Silvio Siefke


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I used photos from Wikipedia and flickr. (CC 4.0) My text can be used free without limitation. If you set link to me is nice but do what they want. But come me not with lawer.

State and Economic Interests

Warnings yours to keep, poverty is not only negative, you can also take a nothing. Protect your “property”, then a relevant mail to the above address. I link to different legal sites that support my opinion or complete the conclusion. If you have problems with a linked site, please contact the operator or provider you can find on Whois queries. I have no access to other sites, you should not be able to understand, I ask that in order to attend a training course on Computer and Network Technology.


To illustrate my website in the browser I use a web server (nginx), this server merges files various data are stored where. It is stored IP address, time, Link, browser and operating system. These files are deleted every day.


You have certainly heard of Cookie, advertising, and Tracker. All of these techniques I do not use. I run a purely private site that contain my thoughts, opinions and descriptions. I follow no commercial interests and desires. This site is a hobby, a hobby funded self or let it.