The surveillance state

In the morning, the common people will be welcomed by the spy. The Internet is dangerous. People are being cheated. Is that the danger from the Internet? Is it not dangerous, the company will be hacked? Is not dangerous that authorities be hacked? Is it not dangerous that the citizens become information faster? Is not it dangerous that people gather with like-minded? If it was the little man, then you could adopt the law that only confirmed contracts are legally. You could prohibit payment systems like Western Union. Why Google, Facebook and other companies again and again by the media and politicians because of the Privacy insulted without the changes for us? Why the citizen is not made by the media attention to the dangers of the internet? Are there interests of the powerful? Is it the fear of an enlightened citizen? There are discrediting companies from countries that censorship and control, supply products for these crimes. Why is this not prohibited by law? Is it enabled the practice test before the own use? The threat is the road. How will this threat come across? The police work online in offices, rather than cater to the streets for safety. It is a question of costs? To catch a perpetrator on the street with criminological nose need time and is expensive. To catch a culprit with the computer kis cheaper and more convenient reach the target If necessary penal laws be expanded, so that the citizens do not lose their confidence in the judiciary. Why are probably millions invested in the processing of the MFS files? They want learn the system and learn from the mistakes for the own System in the future. If the criminals recognize that the electronic bring only prision, its goes back to old school crime. When that come, where is the stupid? The normal People and the police. When the Police can not work on street, the doors are open for crime.