Silvio Siefke

Money is Wealth

Why does money actually equal wealth? There is a regulation, an act or a basis for saying that? Money = wealth? The international media is truly amazing. They have been told this tale the mass of people. What is money? It is something that the churches have prevailed because they were too lazy to wear precious moles. The European success story. Although this is not really a success. Money is the modern form of slavery.

Proclamation of the Abolition of Slavery in the French Colonies 1849, by Francois Auguste Biard. Versailles Palace

We all know the stories of slaves. They had to work to get food and drink and accommodation. If the slaves were not heard, they were beaten. When the slaves were freed were a few kings with their cardinals at the table and considered how to continue the slavery without the poor gloss. Then came the church pastors with an idea. The gold and silver are heavy and the journey to Jerusalem also takes longer. We could exchange gold and silver with a letter from you in Jerusalem. That was the birth of money. This idea was taken up by the kings and cardinals at the meeting. We introduce silver coins and gold coins, so the sense of independence and with taxes we ensure that no one becomes as rich as we are. Modern slavery took your path. This European model became a worldwide export hit. More and more people were talking about being independent. We take part in life. Participation in life through money: living by money, eat by money. Do you recognize the commonality of slavery? As before, many people lived only to work, eat and sleep. Paying these things by you to kings and cardinals doesn’t make life more independent. The slave holder has transferred his obligation only to you. If you have a different opinion you are a spinner. If you do not finish your work the money will be deleted or you will be released. If you have demands, you can lose your life as well as your work. So slavery has never ceased, the slave has been told that they are independent, and like sheep, people follow these views. At the same time, slavery has intensified. If you look at Africa and Asia, for whom people produce under inhuman conditions for the cardinals and kings in Europe, money is one of the worst inventions of mankind.

Back to the topic. I always get out to address the real issue. We were right at the money which is equated with wealth. What can not be bought with money? Happiness, health, love, children, trust and friends. What the race people make can not be bought with money. There is wealth for everyone. You take someone you like, hope you fall in love, marry and you get children. Yes children, I believe a partnership should always involve a girl and a boy. You take care of your children according to your possibilities, educate them according to your idea and teach them to think for themselves. The kids will grow, marry, and even have children. The mother and father of the children will leave this world one day. But there will always be something in both children and children in the children. Congratulations, you are immortal. Immortality is what many people would pay a lot of money, and not infrequently, immortality says mum, or dad.