Silvio Siefke


The UN spoke of Barbarism in Syria and I had the hope that the members finally come to reason. Yes, I’m naive. It was spoken from barbarism against Russia and Syria from the countries which become fat and rich by murders. The NATO criminals, the terrorists, these murderers. The UN has 193 members, what they say for this wars? Is the UN the same process as it makes Japan in the IWC? The rich buy the poor to become what they need? Did the other countries have fear from the west, or have no opinion? It is agreed to, or contain. All permits as long as it itself does not concern one.

Syria - the start of the war

Syria began with a demonstration from few peoples. They want change in politic and system. In this unstable area, immediately Islamic fundamentalists and Kurdish fighters have sensed the opportunities. The civil war was started. The Western criminals took the occasion to support Islamic terrorists. The PR Phrase “We help the population” is the typical phrase of war criminals. Russia joined later in this civil war and as a long-standing partner of the State, it is also legitimate to help the Syrian Government. It might be true the Russian entry into the war the situation made worse, but not cause Russia come, because the old, ideological, and paranoid cold warriors from the west which leaking blood and wanted not leave and let Syria alone with Russia. That was the reason to remain in Syria and to increase the support for the terrorists and Kurds fighters. The successfully Regime Change Projects from Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Ukraine should be installed also in Syria. When we speak about RAF, ETA, IRA, ELF and many more we ever used the word terrorism and crime. The Western world supports exactly the same groups in Syria financially, logistically and militarily which called at home terrorists and in Syria we speak lovely from partners.

Syria is a problem of the Arabic and Asia States. It is not the playground of geopolitical, ideological, and paranoid decision-makers. We support in Syria terrorists and the home tell us the decision makers the surveillance, strong police force and military buildup necessary for a respective protection against these terrorists. What we are doing in Syria can not be circumscribed with irony and hypocrisy, it is schizophrenic and should be treated. No one is more dangerous than a paranoid and ideological man.