Silvio Siefke

Police State

The alternative to capitalism is not communism, but the decentralization of power.

The United States have crises with aliens and Mexicans. In Europe, there are the refugees who plunges us all into crises. The crimes come with the crises. We not knows crime without refugees. These are idyllic States when there is no crisis in the Western Occident. People who dance. People who are happy. People who neither hunger and socially excluded. The Paradise on earth without crises. Or? With the crises screams the people more. More police. More penalties. More soldiers. More deportations. More consequence. Increasingly. The word more is inoculated the people. More growth, more money, more workers, more wealth, more opportunities, etc. More is the word of the years since 1945. Remember the people that it is fucked? Noted the nation that it repeats itself? There’s not much what I hate. But I hate hypocrites.

In every country in the world, there is a basic law, “Property entails obligations”. But the law is disregarded. The criminal and civil law act 70% only to property crimes. How can it be? Who wrote these laws? Who had most money? The rulers and elites had money. This wealth must protect from the normal people. Has been especially as the times of the Kings past. Who is not a the leader of the country, had to buy the leader of the country. Lobbying is the new word with same value. Corruption! So that the appearance and the voices was satisfied after democracy steps they invented parliaments, committees, ministries and experts. The corruption could be legalized. Now is it fix, the law of rulers, the morality and ethics of them which most not like and when speak about they tell from critic.

People can be killed in different ways. Why are not outlawed all kinds? Why are not all types of theft punishable? Why are not all types of robbery offence? Why is not every abuse punishable? Why is not every insult punishable? Why is not any fraud punishable? Why do we need a passport and many a visa to travel? Why can we not stay in freedom? Why should camp only on selected places? Why restrict elites and rulers our daily lives and talk in evening Show from freedom? Why we accept without protest these rules? Why is it forbidden for us to work and change the rules? The police and justice is becoming a state within a state. The elites do what they want. The rulers are the elites and not the we. What is it democratic? Democracy gives people the violence and not elites, rulers and the economy and criminalized us.

Democracy is the art solemnly draw the people in the name of the people, the fur pulling on the ears. (Karlheinz Deschner)

We should make the rules. We has pay armies, police, judiciary and prisons and for us is forbidden see inside and talk with the involved peoples. This should protect us? Video surveillance, mass surveillance, biometric databases, banking databases, Data retention, borders, propaganda, lies and lack of transparency is not democratic and also not “In the names of the people”. Why criminals are persecuted and imprisoned, without the damage that justify? A bank robber stole €2000. Why does the persecution, prosecution and negotiating cost half a million euros? What we the people have from it? There was a time that criminals are not locked away they pay compensation. This is useful for us and for the National economy.

We talked about different ways of murder. War is murder. Starvation is murder. Drowning refugees is murder. Pay despots is murder. Looking away is murder. Ignore is murder. Trade is murder. Everything not punishable. Murder with knife and pistol without uniform is persecuted murder. The killer in forest is rarely. Look in your family, friends and other you know is the true risk. A dispute escalates and someone responds with emotion. A friend make a mistake and should sit in prison for years? Why? He never will do this and this say all scientist. We cry for less state but allow state to intervenes in our privacy. Is that right? We know the war on terror? Since 2001, half of the world kill the other half of the world. No politician, not a soldier and no policeman stand on trial. Millions murders and no one is responsible. Thousands of refugees die during flight and in camps. Europe looks away and paid despot so that they harass the people. Who takes responsibility? Where are the hearings? Where are the penalties? Thousands die every day from hunger, hunger is recognized only because the West takes away everything. Trial? Convictions? No! How many die for lack of medicines, by car, by arms trafficking, the drug prohibition, by political decisions, by court rulings and by the police. Where sit this murders in prisons worldwide?

Why is a thief criminalized? A thief is a hacker. He finds gaps and use it. Why is criminalized? Protect your property! The West runs through the world and stealing land. The destroying of entire landscapes (Africa, Asia), to used biofuel and had products for food. People are driven out. People are imprisoned and killed. The West called globalization, we call it theft, robbery and murder. Where are the hearings? Where are the convictions?

