The Tor Network

Zdnet has been reported today. In Austria, someone got a visit from the police. The own node has been used to forward perversions. The Tor network is not misused as a marketplace for perversions, it serves a lot of people on earth who live in censorship as a source for free use of the Internet. As in life, an agent is understood by a small group wrong.

The Tor network is a darknet, a network of individual computers share the bandwidth, traffic and disk space. With the Tor network, we consume messages from the countries of the censor. Benefit from this course, especially news agencies that monitor these messages continue to research and publish. The Internet is censored with either DNS or routing tables. DNA is similar to a GPS. The Internet consists of roads, the data line. On the data line, we find servers, routers and home computers. Any website that you access the internet are stored on servers. These servers have IP addresses. Thus we find the server converts the DNS IP addresses to names. If the server IP deleted in DNS is the only call on the IP address. Do not you know that IP, you have to live with censorship. The call to the IP address is prevented by deletion of the IP forwarding, or linking to a different destination. For that, special routers and software are required, which is available in Europe, for example, Nokia Siemens Network.

A user would like to consume the information and discuss freely, using the Tor network. Special software connects him with the virtual network and it appears on the Internet as a European or American users. So he can not be controlled, the software encrypted the connection and traffic. The Tor network and its offshoots exist with good reason. The Tor network should install a Control so perverts have no chance. Who controls the censorship will eventually expire.

Darknet DNS Blocking