The Red Fear

In Germany we have a tv talkshow called Lanz. In this show was Sarah Wagenknecht, a politic from left side of politic side as one quests. The show end with the feeling that Lanz was not correct and good journalist. Normal a journalist should be free from feelings for a side but this is a myth since years. That what happen in newspaper or news tv is the global west symptom. That’s the fear of the red color in politic systems. I often read in blogs or site. I think this fear was implanted at birth every Western citizen. People are dismissed have the left traits. Left parties are prohibited or monitored. Longtime customers of banks be denounced if the son has communist interests. The Gladio secret army during the Cold War, was rebuilt in communist tendencies in Western Europe to knock down. The facts in Italy and Chile you can look at.

What is so bad to the communist/socialist system? I was born in East Germany. I find not that we has bad times there. Sure there was not free media, not free travel and the Stasi. But our media today free? You see The Guardian in United Kingdom. They publish a scandal and all what do goverment, they hate the newspaper and want close it. In Germany the Newspaper and TV Channels help the goverment not the people. Stasi, hhh the joke is in this what do NSA and other Inteligent Services. Only that here not the NSA kill, they delivered the goals and the nato kills. Look what happen in iraq, afghan, libya and on cuba. The nato has not the right to justice other and the usa, this country is built on terror and life from terror.

Why is the deal actually with the Communist Republic of China then? If you hate a system then supports it it not. But that’s the Christian Occident. The moral is always so high you can run that including. This is business… Today, it is Asia and Eastern Europe what was the Russian block. Therefore, Strauß of East Germany has given a billion credit. Systems are to be condemned. Countries are to be condemned. Policy is to be condemned. But if you can make money everything else doesn’t matter. But you must report the electorate further with rush so no one thinks and enemy images are held upright. That’s the Politic of west countrys. That was so in Cold War and now is again so. But now the west loose. They loose the standard and loose peoples. Because more and more think and change country and try this story from all can be all if you really want. But at end they learn no one can do all what they want. A few people maybe but not all. All how should deal it? No this is written by the capitalist of USA which think so. But they feel that’s a story that’s why this terrorist go around world and make war. But the truth is simple. There are many who would like the standard of living of the GDR. We had food, drink, a house or apartment and honest Hungary or the Ukraine is a thousand times more beautiful than New York or Barcelona.