Why is there fraud? What is fraud? Are you stupid? Are you naive? There are two types of fraudsters. The first uses gaps in your security. Is your computer up to date? Do you use an installed, or a live system? Do you use the right bank? Do you use your own equipment or public? For what was invented paper? For what language was invented? The second fraudster uses your emotions. Are you naive? Are you greedy? Are you old? You’re stupid? Are you an entrepreneur and too stupid to minimize your risk? Fraud is therefore an offence to protect feelings and the economy. Why? Take care! The impostor is like the lion in Africa. He finds the weak and exploits opportunities mercilessly. Why are not politicians for the lies on trial? Why is the economy not on trial? I think every day you can count fraud in the government and the economy not even on the own hands.

Why is insult punished harder by State and security organ? What makes these people more valuable? In democracy, the violence emanates from the people and State employs only trustee. So why more? Why are leaders offend other heads of state without consequences? Why the police can offend without consequences? Where is the fairness?

The sexual crime is an endless discussion. More and more penalties cry the sheep. We have enough cry the government. Unless it is facing a election. Then quickly written into law more. After the election is before the election. Does anyone believe more will make rape disappear? You are naive? You think a person which is hot of someone say “For 5 years I do, for 10 years I do not”? In some states give death penalty and still give murders. Why should it behave differently in cases of rape? In India, there is the death penalty for rape, yet one reads again and again of these acts. More does not work. I believe women should learn self-defence, or we cut off the genitals. It’s a idea or it’s crime at this point? This peoples are stupid and with this we must live. But more help here sure is not, many make only the risk higher for the victim to die.

New criminal offences in Germany

The police always get more rights. The federal police gets more money and more staff and the judiciary judges as on an assembly line. The statistics imaging looks like more rights won’t help. The crime remains at the same level. Why? The police will disappear from the streets. Databases, telephone tapping, and video surveillance replace the police. The true crime live behind walls. The danger is not the crime, it’s the basis of crime. No one talk about it. Only we protect and lock in. But police and other secure stuff protects rulers, elites and economic not us. “Person of Interest” is not fiction, it’s the truth. Not “Catch me if you can”, next time come “We catch at right place”. You can read it in news every day. Every day more and more the government, elites, rulers, protectors build the state to criminalized us. You be the slave and we your king. The new order in fear to lost the richness.


The police sees the guilty through the fingers; the innocent the police suspected. Decimus Junius Juvenal

Law and order. Crime and Punishment. Justice is something that does not exist. Organizations take care of the victims instead of the State is justice? Illegal evidence, illegal video surveillance, illegal wiretap, torture and often comes terrorism is justice? The innocent, who are in prison is justice? The wrong suspects and missing excuses are justice? Horst Arnold, Ralf Witte, Thomas Ewers, Adolf S. and Bernhard M. and Dominique Strauss-Kahn are prominent examples of innocent of alleged rapes. The lies which come out the state cover up with the coercive psychiatry is justice? Are there quotas for criminalization? Imagination or reality? The Nationalist kills the alien and accommodation is called by state experience-oriented right-wing extremists. People who are demonstrating against proliferations of capitalism are violent and disaffected Communists. This is justice?

G8 Demonstration

Do you know the G8 meeting? The minority of the world meet and deliberate as the majority has to submit. People criticize that and give the criticism expressed are criminalized. From arbitrary house searches to physical violence. Criticism is beaten small. In last years protesters are supervised. G8 in 2015, 20,000 policemen fight against 4,000 demonstrators. That is democracy. That’s the debate. This is the argument of the elites. You’ve already seen the police officers were badly parked? The retract wrong one way streets? Police harass migrants? Small mistakes that everyone has observed, but have you ever tried to bring the policeman in trial? It must give an institution that oversees the police and judiciary. No, this give not. The police is state in state for state. The justice is state in state for state. Who wants the police, judiciary and judges to prosecute is not succeed self with video evidence. This club protects each other. The police today, the justice among themselves and both mutually. Thus all acts democratically they had written “resisting law enforcement officers” as law.

