Who is the terrorist

I think it is the best time for resistance. Time for the revolution. Use of professionals from the advertising industry can see the revolution as the best thing since the invention of sliced bread. If all right, then the Revolution can successfully run with international arms deliveries.

The United States and Germany supply weapons to rebels, so that you can then rid the country. What do you call that? Terrorism? Friendly turn? For me is terror!!! The absolute insanity are the global arms sales to Iraqi Kurds. What was the RAF in Germany? What was Oklahoma City Bombing? There are no direct connections, but once you are considering for what were these groups? They wanted to change forcibly a system. The Kurds want to destroy the Iraqi state. If the weapons deliveries will follow also fought in Syria and Turkey. So the western terrorists help local terrorists in attack. This mud pack invents words like human rights, terrorism and rogue and accurate views, the Western countries would imprison themselves and overlay them with drones and missiles. The USA and Europe have Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan and Africa abused, raped and exploited, and now help the most active western terrorists local Terroisten in terrorism. The RAF and Timothy McVeigh should have only hire a proper PR consulting. The western terrorists had helped in building armies and the entire world would have sent weapons. The western terrorists have the RAF and the perpetrators of the Oklahoma City Bombing hunted, murdered and imprisoned. Why does not the West with yourself? ‘NATO and the UN are terrorist organizations. In Germany it is a criminal offense. In the United States, which is liable to prosecution. Why does nothing happen? This is Western democracy. Crimes are legal as long as it benefits their own interests. The West calls it democracy. I call it hypocrisy.

Dear Kurds, how stupid are you? Dear Iraq, how stupid are you? Arab world it is time finally brings our brothers and sisters to help. I do not understand. Iraq and Palestine bleed. Why will not intervened? Why the western terrorists determine our culture and country? Why do we pay the Western terrorists, thus destroying our country and culture? We are not slaves to the West! We are not a criminal! We are not terrorists! We want to keep our culture and life. We do not want American life or this western pseudo-democratic system. We are we and not the West. It’s time that the Arab rulers protect their own people against the West.