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I used photos from Wikipedia and flickr (CC 4.0). You can use my texts freely, you don’t have to put a link. You don’t need to send me a lawyer either.

State and Economic Interests

Warnings yours to keep, poverty is not only negative, you can also take a nothing. Protect your “property”, then a relevant mail to the above address. I link to different legal sites that support my opinion or complete the conclusion. If you have problems with a linked site, please contact the operator or provider you can find on Whois queries. I do not have access to other websites. If you do not understand this, I recommend a course of network technology.


So that you can use the website I need a webserver. I use nginx of course also writes logs. It stores the IP, time, operating system and the link that you are calling. The data is deleted daily by Cronjob.



rm $wd/$de/* ; touch $wd/$de/access.log $wd/$de/error.log ; chown -R siefke:siefke $wd/$de/
rm $wd/$en/* ; touch $wd/$en/access.log $wd/$en/error.log ; chown -R siefke:siefke $wd/$en/
rm $wd/$fr/* ; touch $wd/$fr/access.log $wd/$fr/error.log ; chown -R siefke:siefke $wd/$fr/

systemctl restart nginx

exit 0


You have certainly heard of Cookie, advertising, and Tracker. All of these techniques I do not use. I run a purely private site that contain my thoughts, opinions and descriptions. I follow no commercial interests and desires. This site is a hobby, a hobby funded self or let it.


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