We all know the Mafia. the Mafia is romanticized in movies. The Italy, the Japanese, the Russians and Chileans. Legally packaged as organized crime. Organized crime is hunted internationally. It is condemned and screamed. Where is the Organized Crime contained locally? Banks and insurance companies have created a casino and blackmail us with interest. What is the difference between the Mafia and the financial services industry? Banks and insurance are system Relevant. I’m sure the Mafia pays more taxes as banks and insurance companies. Even culturally, the Mafia is more entertaining than the banking and insurance business. “The Godfather” everyone knows. What banks offer? An insight into the criminal organization with “The International”. Otherwise, there are only films about bank robbers, “How to rob a bank” and “Inside Men” are true gems of this series. Interpol should investigate more banks, insurance companies and stock exchanges rather than rant against organized crime, this only know few of us. Even those who have to deal with organized crime will receive no protection. Police looking away. The state looks away. Money is earned and spent again and flushed money into empty coffers. An endless circle of corruption? So long the “Organized Crime” attack not the rulers, elites and the government so long they can do what they want.

To understand the crime of power see the realistic series Law & Order. Coercion, extortion, threats are the daily business of the alleged protectors. Justice is only available with new crimes and which is committed from the side of right. Who surprised that? Who is this program looks have understood that no one is responsible for our protection, but we have to make their own arrangements. There are many other examples of how the system works. How arrogant these protectors are. How disastrous, discriminatory and full of ideology going on this system against citizens. Even in court one is delivered as a victim and witness of arbitrariness, the offender has rights and this rights should exploit necessarily.

Spy around the world

Intelligence agencies are no alternative for a democracy. Democracy is a collection of rich bought the laws, or had written and need to protect the wealth against each. The intelligence collects information and far less abroad than at home. The own criminal and critical population comes in the databases and then the other countries will be next. We know that since Snowden go public. Why do we accept that? There are no demonstrations. There are no protests. There are no sanctions. There is no boycott. Russia has done us nothing but all agree on sanctions and aggression. But what concerns us, our lives, our private atmosphere and our lives makes us jointly cold. Of what did you fear? A lone fighter is like a drop of water. But many water drops awaken to a waterfall. Intelligence agencies are drug dealers, murderers, thieves and stalkers. Name me a reason for their permission to existence?

The “war on terror” offered as inhuman and hypocritical the West in truth. Worldwide abductions, torture, mass screening and murders without any consequences. What a value system is that? Which human rights are protected here? For example the USA in name called Obama have a list to kill peoples around the world without trial, without justice, a drone come and kill. When Assad, Putin, Rohani, Keqiang or Jong-un had the list and kill the peoples around the world who say killer? Yes the west terrorist. Not the countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, China, North Korea, Russia, Iraq, Syria and Libya are the axis of evil. The axis of evil is the United States, France, Germany and the United Kingdom. No other country in the world has invaded so many countries, no one else has killed so many people, no one else deserves to murder, weapons, prosthetics and after care as these countries. No other country has so perfected the system of power over the majority. These countries behave like the Wehrmacht, as the Gestapo and as the SS. ISIS, the alleged Islamic terror that many left and right radicals and the many demonstrations all over the world prove that the time of slavery is over. Not the religion is basis, the politics of less over the many is basis. People around the world want live free and in peace. At the moment it looks like uncontrolled violence, but the time will change the view. The governments of the majority will change the policy. This is the moment in which the West will lose.

It is up to us to decide in which world we will live. We want to aggressively spread our ideology, or finally solidarity with all people of the Earth. Every person has the right to life, to freedom, humanity and peace. The world belongs to all of us and not national assholes. Perpetual growth, social inequality, and parliamentary democracy is a path which has not worked in the past. Capitalism is not the winner, he lives a few years longer. Globalization is another word for theft, robbery and enslavement. Everybody can count by themselves. How many people live in the rich countries?From which country come the most available Products? How many people live in these States? How much do these people deserve? There are 1% rich and the rest poor. This is capitalism. This is globalization. What do we think where this all leads? The world is at the end, that prove the endless natural disasters and some very weird weather. The people not had interest anymore to be this what the other say to him. The most lost trust in state, in justice and in police. Now we population should think for it. Ideas for a life together, for sharing and for live as friend each other. When we change the life I’m sure the most problems with crime and with war will be a story for our kids.