up like Kennedy. Shot by the Secret Service and a stupid slut is the bad guy. This tactic is still seen today in American and Nato Terror.