Why Arab League?

It’s tragic act, the Arab states as a puppet of the Western world. Egypt, what happened? Which puppet you have chosen? Which puppet you be? An American, a European or an Israeli puppet? I hate it that the arabic world hate each other. Everyone works for himself and at the end you are only slaves of the West. Is that necessary? Why you do not keep together? Why no invests each other? Why not have a common currency that is independent of the fucking dollar and euro? Why not build a common army? Why not share a common school system? Invested in their own people and not in bankrupt western companies! You have resources, you have potential and the best people’s in the world. This is an investment in the future. Decide what do you want to be. Slaves of the West, or own free countries with contented people and own culture. You have oil, why the U.S. stock market determines the price? Why let your U.S. companies such as McDonald’s in the country and thus paid the war against yourselves? Why our brothers and sisters in Iraq and Libya are suffering under Western power? Why American company in Iraq and Libya plunder? Europe and the U.S. are not social and business partner. There are criminals. There are equal partners and their words have values.

Libya, 2010

Libyen 2010

Libya, 2012

Libyen 2012

With luck europe kill self. We are in hands of fucking usa. East europe work for usa. They kiss the ass of Obama. With TTIP fucking USA plunder west europe.


1.) The U.S. is using NATO draw a bloody conflict line across the Eurasian continent.

2.) USA access to Chinese products, through the Chinese trade agreements.

3.) The conflicts obstruct the cheap transport on the Silk Road and ships are too expensive.

4.) China is supported by cheap Russian gas as the U.S. bench. The European gas costs are dependent on any pseudo stock exchanges in the United States and thus more expensive.

5.) The United States finish the Chinese products and send them to Europe with invented patents like round corners.

6.) TTIP and investor protection will break the European legislation and the taxpayer liable for corporations. The United States wins twice and we kiss Obama’s feet.


Europe abolishes itself. We merge into a State with federal States. We are ruled by puppets of the United States and the economy. What will ye love Arab League? American slave or free? Culture or enslavement? Culture or simplification? You must act now. Israel destroys Palestine, Syria, Jordan and Lebanon. The United States weaken the other Arab countries in the Arabian peninsula. France and the United Kingdom provide the corresponding enslavement under the mantle of thinking of human rights and terrorism as colonial rule in North Africa. Boycott the United States and Europe. There were, and they remain criminals.