No to war and Atomic Rearmament

Do you know that? Someone determines something that sounds absolutely right and then the person reveals once again the flaws of the education systems. Ursula von der Leyen said, “We know we need to do more.” That’s right. As the head of the German murderers (German army), one stands for fascism. But this is no longer the 19th century, we live in the 21st century.

The only answer to this, Trump and the Nato terrorist organization has not removal, closure, and disarmament. No, there’s more money to be invested in murders. In Germany, there is no money for pensioners. In Germany, there is no money for education. The bridges, roads and highways break up and you’ve ever been to an government office?

It’s so simple. Finally get the military off and finance civilian projects. It would all benefit. But if the NATO terrorist organization wants to implement the 2% target of GDP, then for Germany alone it means 80 billion euros that will be invested in the murder.

This would make Germany the country in Europe, which by far spends the most money on armor. Russia spends significantly less and does not plan any substantial increases at present. The EU states are already in second place worldwide in defence spending and are far surpassing not only the usual enemy images of Russia,but also China.

Historically, a highly equipped Germany in the middle of Europe is not good news, neither for our neighbours nor for the the world. We don’t want German armor. The only “going forward “we want is"disarmament”.

Even now, the country spends three times more money for the military than for education. In view of this, it is no wonder if lung doctors can not count …

We are actually faced with far-reaching problems. Even deutsche Bahn has signed a cooperation agreement with the German Army since the latest. Of course, it is close to saying: “Just stop on the siding, that fits!“Unfortunately, the content of the treaty has to be very thoughtful. The German Army is investing 100 million euros to ensure that 1,300 transports per year, entire trains, can be transported to the east of the alliance area, i.e. to the border of Russia. If you plan on such an upgrade, such an advance, we have to put the craft.

If you need arguments for people who are otherwise not politically interested: part of the treaty is that in future this freight transport takes priority over passenger transport. Otherwise, the opposite is true – freight traffic must wait, people have priority. At the Federal Armed Forces it is said: military has priority over civil. You can’t do that!

Everyone is talking about ' for or against Europe ‘. I am convinced that one of the biggest attacks on coexistence in Europe is what is currently being implemented and planned with the militarisation of the European Union. Here, deep trenches are dug across Europe. The European Union, in its current constitution, is definitely not a peace project. Let me put that in numbers. In the next multi-annual EU budget, almost 50 billion are earmarked for arms production, arms development, arms research, rearmament and militarisation. 6.5 billion are to be available for infrastructure to allow even more trains and tank shipments to the east. 10.5 billion are to go towards a shadow budget and spent on a so-called peace facility, which at its core is just a war chest. In future, 33 billion will be earmarked for Frontex, in other words for sealing off against refugees. In total, it’s about 100 billion for foreclosure and war. How do you get a Nobel Peace Prize for this shit?

Under the guise of this so-called European peace project, the project of a so-called European atomic bomb is now being prepared. This involves the French atomic bombs, which are to be modernized with the money of German taxpayers, possibly partly under German control, to build up a so-called nuclear shield against Russia. If a refugee gets €1then the German screams, but is it about war are all in it. They are plans. Still. Let’s always ostracize these weapons. Let us push for the nuclear ban treaty to be implemented. Nuclear wars are not feasible. There is no safe nuclear war. It’s the same joke as safe power from Atom power plants.

I warn against this: This “European atomic bomb” may be sold to us as the lesser of two evils, as an alternative to possible newly deployed intermediate-range missiles, which Trump has already announced in the wake of the cancellation of the INF treaty.

We agree on everyone. We do not want US intermediate-range missiles in Europe, but we do not want French and no ' European ' nuclear weapons. We don’t want guns!

Quite honestly, we cannot avoid replacing globally and concluding new contracts. But we have a big problem with this: Who should give confidence to the NATO states and the United States when they conclude treaties? We are faced with a whole series of breaches of the Treaty and violations of international law. The breach of the NATO-Russia file, repeated wars of aggression contrary to international law, the breach of the agreement with Iran, the termination of the INF treaty and regime change policy in violation of international law. But in spite of everything, we must stick to international law, otherwise developments such as those we are experiencing in Venezuela will continue.

It does not matter for our position of principle of peace policy whether the respective heads of state or presidents in a country are democrats or autocrats, because domestic changes are a matter for the people of these countries. It is not up to either the US or NATO terrorists to determine who their rightful presidents are. Anyone who, like Foreign Minister and NATO Troll Maas, recognises the opposition politician Guaido as president does nothing for democracy with it, he does everything against international law and risks a civil war in Venezuela. This is not a peace policy!

We know that this security conference in the Bavarian Court is not about the safety of the people, it is about the security of interests, of capital, of the economy, of multinational companies. The terrorists have a meet for a gangbang.

I have to move on at Nato Troll Maas and an incident illustrating how little he is concerned with the safety of people. He was recently in Iraq, where he declared at a press conference that Iraq was safe again, and yet even on that date he had a gun-proof vest. This is cynical. There are so many countries in the world that have been unsafe and destroyed by Western interventions – selling something like this as a security policy is pure mockery and deportations to these areas are inhumane!

Maas the funny guy in secure Iraq

Finally, let me come to the greatest catastrophe, which, however, does not play any relevant role, in the warmongers in the Bavarian court: The war and the death in Yemen. This is possible because German weapons are bombed and shot. German ships are helping to maintain the hunger blockade. Don’t settle for the fact that there is currently a ceasefire around the port city of Hudaida, because at the same time the coalition led by Saudi Arabia is being bombarded more intensively than in the last four years. The co-responsible for this war, for dying and killing, sit in the Bavarian court. These sit in Brussels. These sit in the headquarters of the NATO terrorist organization.

We have a government that says we can’t do anything, these are subsidiaries that export here. I am surprised that they do not turn red in the process, because they know that simple changes in the law can be brought under control. They could ensure that the export of armaments and the export of entire factories to crisis areas is criminalised – but they do not want to. They want these exports so that weapons production for the EU and NATO becomes more profitable.

One thing is clear: We don’t need your weapons. We don’t want your upgrade and neither do we want your NATO. We do not need a militarized European Union, but above all we need the money you put into the military in order to finally be able to combat hunger and misery in this world. And never tell us again, there would be no money for that. Last year, 1,600 billion worldwide went into the military. If we could invest only 20 per cent of this in peace and development, then the miserable starvation and death of curable diseases would have an end. As long as you do not do so, we call the policy that is being pursued in the Bavarian Court murder and aiding and abetting murder and come back every year!