The children in the German army.

Last week, a small message was worth it to German press houses. The Bundeswehr trains children on the weapons. This message was reported on Red Hand Day, a day used against child soldiers. These are mostly articles about Africa, the better (West) European never brushes on his own doorstep.

One in 12 recruits is a minor

The army’s recruitment practice is not contrary to international law. The fascist Germany, of course, pays attention to the laws, especially to the outside world. The Geneva Conventions define the recruitment of under-15s as war crimes. The law is adapted to the fact that NATO terrorists can give themselves as more moral than African terrorists. A UN Protocol on Children’s Rights of 2000 prohibited the signatory states from forcibly interfering with children under 18 in their armies, but under pressure from the typical war criminals of Great Britain and the USA and their favourite enemies Russia and China, the permissible age was For voluntarily recruiting pushed to 16 years.

Germany may have signed, but the german Army uses the additional clause and recruits 16-year-olds. Under German law, a child! Advertising, school visits, events for children visits and use magic words such as cyber and adventure camps.

German Army Statistics for Children in the Army

Children in the German Army are therefore not an exception become more the rule. Children in the army are unethical, if covered by international law, so one also observes breaks of protocol. There is a well-known case in which a 17 year old girl had to perform guard duty with a gun and service to the weapon is prohibited in principle to all under the age of 18.

“In addition, the suspected cases of crimes against sexual self-determination are at a record high,” and thus against the special sexual protection of minors, explains Peter Müller, the Linken spokesman. “This category includes 288 notifications, more than 50 more than in the previous year.” The report, among other sexual assaults, said: “In one case, a staff trailblazer called for oral sex in return for a ride from an underage female soldier.” Although sexual assaults in the annual report “always mention of disciplinary fines,” Müller said, “there is no mention of whether the soldiers in question will also be prosecuted.” A request from Mueller to the Department of Defense in this regard is pending.

The Master hypocrite West

The children may not yet be sent to any of the 17 missions of the German army abroad, the training for this is taking place explicitly. In Germany, one may not own a revolver until the age of 18, a sports rifle only at the age of 21, but the G36 assault rifle may have a child for German, Western and NATO ideology as early as the age of 17 and be transcribed in the battle of houses in Afghanistan.

UNICEF defines “all fighters and their helpers who are under the age of 18” as “child soldiers.” According to these and other world-renowned organizations, Germany is guilty of the crime of recruiting “child soldiers.” What else can be expected of a convicted war criminal? So there is no Unterschwied between a child with a gun in Africa, or even Germany. Both are to be ostracized.

It is sheer hypocrisy when NATO recruits terrorists minors, the USA maintains a 500,000 child army, and plucked up to the “Western community of values” and raised the fingers against others.

Back in 2014, the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child issued a complaint to the federal government for their ongoing recruitment of minors and consistently calls for “the minimum age of recruitment for the armed forces to be set at 18” as well as “all forms of Ban advertising campaigns for the German armed forces targeting children. "

Mountain or Beach

For years, the German army has been pursuing an advertising strategy tailored to children. The recruits on Youtube gives an insight into the basic training in music it is only playing outside. This crime costs the taxpayer 7.9 million euros, from a budget filled with 35 million, only to fix youngsters like a drug dealer.

On Youtube, the German army is particularly active, with various productions, films, computer games just to convey the Bundeswehr sees for adventure, team spirit and adrenaline. No critical voice on deployments, testimonies of young soldiers, or something about the extent of the importance of foreign occupiers.

In the youth magazine Bravo, where it is explained how woman and man function, the German army asks without shame “Are you water rat, or climbing pro .” Mountain or beach type. Once the reputation is ruined, it lives without shame.

Mountain or beach type?: Advertisement for BW Adventure Camps at BRAVO, the largest youth magazine in the German-speaking world. Source: http://www.spiegel.de/politik/deutschland/bundeswehr-wirbt-im-jugendmagazin-bravo-mit-abenteuercamps-a-855922.html

German army officials give lectures at schools, are with their own stands at professional and youth fairs. At Gamescon 2018, the German army was present with posters in Gamer Slang.

The Bundeswehr is promoting its stand at the world's largest gaming trade fair Gamescom 2018. Source: Bundeswehr, Twitter.

Head of the German army, Mrs. von der Leyen has set himself up in addition to nepotism, equipping son with consultant fidelities, and the compatibility of family + soldier as a task. Even the government contracted words like modern, competitive and attractive employers in connection with the German army. Serving as a murderer in uniform is just a job like any other. As in the USA, the German army wants to normalize the murder and is advancing more and more into the media and living world of our children.

Murders are not a job like any other and personally I wonder what problem you have as a teenager to volunteer as a murderer and, of course, what parents must have done wrong.