Peace and unity achievable for Syria?

Mainly the US coalition and its hearing are obstructing the peace process through missile strikes, chemical weapons provocations, military support from armed opposition and terrorists, and the expansion of US bases in the northern Syrian Kurdish area. Israel is bombing sites of the Syrian army (SAA) and Iranian allies in violation of international law. The description of these peace and unitary impediments operating in Syria, as well as the unitary advocate, as well as other overarching factors, are the subject of this article.

The military situation in the world has also been further exacerbated by aggressive military, sanctions and trade policies, as well as the announcement by Trump to cancel the INF treaty, in Syria.

The successfully repelled air strikes by the main forces of the US coalition not invited by Syria to the Syrian air base Shairat and the April 14, 2018 missile strike on Syrian air defense objects violated international law and were aggression . The latter, as well as the announced new rocket strike by the US coalition against the SAA, risked dividing the country and expanding into a major regional or world war.

The use of poison gas against the civilian population, which has been submitted to the SAA, has not yet been proven. But provocations of the “White Helmets,” which are intended to give their clients from the West (US, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and EU states) pretexts for their rocket strikes with provocations were proven. Through the effective military intervention of Russia and its diplomatic activities with all forces active in Syria, through the qualitative improvement of the SAA’s equipment and the financial and economic support of China, the situation has been able to Pare-stabilized in Syria. With the new de-escalation zone established by Russia and Turkey on the border with Turkey, a sacrificial storm of Idlib was averted for the time being by the SAA and by the Air Cosmic Forces of Russia. From the end of August, an aggressive march was staged by the USA to strengthen the 6th Fleet with an aircraft carrier, over-and underwater ships as well as modern fighter jets and bombers, with almost two hundred Tomahawk missiles and other modern armament, in order to To fight a decisive battle against Syria, Russia and Iran. In addition, Israel provoked the shooting of an Il-20 Russian reconnaissance aircraft at the beginning of September 2018, killing 15 Russian army personnel. This event exacerbated the military situation in Syria and freed Russia from previous pledges to Israel to delay the delivery of S-300 systems to Syria.

The Russian Weapn System

Because of the aggressiveness of the West, Syrian air defenses have been radically stepped up and reorganized. In a very short time, a regiment of several modernized S-300 complexes as well as wide-ranging interstaggered anti-aircraft system (FRK), new radio electronic ordnance, some with Russian crew, a friend-gun system and an automated guidance system installed. State-of-the-art Russian fighter jets, wings and hypersonic missiles as well as coastal protection complexes were also incorporated into this defensive grouping. The Air Defense Systems (LV) of Russia and Syria were merged, which increased the overall effectiveness of the LV in Syria several times. In early September 2018, friend and foe were able to convince themselves of this in the maneuver taking place off the Syrian coast. At this stage, Syria dealt with the biggest blow yet to Western-backed IS and An-Nusra terrorists in Idlib; Their bases and infrastructure destroyed what the U.S. coalition could not avert.

The Russian Weapon System

The US and UK defence systems looked particularly weak. Russian experts believe this new LV grouping is enough to successfully repel a US coalition and Israel missile strike on Syria and allies. This defensive structure is said to be capable of intercepting the F-35 stealth aircraft as well. The measures to strengthen the Syrian LV will further change the balance of power between those acting in Syria in favour of Syria, Russia, China and Iran.

While the military operations conducted by the SAA and Russia have served to regain control of the entire country and peace with all forces acting in Syria, accompanied by political and humanitarian activities of Russia and China, has the Western community not yet embarked on a stable peace, according to Syria correspondent Karin Leukefeld at the Syria conference in Potsdam. The border with Jordan and the Golan Heights could be liberated by the SAA and Russian special forces of mercenary forces of US-led forces and brought back under Syria’s control. Border crossings to Jordan and Israel have been opened. Now, U.N. and Russian militaries are patrolling the border with Israel together. The regime change sought by the US coalition in Syria has not been achieved, nor is there any resilient peace or unity. The US and parts of its coalition do not want to accept a loss of influence in Syria and the Middle East, even though they are in a militarily detrimental position.

The United States wants to remain in Syria and set up 15 bases in the Kurdish areas, where German special forces are to be located, among others.

USA in Syria

They intend to place the Kurdish area east of the Euphrates River under international control in order to be able to exploit the oil fields more cheaply. The US rejects a return of these territories to the sovereignty of Syria. These plans violate international law. The US unjustifiably imposes sanctions on Syria, which have a devastating effect on the population and which are supported by the EU, Germany. The EU divides Syrians into good (who cooperate with the West) and evil (who want to return to their homeland and do not reject Assad), as well as by religious and ethnic affiliation, which shows that the EU is participating in the war against Syria at all levels. China participates in the defense of a U.S. missile strike with the supply of weapons and instructors, with financing weapons, supplies and services to maintain economic and living conditions in Syria, and is holding out for reconstruction Syria and its industry. It also stands rifle at foot to take over the petroleum sources. It seems like China could become the big winner of the Syria war.

Chinese visitors at the Syria rebuilding conference earlier this month. Photo: AP


  1. Russia and China, thanks to their military and economic strength, have been able to expand their decisive influence on world politics. The increased influence is based not only on the potential for nuclear decration, but also on the new conventional military weapons systems of Russia, the effects of which are being achieved in Syria, despite the attempts of the US coalition, the strength of Russia, Syria, Iran. And to doubt China in Syria through provocations and major military actions.

  2. The facts allow the conclusion that peace and unity in Syria are achievable on the basis of the global strategic equilibrium of the sides, but also through the military balance of the forces on the ground. The emerging new balance of power will force the warring parties to the negotiating table to bring peace and unity to Syria.

  3. It seems necessary to bring this view of things in Syria into the media and to those in power – a task for all the left and other progressive forces!